Avocado oil for the face

Many famous brands are now offering usa wide selection of cosmetics for the preservation of youth and beauty, but the professional collagen creams on the basis of today do not surprise anyone. Many of the fair sex preference for natural ingredients, including a huge popular vegetable oils.

The product for the beauty of the body and face

Evergreen and heat-loving avocado tree originallyCentral America and Europe. It grows mostly in the tropics and subtropics. Another name for the fruit - alligator pear - because outwardly it resembles the skin elastic skin of a crocodile, and in shape - pear.

Thanks to technology, cold pressed avocadoan oil comprising a huge amount of vitamins: E, A, K, PP, fatty acids and minerals. These are useful components of the fruit have anti-aging and rejuvenating properties, as essential components of various cosmetic products. Avocado oil contains plant hormones (phytosterols), are necessary for healthy hair and skin. Therapy "juice" avocado slows aging of skin and formation of wrinkles.

As a source of oxygen and moisture, avocado oil penetrates deep into the skin. Thus the elasticity of the dermis is increased, it becomes fresh and moist.

The oil, which as a cosmeticis also an excellent source of elastin, is used to improve color, getting rid of age spots, cell saturation of beneficial nutrients.

Natural Remedy is perfect foreveryday use, depending on skin type and condition, it positively affects it. The dried skin is saturated with moisture and nourishes the useful components, fatty - gently cleanses, eliminates rashes and acne, aging - removes fine facial wrinkles.

In addition to the above properties of avocado oil,it is great for the regular care of delicate skin around the eyes, eliminating fatigue, puffiness and signs of fatigue. The oil protects the skin from the damaging effects of UV rays, drying wind and frost.

Beauticians recommend: before applying the mask with avocado oil, you must first face steam. Since the effectiveness of medical masks would be several times higher. That is why the ideal option would be to use a cosmetic product immediately after a shower or bath. Avocado oil is washed off easily with water at room temperature.

By using this natural extractWe need to be careful, because the avocado oil and has a negative effect on the body. The major side effect of the drug - a rash and redness on the skin.

Useful properties of avocado

avocado oil Benefits of facial skin care is of its properties:

  • removes dark spots on the face when applied externally;
  • It helps in the treatment of skin lesions sunlight;
  • participates in the regeneration of the skin and its rejuvenation;
  • scientifically proven avocado oil is many times increases the production of collagen;
  • It absorbs quickly and is ideal for aging skin;
  • It reduces dryness, eliminating the first signs of eczema, psoriasis and itching.

For skin care avocado oil recommended for use in pure, concentrated form, but you can and mix with other vegetable oils: almond or grape.

The use of avocado oil for skin beauty

Rich in vitamins and mineral composition of the fundsIt is making it just indispensable for face, hair and nails. Oil exotic fruit is a part of many well-known cosmetic products, and thanks to a large number of vitamins, squalene and chlorophyll it can affect the skin as follows:

  • perfectly absorbed and penetrates deeply into the skin, moisturizes and prevents drying out;
  • improves local immunity, protecting against the damaging effects of the sun's rays and other external environmental factors;
  • It facilitates the exchange of oxygen and accelerates blood circulation in the skin;
  • Pregnancy and menopause prevents the formation of age spots;
  • heals small wounds on the skin.

Use at home

MirSovetov offers the most effective and popular recipes c avocado oil as a cosmetic for skin health:

  1. The easiest option - moisturizing. It's pretty simple: just put the avocado extract on a slightly damp skin. Within 15 minutes means completely absorbed into the skin, and if you need to speed up the process, you just pat the face with a dry cloth.
  2. connect the avocado oil in equal proportions withsweet almond oil. Apply this mixture on your face at night before going to bed as a daily moisturizer. It should be remembered that almond oil is absorbed more. This recipe is also the ideal moisturizer for the skin.
  3. But this mask perfectly enhance the flexibility and elasticity of the epidermis.
  4. Mix for 1 hour. L. avocado oil with the same amount of yogurt. Pre-wash with warm water and spread on the face of the resulting composition. You can do it with your fingers or a special shovel. Leave the mask on for 15 minutes, then gently remove it with a damp towel. Rinse with water, the remnants of medical masks.
  5. Treatment of inflammation. Apart from the fact that avocado oil moisturizes the skin perfectly, it also effectively relieves itching and redness, so it is often used to treat problem skin. A small amount of oil should be rubbed on the affected areas.
  6. The extract of avocado contains a special kind of steroids -steroline that penetrate deep into the skin and get rid of age spots on the face and body. Two tablespoons butter connect with castor oil (2 tbsp. L.). Leave the mixture for 15 minutes and rub it on the problem areas. The warm water rinse skin.
  7. Getting rid of facial wrinkles. For the preparation of a medicament to mix 1 tbsp. l. avocado oil and olive oil. Add 2 drops of fragrant essential oils of verbena, geranium and rosemary. Mix the butter and gently put her fingers around the eyes. Leave the vehicle for 30 minutes, then blot with a tissue.

helpful hints


  • Always use a quality product, which has not left the expiration date;
  • as tropical fruit, it is not excluded that, after its application manifest allergic reactions. It would be correct to test for sensitivity;
  • oil is better to warm up on a water bath. Since the available nutrients in it to penetrate deeper into the skin cells;
  • when creating masks extract better mix with additional healing ingredients;
  • to achieve the best effect, it is recommended to do scrubs before applying medicated oil;
  • rinse agent must not less than 15 minutes after application. Use warm water or a decoction of herbs;
  • avocado oil for the face to be applied several times a week. The best course - 15 procedures;
  • if you want to take medicine by mouth,then begin with a small dose, for example 0.5 hours. l. If during 3 days is missing is any reaction, then gradually bring it to the required dose volume.


  • are allergic to avocado oil or idiosyncrasy of the product;
  • people with kidney disease, and gallbladder problems before using the funds you need to consult a doctor.

Professional beauticians recommenduse avocado oil, cold pressed known brands. This technique of processing green fruit preserves all vitamins and minerals essential in the produced oil.

Enrich your home cosmetic arsenal this natural remedy, and it will help you to unravel the secrets of useful eternal youth and beauty.