Oil of milk thistle

This weed is not very fond of summer residents and firstall harvested from the garden, even not knowing what value it contains. In people, it is also called the "thorn" or "thistle", but scientifically it is called "milk thistle".

The composition of milk thistle oil

Milk as a medicinal plant waspopular for a long time, a long way from the invention of scientific equipment, which only confirmed the medicinal composition of the weed. Today, this plant is used for the preparation of many medicines such as Kars, Gepabene and others. In folk medicine uses decoctions of the thistle, the juice of its leaves and powder from the seeds, but the seed oil is valued most. It is produced by cold pressing, so all useful properties.

A valuable product made oil vitamins,and E, K and D. A number of macro- and microelements presented in magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, zinc, chromium and selenium, iron and many others. The main active substances are considered to be flavonoids and flavonolignany of polyunsaturated fatty acids, linoleic can be identified, it is contained in milk thistle oil, more than 60%. Slightly less, about 20% oleic acid in the oil. This acid is also called omega 9. If we continue the acid number can be distinguished palmitic and stearic acid, and a small content of arachidic and behenic.

Due to the wide range of nutrients thistle oil is used in many areas: in medicine, cosmetics and even in losing weight.

Thistle oil in traditional medicine

Oil is unique, because it affectsvirtually all organs, with positive allergic reactions are extremely rare. Thus, the composition of the oil in the vessels does not deposit harmful cholesterol, and thus they do not form plaques that lead to vascular blockages. Therefore, oil is an excellent preventive measure against atherosclerosis and cardiovascular problems system. And improves blood clotting, and chlorophyll, which is part of the oil strengthens the heart muscle, lowers blood pressure. Oil component of silymarin, which is not a part of any of the other plants, is a powerful antioxidant, it affects the liver, removing toxins from it. It helps cells to regenerate, so the oil is successfully used in the treatment of cirrhosis of the liver, hepatitis and cholangitis.

According to scientists, thistle oil helpsthe body cope with even the strongest poisoning poisonous mushrooms. Gently oil cures stomach problems such as gastritis and even ulcers. Milk thistle can be used for preventive purposes.

Due to the presence of vitamin E, thistleused in gynecology. It regulates the reproductive system and endocrine, moreover, whether man or woman. Rebounding reproductive system, and pregnant women, to use this oil, they can count on the fact that the birth will be easy, and the child will be born healthy.

Also, thistle oil is used in the prevention of cancer, and if the problem is already there, it helps to recover after chemotherapy.

The oil is used as prophylaxis forteaspoon three times a day after meals. Within a few months there will be noticeable results: strengthened immunity, chronic diseases recede, people will be energetic. If you can not afford to drink a spoonful of oil, MirSovetov recommends simply add it to salads and other dishes. It is best not subjected to heat treatment oil. It is useful in its raw form, the more that will make him taste of familiar dishes spicy.

In the treatment of diseases thistle oil needtake on an empty stomach three times a day. The course of treatment - 1 month, then take a break for a week and again on drink month oil. Ideally, treatment should start in winter or early spring.

Thistle oil for weight loss

Going to a perfect figure can be a variety of ways. You can pace yourself diets and hunger strikes, and you can choose an easy and gentle way - take thistle oil. His substances affect just those reasons in the body, which prevent to be slim. How should I apply the oil to lose weight:

  1. Drink a teaspoon twice a day, morning and butterthe evening before meals. If, after the first week, you feel great, the dose should be increased to a tablespoon at a time. You can drink water oil if necessary.
  2. Replace with cooking oil on thistle oil, especially for filling vegetable salads. These dishes will be much easier to be perceived by the body and do not download the liver.
  3. If you can not drink the product just like that, you can replace it with taking the capsules. Take should be according to the instructions.
  4. To speed up the process of losing weight, you need exceptreceiving oil also load themselves physically demanding. The practice of sport or preferably daily, at least every other day. In addition, should adhere to the principles of proper nutrition, to give up fatty foods fast food, alcoholic beverages.

In the opinion of losing weight with the help of a thistle oila month after the start of the product, the weight is reduced from three to five kilograms. This is a very good result, given the fact that any diet at the same time do not need to comply with. Moreover, such weight loss is not a shock to the body. It is better to lose weight slowly but surely.

Thistle oil in cosmetics

Due to its anti-inflammatory andwound-healing properties, as well as the ability to restore cells, this oil is often used in cosmetics for the care of problem skin. Efficiency will be the use of milk thistle oil in an allergic rash, eczema, acne, burns. It can be used with any type of skin, as it does not cause allergic reactions, but nourishes the skin, enriches it with vitamins and minerals, rejuvenates, smoothes fine lines. Use oil thistle should be every day, it can be applied in pure form, but can be mixed with other vegetable oils, such as apricot. The proportions do not matter if the natural oils. Oil may be added to cosmetic cream ready calculation: One part of the three cream oil droplets. The same proportions must be observed for tonic and lotion.

Are popular and face masks: you must take two of the milk thistle oil and part of the oil of black cumin. Moisten the composition of a piece of gauze and apply on face, hold 20 minutes. To the result, you need to do such a mask twice a day, every day. Alternatively, you can simply grease the face with this mixture.

If the skin peels off, it should be lubricatedheated oil or cook healing mixture of four tablespoons of milk thistle oil and five drops of tea tree oil. Problem skin lubricated several times a day, and after two weeks, you can expect a positive result.

Among the contraindications can be identifiedindividual product intolerance, exacerbation of chronic diseases, especially when attacks cholelithiasis and cholecystitis. Before taking the oil need to consult with your doctor.