Microcurrents face

The reflection in the mirror delight you stopped? There was swelling, bruises and bags, as well as fine lines? It's time to take urgent action. Familiarity with hardware cosmetology can start with microcurrent therapy. Already after the first treatment you will notice how your skin is smooth and radiant.

Microcurrents - a skin rejuvenation procedure,which is carried out in cosmetic cabinets. The procedure has a positive effect on the skin (face and body), as well as improves blood circulation, strengthens muscles. It is important that after the procedure does not need to undergo a recovery period, and may also not have to worry about that after the skin rejuvenation can appear side effects. Today MirSovetov will introduce you to a competitive anti-aging procedure - microcurrent face. Now you need not to think about what you can not avoid injections beauty and filament suspenders.

Microcurrents and how they work

The microcurrent therapy uses a low currentfrequency. The low amplitude pulses can saturate the skin with vitamins and specific cosmetic products. We can say that micro-currents - it guides that help deliver useful and nutrients into the deeper layers of the skin. current range is the minimum to 1000 microamps, and qualified beautician may independently adjust the force, depending on skin condition. During the procedure you will feel only a slight tingling sensation.

The micro-currents are different from other similar hardware skin rejuvenation techniques:

  • in other devices currents of great strength can not handle damaged and old skin cells;
  • micro-currents, ie the minimum frequency of the current is easy to pass through the cells, improve health and restore the skin.

As a result, the course of procedures (literally after the first session), the patient noted marked improvement of the skin, swelling goes away, flabbiness, improves skin tone and fine lines are smoothed out gradually.

Who recommended microcurrents

The most common treatment microcurrent (MTT) is used in sensitive zones: a zone of a decollete, neck, hands and face.

The procedure for treatment of skin microcurrent recommended for:

  1. To improve the condition of the skin (wrinkles, fine wrinkles, sallow complexion, edemas), as well as in the fight against age-related skin changes.
  2. For the tightening of muscles (lifting effect).
  3. In order to improve performance of the skin cells and produce their own collagen and elastin.
  4. Wrinkled and dehydrated skin. To restore the elasticity of very dry and thin skin.
  5. To remove the swelling, improve the complexion, remove dark circles under the eyes.
  6. In order to get rid of age spots. Microcurrents a positive effect on skin cells, so the MTT can be used even with hyperpigmentation.
  7. For the treatment of skin diseases: dermatitis, rosacea, allergic dermatitis, acne and rashes, comedones. To improve the condition of oily skin with enlarged pores.
  8. In order to minimize and smooth the scars on the skin after acne, as well as to get rid of stretch marks (on the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, breasts).
  9. Eliminating facial defects (atrophy and atony of muscle fibers).
  10. As a reconstructive procedure after surgery and after a surgical facelift, laser skin resurfacing and peels.

In addition to the delicate areas of the body, using micro-currents to get rid of many cosmetic defects in the body:

  • saggy skin;
  • stretch marks;
  • stretched and weak abdominal muscles, buttocks and thighs;
  • disruption of blood vessels;
  • cellulite;
  • fat;
  • swelling of the lower extremities;
  • hair loss.

How is the procedure

Many girls will be relieved,pre-treatment should not be done to the microcurrent procedure. If you want to improve the condition of the skin of the face and neck, the beautician, first cleanse the skin, and only then proceed to the session microcurrent.

How is the procedure:

  • treated area is cleaned of contamination (milk, tonic);
  • then applied to the skin a special gel, which will improve the penetration of the currents;
  • Further beautician chooses the way of influencemicrocurrent: using stationary electrodes, moving or applying conductive gloves. Each method has its own characteristics. For example, a stationary electrode fixed to the skin. During the session, they still remain. Advantage - processing a large area. The movable electrodes (sticks with balls on the ends) are used for sensitive skin and to get rid of wrinkles and puffiness around the eyes. Advantage - disposable electrodes, delicate effects. Gloves are considered the most convenient and efficient as a beautician can do facial massage;
  • Runtime session microcurrent - within 60 minutes. After beautician procedure causes skin soothing cream, tonic, or gel, depending on the type of procedure and the selected skin condition.

The duration of exposure can be microcurrentincreased to 1 hour, which again decides specialist. Session Time - purely individual and it depends on the desired effect. If you need a prevention, it is sufficient for 10 minutes, and if you want to remove bags under the eyes, improve the face and get rid of wrinkles, then require a longer exposure microcurrent: from 40 to 60 minutes.

During the procedure, the patient may feelslight tingling, but the feeling can not be called unpleasant. Many people fall asleep during the session, so the impact of micro-relaxing effect on them.

About species

MTT procedure can be different and used individually or in combination. Consider the variety of micro-current therapy:

  • Desincrustation. With the help of some means can achieve deep cleansing of the skin and then narrowing;
  • lymph drainage - Improvement of drainage of excess fluid, to get rid of bags and puffiness;
  • improvement of facial muscles, metabolism, restoring skin elasticity, wrinkle reduction;
  • tightening of the neck and face will help restore the elasticity of the skin and remove wrinkles;
  • iontophoresis microcurrent that penetrate deep into the skin and "deliver" nutrients.

Before proceeding with the microcurrent treatment,specialist will examine the patient's skin type and select the best means for recovery. This will depend not only on the skin, but also its type (dry, oily, swelling, etc). For example, if none of the above programs, the patient is not suitable, then the cosmetician will make an individual treatment plan. For example: 50-year-old woman's dry skin with lots of wrinkles. First you need to improve its condition, and then affect the muscles to get rid of facial wrinkles. If a woman has entered menopause, then you need to spend more and more sessions lymph drainage procedures.

To get lasting results, you need topass from 8 to 12 microcurrent treatments with an interval of several days. Then you will need from time to time to visit a beautician to keep the skin in good condition. It suffices to perform one procedure once a month.

About contraindications

microcurrent treatment does not suit all, despite the fact that no age restriction.

healingandbodywork offers readers familiar with contraindications:

  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • epilepsy;
  • mental illness;
  • neoplasms of the skin;
  • implanted pacemakers;
  • stroke;
  • high body temperature;
  • the postoperative period;
  • piercing and metal prostheses in the processing zone;
  • blood clots;
  • infectious diseases;
  • idiosyncrasy of electrical impulses.

As you can see, the list of contraindications to the procedureMTT is rather extensive, so before you undergo treatment, you must be examined and consult with a beautician. It is important that a specialist before starting treatment, tested the conductive means on the skin (tonic, a cream or gel).

Side effects and complications

In the opinion of many women who have undergonemicrocurrent therapy, we can conclude that not everyone is suitable wired tonic. Many say unpleasant sensations in the skin during exposure to micro-currents. It seems that it is stretched. Therefore, if you feel during the procedure discomfort, you do not need to endure, just tell the beautician about their feelings.

At run-time session, you can microcurrentfeel a slight tingling on the skin, it's okay. In addition, the lightweight metal taste in the mouth - is also a sign of the norm. But if there is a burning sensation and discomfort, perhaps because the skin reacts to the conductive currents drugs. If, during the procedure, you can see bright flashes before your eyes, that's okay too. When the beautician operates microcurrent on the area around the eyes, such a reaction is normal.

Complications after microcurrent facial session beshould not. They can only occur when the procedure cosmetologist spent properly. Perhaps one of the drugs used does not suit you or you do not put in the expert aware of the fact that you have a disease in which the procedure can not be done.

The use of micro-skin for a long time proved inmedicine, but for a long time Estheticians believed that this procedure is ineffective. Now we know that's not true. MTT technology have many benefits, ranging from safety and excellent finishing effect.