One of the most popular and available procedurestoday is microdermabrasion, which is often called "skin resurfacing". Thanks to it can be achieved at the same time two positive effects: rid the skin of dead cells and thereby prolong her youth.

Experts say that the procedure is quiteable to replace more expensive and aggressive in their impact cosmetic measures, such as for example Botox injections or chemical peels. Some patients who have tried this procedure, even claim that it can be a complete substitute for plastic surgery because it can help to smooth wrinkles and remove scars from post-acne.

What can be expected as a result of microdermabrasion and what kind of procedure

If we compare the peel with fruit acids andthe procedure in question in this article, then microdermabrasion provides a more intense effect on the skin, but if you compare it with a chemical peel or plastic surgery, then there is, of course, microdermabrasion works much more sparing. The procedure to cope with problems such as scars or stitches after operations smooth out facial wrinkles and even age and give the old oval face shape, if you suffer from freckles, in this case, microdermabrasion is also effective.

During the procedure, the abrasive particles are appliedunder special pressure on the skin, so they removed dead skin cells and instantly run the update process of the epithelium. Skin resurfacing is performed using alumina microcrystals that are completely harmless and can cause allergic reactions, as they do not injure the skin and can not cause irritation, but the redness of the face after the procedure is still present.

aluminum oxide crystals aresnowflakes or stars and have hypoallergenic properties. The procedure is performed using a vacuum apparatus, and therefore, only penetrated into the skin's layers, aluminum oxide immediately sucked along with the dead skin cells, which are the oxides themselves, and clean. At the same time you do not feel any discomfort or pain, only a slight tingling. One session is not enough to see your skin revitalized, you will need to repeat the procedure several times, after the young cells will appear very quickly, and as a result of this reflection in the mirror you are sure to please - the skin will gain its former youthfulness and elasticity.

methods microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is of three kinds: superficial, middle and deep impact. alumina crystals which are used in the processes, it is sterile, so that the probability of infection is completely excluded. The course consists of 5-6 procedures, but if your goal - to get rid of scars, then there would need about 10 procedures, the gap between which is a week or two. Remarkably, at Microdermabrasion virtually no age limit. With this procedure it is possible to achieve significant improvements visible skin condition of the face and neck, as well as to rejuvenate the skin of the hands and neck.

Following the procedure, try ascan be less than on the street, be sure to put on your skin before exiting cream with a high SPF factor, but even in this case, do not expose to direct sunlight on the skin. Also it has a short time, just a couple of days to abandon the use of makeup, even forget the solarium for a while, otherwise it can cause age spots.

In the process of skin blood vessels mikroshlifovkiDo not disturb, and hence the procedure itself, as mentioned above, is almost painless. After it you will not have complications and side effects. It does not require resurfacing and rehabilitation period, and a doctor's supervision. To conduct the procedure is allowed at any time of the year, in the summer it is better to abstain from it, except if there is a desire, it can be carried out at home.

If you decide on a home procedure, youYou need to purchase a special agent containing alumina and substances that provide skin regeneration. Despite the fact that the process can successfully carry out yourself at home, you need to understand that the effect of the salon it count still not worth it, but refresh the skin, giving it tone and remove dead skin cells you will succeed. Do not worry if you have a mild redness of the skin, as mentioned above, this is a normal reaction of the skin. Typically, after an hour of it will be over.

How does microdermabrasion

First beautician fully cleanse your face fromcosmetics and other dirt, and then deal a tonic for the drying effect. Eye Protection Area cotton pads. grinding time is 40 minutes and it is enough to remove the top layer of the dermis along with the dead skin cells that prevent the normal functioning of the skin and become a cause of wrinkles. Everything is complete Now cosmetician will proceed to the final stage and will cause skin soothing mask or cream. Grinding is finished, and your skin begins to actively look younger!

If you want to achieve the maximum effect,microdermabrasion can be combined with massage and mesotherapy - a truly amazing and give a more lasting effect. The pores open and your habitual's Skin funds will be much more effective.

Indications for microdermabrasion are shallow and deeper wrinkles, age spots, as well as the effects of acne and small scars.

As for contraindications, they are standard, like any cosmetic procedure:

  • burns;
  • Hypersensitivity to alumina, which is a key element, which is part of the preparation for microdermabrasion;
  • diabetes;
  • open wounds;
  • tuberculosis;
  • the presence of warts;
  • if the patient has a tendency to form keloids.

Not so long ago there was a more advancedmodel of skin resurfacing, called laser microdermabrasion. For her special nozzles with diamond plating applied. During diamond microdermabrasion horny layer of the skin is removed the most gentle way, and then return to your skin smoothness, youth and health.

This procedure is more modern and delicate, andthen there will be no redness of the skin, and you can immediately apply makeup, do not need to wait a few days to use decorative cosmetics.

However, it is not necessary to consider microdermabrasion panaceato solve all the problems related to skin defects. In order to understand how the procedure will be effective for you, consult with an experienced doctor-cosmetologist.