Wheat germ oil

On the ground grows a lot of cereals, but they hardlycan compete with wheat, on the prevalence and diversity, received on the basis of its products and medicinal properties, which carries its oil. The product derived from wheat germ, able to strengthen the body, rejuvenate it and to heal many diseases.

Medicinal properties

Wheat germ oil contains a lot ofvitamins such as A, which affects the condition of hair and struggling with skin problems; F, which lowers cholesterol, normalizes the amount of hormones; AT; PP, which has antioxidant properties and prevents the skin to age prematurely; E, which has the ability to slow down the aging process, improves lipid metabolism and the thyroid gland. In addition to the oil composition contains iron, zinc and selenium, as well as triglycerides and phospholipids.

Due to the fact that the oil penetrates deep intoskin, it not only nourishes it but also helps to remove toxins and harmful substances. You can use it every day to care for the body. Drink oil and as a dietary supplement that treats and allergies, and hormonal disturbances in the area, breast, cervical erosion. It calms the nerves and gives a person vitality, and the systematic use of oil removes from the body toxins, especially those that are formed after the alcohol and cigarettes. According to appreciate the product of wheat germ those who suffer from cardiovascular diseases, as oil works at the cellular level, it promotes the formation of new cells, nourishing them with oxygen and improves blood. Vessels in the use of the product stronger, memory gets better, so eat oil primarily recommended for older people.

Among the contraindications can be identifiedindividual product intolerance, also should not be used for those who suffer allergies to cereals, in particular wheat, pregnant women and young children. healingandbodywork recommends sure to consult with your doctor before the consumption of oil to people who simultaneously taking other medications, as well as those who suffer from the formation of kidney stones. The oil was stored in a refrigerator for no longer than one year.

The use of wheat germ oil

Apply the oil in two ways: external and internal. Inside the oil consumed during meals, 1-2 teaspoons. That there was no allergy, no oil is used to clean, and in diluted form. Typically, it is mixed with other base (vegetable) oils, with the expectation of 1 part to 9 parts wheat base, depending on the application:

  1. To make a regular massage, you can usea mixture of wheat germ oil and base oils, if massage is supposed curative or intense, then to the mixture, you can add a few drops of geranium oil, fennel and citrus.
  2. For the treatment of problem skin to a mixture of oils need to add cloves, cedar or lavender. For skin with first wrinkles suitable additive in the form of peppermint oil, sandalwood, orange roses.
  3. To remove age spots from the skin, you need to add oil of grapefruit, lemon and bergamot.
  4. Dry skin is treated with a mixture in whichWheat oil more than the base, in the same mixture put balm, rose at a dosage of 2 drops of aroma oil per tablespoon of the base. This same tool can help with the peeling of the skin and allergic rashes.
  5. When caring for your hands to pay attention that in the mixture should be more basic than the oil wheat. This also add lavender and bergamot.
  6. When caring for hair to the wheat germ oil, jojoba oil is added at the rate of 1: 1, also added a few drops of ginger and pine trees, the tablespoon of the mixture.

Wheat germ oil in cosmetics

Use facial oil can not be betterdilute it for lighter oils structure. Well suited for dry skin apricot or peach and olive oil. But for better fat mixed with grape seed oil. Ingredients ratio should be 1: 3, in a minority of wheat germ oil. Face mask is best to do, it needs to apply the mixture on your face, walk on the massage lines, leave it on the face for thirty minutes and rinse under running warm water.

The undiluted oil can be usedto strengthen lashes. If the make-up for the eyes you do every day, you need to take it only this oil, causing it gently on a cotton pad, remove the ink, and then wash well with warm water. After that you need to drop the oil on your fingers and gently rub it into the lashes. A few days later the result will be noticeable: eyelashes become thicker and stronger, and in a month they will be lengthened and brighter. Also undiluted oil is used and for the lips. When it's windy as prophylaxis can put it on the lips, and thus protect them from chapping. If the lips have already been testing the bad weather, the small cracks treated with oil, causing them a few times throughout the day on the lips.

Although it is said that wheat germ oil inmainly aimed at maintaining the sagging skin, but this is not true. It nourishes the skin at any age, but is especially useful to carry out the procedure with him in the winter, to give cells an extra moisture and nutrition. In this case, you need to add to the wheat sandalwood, peppermint, orange in dosage: one drop of aroma oils to three drops of wheat. This mixture should be to soak a paper towel and apply it on your face for 20 minutes. After the procedure, the oil from the skin does not wash, leave until completely absorbed.

Apply wheat medicine for the skin around theEye, but because it is very delicate and sensitive, the oil can not be used in pure form. It is better to mix it with rose, keeping the proportions of 3: 2. The mixture is applied with your fingers, gently pat until the oil is absorbed completely into the skin.

Wheat germ oil for body

Women often use this oil to fightcellulite. Good results can be achieved if you do massage, rubbing the problem areas of the drug, for the best effect perform the procedure after a bath. Massage do in a day, a course of treatment - 14 days. Massage can be a normal, that is, by hand, and can be therapeutic - using anti-cellulite nozzles. They improve blood circulation, and the oil is absorbed into the skin quickly.

Another common problem in women -this stretch. And here again come to the aid of wheat germ oil. With old stretch marks, it did not fail, but those that are pink in color very well to adjustments. The troubled oil places need to rub it every day for 10 minutes. Since the oil contains a lot of vitamins, it will return the skin elastic state.

After the bath oil is useful not only to indulgetheir skin, but nails. To grow strong and they did not break, it is necessary after each water procedures rub the oil into the nail plate. A week later the result will be noticeable. The course of treatment - one week, during this period it is not recommended to paint the nails and manicure.

In order to bring the body to the absolute oilfavor is better to combine the two ways of treating them, eating it and carry out cosmetic procedures, then the result will be quite literally - on the face.