Myths about fat burning

The whole world is puzzled questions overweight. Like mushrooms reproduce articles about various methods of burning fat, the miraculous disappearance of the stomach with the help of some cucumber diet or a complete get rid of cellulite eighty Housewives. Let's look at the fingers of some of the most common myths about losing weight.
The whole world is puzzled questions overweight
The whole world is puzzled questions overweight. Beauty, aesthetics, convenience ... The press as fungi reproduce articles about various methods of burning fat, the miraculous disappearance of the stomach with the help of some cucumber diet or a complete get rid of cellulite eighty Housewives. Some obese people are trying to fix a figure: read relevant literature, watch educational programs, refer to the so-called "experts." And what they get as a result? Sets unfounded myths, true only on one side, but on the other ruining the body. It is not surprising that such amateurish "treatment" leads in the best case, only to short-term results.
People are stuffed with myths and outdated information thatWhether out of ignorance, or specifically (for commercial purposes). In advertising, we can show with great aunt hanging belly, which (oh, miracle!) Will disappear after a few hours spent in her latest mini-sauna. Tips nutritionists and fitness trainers on standard: eat less and move more. Fans complicate offer not simply follow these guidelines, and invent the most complicated and abstruse plans to supply training programs with one-second routine activities ... "And that's exactly work?" - Cautiously interested in the complexity of the frightened fat men. And get an answer: "It all depends on your own ..."
Let's look at the fingers of some of the most common myths about losing weight.

Burning fat first myth

Myths about fat burning
Tip: Do not eat at night.
Explanation: The human body, like all living things on Earth, is working on a daily cycle. During the day he spends energy, and at night - restores and stores. Food eaten before bedtime, can not be assimilated physically (because the body hardly moves), then it will go straight into the backup storage - subcutaneous fat.
Theory: Fat cells - are containers which can be placed in a rather large amount of fat. Fill them easy: it just need to eat carbohydrates. In response to receipt of carbohydrate foods in the body produces insulin, a duty which is precisely the creation of energy reserves. But to remove the accumulation of these cells is much more difficult. This deals somatotropin (growth hormone), it opens the "containers" and release their contents into the blood, the hormone is produced in response to the intake of protein.
What we do: Before going to bed healingandbodywork recommends eating protein meal - this will spur growth hormone secretion, which will cover all the energy needs of the body solely by the expenditure of subcutaneous fat. But, in any case, do not take carbohydrates! Otherwise, break free insulin "ruin the holiday us."

Burning fat, the second myth

Exclusion from the power of fatty foods will not lead to dramatic weight loss
Tip: Avoid fatty foods from your diet.
Explanation: Fats are not used by the body, and immediately deposited under the skin.
Theory: Fats can be divided into saturated and unsaturated (difference in the number of hydrogen binding molecule).
Saturated fats - solid and hardly perishable, can not be digested by the body and transported directly under the skin.
Unsaturated - liquid and do not have a very largeshelf life, but they are quickly absorbed by the body and act as an extra battery (in grams of fat obtained twice as much energy than a gram of carbohydrates). Plus, the body accustomed to eating with the content of unsaturated fats, accelerates the overall fat metabolism speeds up space, so that subcutaneous stocks begin to rapidly destroyed.
What we do: Complete avoidance of eating fat simply cease to fat metabolism. Otvyknet body to use fat as fuel, thus further struggle with weight much more difficult. Therefore healingandbodywork advises always include in your diet some foods that contain unsaturated fats. This is a different oil, fish and nuts ...

Fat Burn, the third myth

For weight loss diet alone is not usually enough
Tip: For a slimming diet need only one ...
Explanation: Reducing caloric incomprehensible to limit in any case, lead to loss of body fat and most of the weight loss.
Theory: By losing weight is usually understood, weight loss and a decrease in the volume, for example, the waist ... Naturally, diet, sooner or later will bring the body parameters to fit your needs, but ..! First, fat is not so easy to leave. If lack of energy the body is under stress, and take immediate corrective actions. Stress hormones (eg, cortisol) are able to cleave to their needs muscles, tendons and even those decomposition products that are disposed of in any other way would have failed. A fat? A fat-that's just burned in the last turn. And, secondly, it takes a special hormonal balance which trainees only people can get for the normal digestion of fat.
What we do: Losing fat is very simple, it is much harder not to lose with him and we need muscle to maintain the overall health of the body. To burn through subcutaneous reserves in the first place, it is necessary to raise the level of growth hormone. This is most easily achieved by intensive training and frequent high-protein diet.

Burning fat, the fourth myth

The golden rule of weight loss - to spend more energy than it uses
Tip: The main thing - to spend more energy, and, no matter how (though normal walking).
Explanation: The golden rule of weight loss - to spend more energy than it uses. Explanations and clarifications are unnecessary.
The theory: Healthy fat burning (and only fat!) Requires specific hormones in the blood. Walking and other low-intensity exercise does not lead to a change in hormonal levels, so they can not seriously be considered for this purpose. The only thing that can give your body a long walking - is damage to the knee and other joints of the lower extremities. Athletes use walking only during heavy (in any sense) training when hormones are already surpasses all imaginable norms.
What we do: To burn fat the body needs to expend a lot of energy. And to achieve this without harm to health, healingandbodywork advised to choose an intense half-hour training session before the long and lazy walking on a treadmill.

Burning fat myth fifth

Slimming belly sagged just do not will remove
Tip: The stomach retracts with the fat.
Explanation: Well ... I do not even know what to say here. Utter nonsense.
Theory: Most often, the stomach fall out is not because of fat. Under the pressure of the membrane is the so-called arm which acts as a support for the internal organs. During the sitting it relaxes, stretches, and therefore begins to look sacciform. Moreover, this process is difficult to draw. And neither pumped press, nor the lack of fat picture is not correct. By the way, here there are examples when complete, but moving people have a flat stomach. And no fat does not make him hanging.
What we do: The belly just is not out. Easier himself to such a state does not bring: to lead an active lifestyle and not shlychkat beer tanks. Well, if a person has fallen to fall out of the abdomen, then you should immediately realize that this is only his own merit, which will have to correct months, and possibly longer. Membrane muscle is activated only when the strong blow (but it can do much harm to health), or by retracting the stomach. So what will be the best recipe for 8-10 sets of 50-100 retraction of the abdominal wall every day.

This is only a small part of the misconceptions thatpunctuated with the mind of modern man. Not surprisingly, overweight people, the desperate attempt to lose weight, we have to invent various excuses and comfort. "The main thing - the beauty of the spiritual ..." Maybe so, but still slim and beautiful people say so rarely ...