body Myostimulation

That spring has come, and the desire to engage and"Sit" on a diet - no. Work, home, kitchen. And this cycle every day. Give yourself a couple of hours and go to the gym does not always work. An alternative to the active weight loss began to charge for the lazy or myostimulation body. About all of its benefits, read more in the article.

Myostimulation (fiziostimulyatsiya) - it's the samecharge, only passive. "How is that?" - Asked by many. Everything is very simple! In your body, where are the muscles (legs, arms and stomach area) is attached special plates, through which the current flows. It acts on the nerve endings and causes the muscles to contract. It turns out that the muscles are experiencing stress and force it is the muscles during exercise. It is best to respond to the burden leg and arm muscles, the abdominal muscles and buttocks.

Myostimulation known for a long time. The physiotherapy room myostimulator used actively. This device, with which you can generate a current of different frequencies. The duration of exposure and the number of repetitions selected individually depending on what is necessary to achieve the effect. The course of procedures from 10 to 20.

Myostimulation used to treat andrecovery of the bodies, which, due to various factors have lost the ability to function normally. And with the development of cosmetics this procedure became widely used for figure correction. In particular, good results has a current effect on body fat in the abdominal area, getting rid of the swelling, giving the tone of the muscles and skin, as well as improving circulation.

Devices for current treatments arevarious. Main - is stationary, and the device can be purchased for home use - miostimulyatory belt and shorts. In each of the devices to use different power electrodes.

The advantages of the procedure

As mentioned earlier, myostimulation -Training idlers. Nothing to do, just lie. And at this time actively working muscles. But do not take the words literally. In fact, when your muscles are active in training - is one thing, and passive exposure - is another. When a person moves, walks, runs, squats, and so on. E., Are involved in the work all muscle groups, but superficially. But during fiziostimulyatsii procedures involved almost all excitable structures. This means that the nerve fibers are fed "top signal" to the brain and "down" to the rest of the muscles and organs. Active stimulation will help to return to work even the weak muscle fibers.

With current treatments can causeand work those muscles, which in life remain passive, it concerns the inner thigh muscles. As a result, activation of all muscle groups the body reacts actively, a person feels a surge of strength, vigor and desire to lead an active life.

If you turn the program on myostimulationweight loss, it is possible to achieve excellent results - reducing the amount of fat in the most problematic areas. But only hope for this procedure impossible. Impact shock to the muscles is just extra help in the reconstruction and strengthening of the muscles that play the leading role in burning fat. Therefore, the more important muscles involved in the work, the more successful will be the outcome, and the body will be much easier to part with the excess weight.

Indications for microcurrent

  1. Loose skin and weak muscles.
  2. Swelling of the body.
  3. Cellulite.
  4. Fat deposits.
  5. Excess weight.
  6. Constant fatigue in the legs.
  7. Violation of circulation.
  8. Venoznolimfaticheskaya failure.
  9. Weak abdominal wall in women after childbirth.

It should be borne in mind that miostimulirovanie will not work on "active" muscle, trained, and very weak.

Advantages and disadvantages

MirSovetov would like to note that in eachcase myostimulation will work in their own way. The result will depend on the condition of the muscles themselves, on how much a person has extra kilos. Therefore, it is appropriate to compare stimulation currents with fitness classes, or aerobics. The effect will be visible immediately. But the fact that your body is slim after a course of treatments, it is.

procedures Pros:

  1. Restores tone muscles, build muscle mass.
  2. It activates blood circulation and lymph flow.
  3. It improves the condition of the nervous system.
  4. Activates the metabolism.
  5. Burn excess fat.

Do not use myostimulation people whohave electric pacemaker. Also it is impossible to apply the procedures during pregnancy, in acute diseases. Never use myostimulation people with alcoholism, drug addiction and mental disorders. If you have a home appliance, then place it in the neck, throat and groin are prohibited!

It is undesirable to take the people to the procedure,suffering from kidney diseases, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, kidney stones and gallstones, in oncology, inflammation and fresh wounds after suffering a stroke and heavy operations.

Work on problem areas

Abdominal muscles.

That chubby tummy makes manyWomen headache. How to get rid of it? Diet and abdominal exercises do not always give 100% to get rid of body fat. In this case, myostimulation gives good results. Already after the first treatment you can feel, as "ice was broken", the muscles gradually tightened and the belly draw is not difficult. But after three or four treatments are already visible results. It is desirable to combine the current procedure with massages and body wraps.

But do not relax. Even with a super result (of course you will have the procedure minus 4-6 cm), it is necessary to maintain it ... with the help of simple physical exercises. The only way to keep your waistline slim.

A little advice. If you absolutely do not have time for a dozen of exercise a day, you can again resort to the lazy method. Try often involve the stomach, first follow the 10-20 exercises, then more and more. And you will not notice how this action will become a habit. And your stomach will always fit.

The muscles of the chest.

It is necessary to resort to carefully myostimulationin the care of the breast, as in recent times women often detect tumors in the mammary glands. In identifying tumors, the treatment currents prohibited conduct. And even if a woman is absolutely healthy, before the procedures need to consult a doctor-mammologist. If yes, myostimulation can improve the appearance of the breasts, but increase the volume of the breast is impossible.

Most breast myostimulation suited men. All that is required from a male patient - is patience and adherence to protein diet.

The muscles of the thighs.

Loose pop and hip - the suffering of many womentype "pear". They have narrow shoulders, small breasts, small waist and massive thighs and buttocks. So women need to always adhere to dietary restrictions. But this is not always acceptable. Myostimulation just gives good results. After the course, the appearance of cellulite treatments go, but the hips volume decreases. Paired with a massage and body wraps can achieve excellent results. The upper part of the body - the chest and waist will remain the same.

shoulder muscles.

Often, it is the back surface of shoulder issuesage of the person. This muscle is called the triceps, and it is very difficult to regain tone, even with intensive physical loads. Myostimulation will help get rid of the problems. Also, using fiziostimulyatsii treatments can weaken the tone too overtrain the muscles.

Beautiful not be difficult, and it is not necessary to go under the surgeon's knife to get a slender figure. With myostimulation procedures are now becoming irresistible quick and easy!