Motivation for weight loss

I think every woman at least once in a lifetimeI wondered the purpose of losing weight, but not everyone has reached her. Tedious exercise and food restriction would not have been so heavy, if not a prerequisite of their implementation - the regularity in time and duration. If the problem of motivation and it falls, you have to maintain it.
I think every woman at least once in a lifetimeI wondered the purpose of losing weight, but not everyone has reached her. Unfortunately, no matter what way to improve their form we choose, it is most often long and thorny. Tedious exercise and food restriction would not have been so heavy, if not a prerequisite of their implementation - the regularity in time and duration. Here then is the main trap - you need to continue to take active steps to achieve the goal and motivation of all falls and falls. And at some point, lose heart, and life begins to run its course, and we are again having dinner cake and spend free time lying on the sofa watching TV. Do we want it? Of course not. So how do you do not turn off the chosen path of weight loss. The answer is obvious - if the problem of motivation and it falls, you have to maintain it.

What should I do in order to maintain motivation?

First of all, honestly answer yourself the following questions:

  1. This is exactly my goal or is imposed by someone from the outside?
  2. What is my personal gain, that I will get to reach the goal?

Usually, if your goal, and not imposed by someone, thenat the thought of her achievement you experience lifting force, joy. When the purpose of a stranger, and you want to lose weight, because "right", then you feel depressed and anxious. Forces to achieve someone else's purpose, as a rule, is not enough, because they are all going to struggle with negative emotions.
If you realize that the goal to achieve the best physical shape is not yours, breathe calmly, buy nice clothes and live happily, spending more energy on useful things.
If you do understand that you want to lose weight and you just see the concrete benefits for yourself, you will have to make an effort and, above all, to work on his motivation.
In order to figure out how exactly wecan maintain the motivation, let us turn to one of the classifications, which highlights the motivation and motivation to the result on the process. Put simply, the motivation of the result - this is when we are inspired by the actions of the image reached the ultimate goal and the motivation in the process - when we are encouraged and pleased with the actions themselves, the procedures that lead to the achievement of the final result. Usually one of the human motivations expressed to a greater extent but there are always two, so I propose work to maintain the result as the motivation and incentive for the process.

How to keep your motivation on result

two directions of methods to maintain the motivation to the result can be distinguished:

  • rational - techniques that affect our mind, the conscious part of the personality;
  • emotional - methods that act via the unconscious part of the personality, through emotion, imagery, mood and so on..

So, to rational methods include correct goal setting.
Your goal should be:

  • particular: ie the formulation of goals - "to improve the form" will not work, because it is not clear what is meant specifically for the form. Correctly formulated goal, using very precise concepts - hip girth, weight, etc .;.
  • measurable: it is important that you can clearly measure the index, you are working on. For example, hip girth you will measure in centimeters and weight in kilograms;
  • achievable: the goal should be such that you really can achieve it, without harm to health;
  • result-oriented: the goal should be reflected in the Statement parameters idea of ​​what you are aiming for. For example, "weighing 53 kg" and not "to train three times a week", if you want to just lose weight, not just attending training;
  • measurable in time: clearly specify the time by which you need to get the desired result;
  • controlled by you: target implementation must not be dependent on other people. It is important to realize that the physical form - this is the area that is under the control of man himself (we do not take the case of chronic diseases, which do not allow a person to lose weight, etc.). People often shift the responsibility for your weight on your associates. For example, I did not go to the gym, because the coach was ill. And why should not I go for a run in the park? Do not work out a video at home ?;
  • environmental friendliness: target implementation must not cause harm to others. For example, to lose weight through a strict diet for a breastfeeding mom is not eco-friendly purpose, since such a diet is likely to adversely affect the composition of the milk, and therefore on the health of your baby.

Having set the goal according to these criteria,write it down. Look at what you have written and attach the list in a prominent place. Every time very want to eat a second piece of cake, look at your target and ask yourself the question: "What do I most want: to be such as it is, or weigh 53 kg by 1 September 2012, and to get into a light-green dress?" . Decide for yourself.
Next, you need to develop a step by step plan to achieve the goals, set deadlines and control points.
The plan should contain a list of daily,you have to do to achieve their goals, time frame in which you have to do it, and interim results, which you need to reach to a particular date. Plan you will also commit to paper (can be in the same place where the recorded target) and mark made and achieved it. Plus, the plan is that it crushes your big task into smaller and easier to handle and demonstrates with small tasks that you really did. The most important thing in the work plan - to implement it.
For emotional techniques that can help you, and include visualization method "blowtorch". Both methods are similar and are based on our imagination.
Visualization suggests that you are in the detailsimagine yourself a new, beautiful, smart, get in this image and most details are experiencing the feelings that will experience when you become slim. Making better visualization on a daily basis, or at times when you feel that you are ready to break. As part of the visualization you can find photos of those to whom we would like to be like, or paint itself perfect and periodically look at these images.
"Blowtorch" The method consists in the fact that youimagine the worst case scenario situation, one in which you do not change anything. Imagine how accumulate more and more, what will be your life, etc. These terrible pictures very, very stimulating to postpone the donut and get up off the couch.

How to maintain your motivation to lose weight process

Here are some ways to maintain motivation in the process:
Motivation for weight loss

  • Tools: Use nice interesting tools within the weight loss process. For example, buy a beautiful shape, heart rate monitor, or get your hands multivarku;
  • variety: try different types of physical activity, different dishes. There is nothing worse than monotony;
  • make the element of competition (along with others). Celebrate in your plan your victories and compare the results. Be proud of yourself !;
  • Played: make a game element to the daily routine. Can you run to that tree for 40 seconds? A jump over the puddle? Let today be a dietary dinner dinner Robinson and Friday on a desert island. fantasize !;
  • metaphor: Give what you are doing a more global sense and reflect it in the metaphor that will support your efforts. For example, I did not just run, and each step brings me closer to my dream. Or do I choose a healthy diet and cleanse your body and your life of everything superfluous;
  • parallel processes: do 2 things at once (without prejudice to the process, of course). Run and listen to recording audiobooks, go up the stairs and talk on the phone with her mother;
  • going beyond: do what you have always wanted but were afraid to. Take a lesson strip-plastics and entertain a loved one or sign up for classes in women's boxing. Yes, anything ...

Maintaining motivation - a creative process and there is no one size fits all. Try it, invent their own ways, and you will learn a lot of new and necessarily to implement his plan. The main thing to do!