Milk diet

Prickly plant family Asteraceae, whichMilk thistle has a name, it can be found almost everywhere: in the fields, meadows and gardens. In addition to being beautiful bush flowers fluffy lilac flowers, as it turns out, he is also extremely useful for the human body.

Our ancestors used the plant to treat diseases of the liver and gall bladder, and some nutritionists recommend milk thistle as a dietary supplement for weight loss.

The healing properties of milk thistle

Widely spread throughout the world it is unpretentiousand unattractive plant. Looking at the thistle bush, you might think that this is a useless weed, from which you want to get rid of. However, it is not so, and unsightly appearance thorns hiding her rich inner world.

The healing properties of milk thistle:

  • It cleanses the liver against harmful toxins. Especially plant shown hepatitis C patients, athletes, people with alcohol dependence;
  • It eliminates the unpleasant symptoms of menopause in women after age 40;
  • It supports the normal functioning of the gall bladder and prevents the formation of stones;
  • It reduces the amount of sugar in the blood, due to the active component of milk thistle - silibirinu. As a result, insulin is stabilizing;
  • in people with overweight lowers cholesterol and fat cells, reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Slimming herb milk thistle has been used fora long time ago. Herbalists and healers confirmed the healing properties of this plant as a means of weight loss. Those who experienced the detox effect of taking milk thistle, enjoy stunning results and continue to lose weight on.

Milk of excess centimeters at the waist

This plant does not in itself help immediatelylose weight, but if you intend to lose weight without harm to health, milk thistle is just for you. To understand the principle of a thistle, you need to learn for themselves the following scheme: toxins in the human body is constantly present, we consume them from the air, food, and also as a result of past diseases. Normally, the body itself has to cope with hazards, but when fed too many toxins, it violated the metabolic functions of the body, metabolism and digestion. For example, toxins reduce the body's ability to process oil.

Milk is not a fat burner, but itexchange processes helps deal with toxins, toxins, cleanse the intestines, increase fat loss and to restore normal functioning of the digestive system. The presence of cellulite, constant bloating and steady weight gain can be a sign of problems in the functioning of the liver. By coordinating its work, thistle displays cholesterol, which in excess provokes obesity. It also restores the body's ability to metabolize fat more efficiently, and not to postpone them at the waist.

Active ingredients of milk thistle are effective in the fight against pesky pounds. Their work is the impact on the various systems of the body. Namely:

  • as already noted, it is rapidly excreted fats and harmful substances;
  • due to the presence in its composition of silymarin, milk thistle prevents skin sagging after weight loss;
  • directly silubin detoxifies the liver and prevents further deposition of fat in the tissues;
  • a beneficial effect on the hormonal system,normalizing the work of hormones. If obesity is the problem with hormones, it can be without fear of taking this medication. Preliminary medical consultation can not hurt in this regard;
  • thistle leaves have a laxative effect, which also helps to lose weight;
  • normalizes metabolism, relieves constipation, and makes regular chair.

Recipes and admission rules thistle slimming

In order to more actively support the liver and lose weightwithout harm to health, doctors are advised to use milk thistle with dandelion. But we should not forget that patients with gallstones dandelion contraindicated. Dry milk thistle can be purchased in a drugstore, but if you want to assemble their own, however, as the dandelion. In summer, these plants can be found everywhere. Suffice it to collect leaves and flowers of herbs, washed, dried and used in their needs.

  1. To prepare the decoction for weight lossYou need 1 tbsp. l. milk thistle and dandelion leaves as much to fill in 0.5 liters of water, boil on low heat for 20 minutes, then strain and take tea chilled for 30 minutes before meals 3 times a day. Add sugar or fructose in this broth is not necessary, it is better to set yourself that it's not just tea, but a means for cleansing and weight loss. There will be a mistake if you buy at the pharmacy fees herbs, which is composed of milk thistle. On the packaging, usually painted with the recommended dose and schedule of application. Him and you need to stick to.
  2. Sometimes, also sold grain thistle thatnot less useful. Grinded into powder 5 tablespoons. l. seeds, they should pour hot water, boil, drain, then take on chilled 3 tbsp. l. before each meal. ready tool called "meal" can be purchased in retail outlets.

Allowable rate of daily consumption of teaThistle - 400 ml. If you want to not only lose weight but also to cleanse the body, the herbalists recommend to replace the usual breakfast cup of broth thistle (or thistle). You need to know that this method of reception is not suitable for people with diabetes or anemia. One course of taking an average of 2 weeks, then you need to take a break, and repeat the cycle again in a month.

Oil of milk thistle

Prepared from its seed plants, and to acquireoil can be a pharmacy. Typically, the maximum effect from the use of oil is achieved in conjunction with diet and recharging. Along with proper nutrition and physical activity, with its rich oil composition helps to speed up the exchange process. The drug contains vitamin ester F for good absorption of fats, vitamins A and C, and folic acid. As a powerful antioxidant, thistle oil, among other things, restores the skin, pulling it in the process of rapid weight loss.

  1. In the first week of weight loss you need to take oilfor 1 hour. L. twice a day for 30 minutes before eating. If you do not manifest an allergic or adverse reaction, the dosage should be increased to a tablespoon. To wash down with warm water oil better.
  2. It is recommended to replace the domestic vegetable oil for salads thistle oil. So meals are easier to digest, and the load on the liver is reduced.
  3. You can use milk thistle oil in capsules and taken Supplements available for instruction. It is desirable to eliminate from the diet of fast food, fats, sugars and bread.

Take the butter and broth-based thistle is recommended to cleanse the liver from toxins, as well as during the observance of a low-calorie diet.

Side effects from taking decoctions and oils

Before you start using milk thistle to lose weight you need to know about the possible adverse reactions of the organism to this agent. Overdose is possible, and its symptoms can be:

  • flatulence;
  • bowel disorder;
  • skin rash;
  • headache;
  • rarely - impotence.

The recommended daily dosage for adults is 250 to 250 mg. As for the reception of milk thistle children, then MirSovetov recommends that you consult with your doctor.

Contraindications to the use of herbs or oils are the following circumstances:

  • are allergic to ragweed or chamomile;
  • a genetic predisposition to breast cancer, uterine and prostate;
  • diabetes. An overdose of the components of the plant are fraught with critical reduction in blood sugar levels;
  • while taking hormonal contraceptives. Milk thistle is able to inhibit the action of the latter;
  • very important that you follow the recommended dose of application. Pregnant and lactating women is contraindicated to take milk thistle.

Milk can sometimes react to sedatives and antipsychotics for the treatment of cancer.

Despite the possible side effects, and barbedIt looks ugly grass still has more obvious advantages than disadvantages. This drug has long been an old and proven way to lose weight. By getting rid of the extra kilos with thistles, your body is cleansed, and the weight will not come back again, subject to the maintenance of a balanced diet.