Moisturizing Day Cream: Who needs it


Having a youthful appearance for every woman is extremelyit is important, especially with the age when our skin quickly begins to show signs of decay and aging. Yes, and young girls also want not to lose face, so sorry for the pun is not free, and shine this very person, purity and beauty of the skin, velvety and supple.


  • 1 Moisturizer - not only the beauty and health of the skin, but also good mood
  • 2 Quality humidification for different skin types
  • 3 How to apply the right moisturizer
  • 4 Some practical advice for stakeholders

Moisturizer - not only the beauty and health of the skin, but also good mood

Under the influence of the environment, due to the highdegree gas contamination, and so on, our skin begins to lose moisture rapidly, with the result that there is a huge number of problems. For example, our face may become gray or earthy hue, appears excessive dryness, peeling, and up to the thinning of the dermis, which is also highly undesirable.

Many girls and women are focused on eveningand night skin care, almost completely forgetting that during the day the epidermis needs careful protection, hydration and nutrition, and perhaps it is during the day, the dermis just need all that much more than during the night. After all, we are constantly exposed to the skin all sorts of irritations, summer walk under the scorching rays of the sun, we have winter blew cold air, in the cities of smoke and pylyat thousand cars ... That in such cases come to the aid of a moisturizing day cream for the face, which can save us from all sorts of problems, and primarily, of course, a bad mood, and therefore not the most flourishing appearance.

Quality humidification for different skin types

  • Dry skin

The most important problem with the skin, especially forresidents of large cities, where factors such as exhaust abundance, tobacco smoke, and so forth, are associated with the fact that the dermis loses moisture, it can not hold it permanently. The skin becomes dry, considerably thinner and goes further than the process, the more trouble it can cause.

Because it is extremely important to note it all at once,and especially important is the question, of course, is for the lucky owners of a dry skin type, originally, that is in his early youth, delivers a seemingly much less hassle than oily or problem skin. Dry skin needs to be sure to nourish and moisturize, because on it so easily could be the ones early and did no one desired, premature wrinkles, which will have to fight, and it is unclear whether will be able to win.

  • Oily skin

However, contrary to popular belief, oily skinwell cared for throughout the day. Moisturizing Day Cream for the face did not hurt, and even serious help, because oily skin, despite the increased ability to produce subcutaneous fat, moisture independently hold for a long time, still can not. Especially if we are talking about a modern, filled with a variety of harmful emissions and dust metropolis.

Moisturizing oily skin, in fact, the matter isnot simply as a means to help the epidermis to retain moisture throughout the day, at the same time, do not leave a greasy, and ideally, and at all hinder his appearance, matt skin, and regulate the sebaceous glands.

  • Combination skin

Many holders of the combined type of skinwell aware that the moisturizing day cream for the face, suitable for them, must be very special. After all, he must simultaneously perform two main functions, to normalize the sebaceous glands, as well as to protect the dry patches from drying out even stronger.

For this type of skin, it is best to pick up and do two basic moisturizers, and use them together. This will not have to worry all day long.

  • hypersensitivity skin

All the girls or women who are by naturehypersensitive skin, have since childhood, as they say, from childhood, to learn by heart the lesson - you can only use the funds in which black and white "Hypoallergenic"!

Hydration is the main factor, whichrequired in the care of any skin, but hypersensitive, prone to various allergic reactions still require more attention, as well as the careful selection of cosmetics.

That is, from the above, it is possible to make a clear,and a very clear conclusion - moisturizing day cream for the face, you need to absolutely all, without all the exceptions. This is precisely the means, without which really does not do any one female beautician. Keeping your skin hydrated, you can permanently preserve its freshness, youth, and also, of course, a natural healthy glow that does is important.

How to apply the right moisturizer

To moisturizing cream, hand-pickedyou worked all day long and useful, it is necessary to learn how to use it correctly. For this purpose we have prepared for you a few tips that will certainly help in difficult times.

Before you apply in the morning on the skin creammoisturizing effect, it is necessary to clean the skin, that is to wash. Even if you are not used to wash with water, should be qualitatively wipe face tonic or milk for cleaning, and only then, apply the cream.
The cream should be applied on the massage lines, andYou do not need to take in an excess. After a light massage with your fingertips, it must fully absorb into your skin without leaving a greasy residue. If the remnants of the cream can be seen, it can be wet cloth.
Try not to postpone all at the time whenit is time to rush, for example, to work at breakneck speed. To moisturizing day cream for the face has started to operate, it has to take some time. Approximately calculate so that by applying the cream, before actually going outside, was 35-40 minutes, no less.
Try to choose a moisturizer separatelyto warm, as well as for the cold season. Since delayed within the dermis moisture, the cold lead us to a completely unnecessary effect until frostbite tissues. For winter use on more oily cream base, where more nutrients than moisturizing ingredients.

Some practical advice for stakeholders

Oh and "snack", I want to be sure to add a few practical tips that can share "seasoned" for the selection and application of moisturizing cream for daytime use.

  • Consult your beautician! This is the most important advice, and it should not be ignored. Like it or not, but only a beautician or dermatologist can give really valuable and useful advice on the choice of their own, personal skin care products.
  • Moisturizing Day Cream for the face should have a uniform, light and airy texture, be pleasant to the touch and perfectly applied to the skin.
  • Day cream to moisturize necessarily perfectly absorbed completely without leaving on the surface of the dermis is absolutely no trace. If traces remain, most likely means you do not fit.
    In no case do not use the money, smell and appearance of which you do not inspire confidence.
  • Imagine that with this smell, youI have to put up a long time until you finish the bottle or jar, every day. If the thought you become ill, set aside the best selection means toward and buy more. So it is with consistency, if you dislike touch cream fingers, then how are you going to put it on the face, especially on a daily basis? Listen to your subconscious mind and reflexes, they are wrong, do not advise.
  • Obtain a tester! Better than throw away a considerable amount, because the cream at this time are not cheap, especially high-quality, made-known companies and brands, buy probnichek and try it at home. If all goes well - and you can take the whole bottle or tube. But if suddenly you feel a burning sensation, itching, or worse, there was redness or rash, then it means not exactly "your".
  • It also happens that any moisturizer isskin tightness and discomfort. Moreover, it happens by the cream, from any manufacturer, though rarely. In such cases it is better to abandon the moisturizer, and give preference to nutritious.