Mezoroller face

On smooth, beautiful and eternally young skin dreamevery woman. But due to bad environmental conditions, permanent stress, diets and just malnutrition is already close to thirty years the skin gradually loses its natural elasticity and without your support it is not easy to do in the fight against age-related changes.

If you are ready to fully assist your skin, then mezoroller become your real helper, which will prolong the youth and beauty of your skin.

Mezoroller is a small roller,made of special medical grade stainless steel, it is covered with small needles, their total amount reaches about 200 pieces of different lengths - from 02 to 2 mm. Not all mezorollery can be used at home for self-treatments suitable devices with 0.5 mm needles, but also there are some precautions that should be observed when working with this device.

If the needles have mezorollera than 1 mm, then there will certainly need control specialist.

A procedure that involves the use of mezorollera, designed to provide the following results:

  1. Minimization of age-related changes.

    During the procedure the skin gets 4000mikroukolov, which resulted in it again begins to intensively produce collagen, which is essential smoothness and elasticity of the skin and smoothing existing wrinkles.

  2. Removing scars.

    After the procedure, the body begins active development of collagen and elastin fibers, thus mezoroller removes acne scars, stretch marks and minimizes other skin imperfections.

  3. The fight against hyperpigmentation.

  4. The cause of hyperpigmentationIt becomes increased synthesis of melanin in the cell, which is responsible for its production - melanocyte. Mezoroller melanocytes causing injury and as a result, the number of such cells is reduced.

  5. Control of skin moisture.

    As you know, the lack of hydrationIt is one of the reasons for its premature aging and fading. Selection procedure using mezorollera along with a properly chosen cosmetic cocktail helps to slow down the aging process. Cosmetic products that you apply before the procedure, can bring 2 times more benefit as a result of mezorollera.

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    The use mezorollera no difficulty, but still need to observe a number of conditions:

    1. Before using the drug should always be processed with rubbing alcohol or an alcohol.
    2. The second step is necessary to make cleaning the face, apply a special agent for washing, after wash away with water, pat the skin with a towel face, pat it, and do not wipe.
    3. Depending on what effect you wantachieve, minimize wrinkles, make less noticeable dilated pores or remove unsightly scars from acne - choose a special tool. The same tool is applied to problem areas before the procedure.
    4. Now take mezoroller in hand and careful massage drive them in the face. Each massage the skin in different directions at least 5 times.
    5. Do not forget that all sorts of scrubs and other products containing exfoliating particles for you are banned for a few days.

    Mezoroller has a number of advantages over laser resurfacing of the skin and acupuncture.

    1. The drug has a very high efficiency andis literally after the first treatment, the skin on your face is much better. Microneedle donesut maximum benefit from the drugs administered into the epidermis. Experts say that when applying to the skin mezorollera goes to 40% more nutrients from cosmetic products.
    2. Thin and small needles do not penetrate too deeplyinto the skin, and therefore safer than other surgical techniques. Skin channels which open after the procedure, closed for several hours, I give this example to the fact that after laser skin resurfacing or acupuncture skin renewal process takes at least 2 weeks.
    3. The lower layers of the skin are in fullsecurity in the use of this device, while other methods to reconstruct a new layer of the epidermis, is removed almost completely available. In this case, the inner layer of the skin is exposed to dust, dirt and harmful bacteria, which in turn can lead to all kinds of contamination and even inflammation of the skin, and also the probability of long healing can not be excluded.
    4. Another advantage would be his mezorollera more than reasonable price - about 25 US dollars, so much cheaper than a set of salon procedures.
    5. Also captivating simplicity of the device in the application, notIt requires absolutely no skills in order to start using it. Yes and care is extremely simple, wipe the device before and after applying alcohol and after the procedure, keep it in a special case, stored in a room with moderate humidity.
    6. Due to the fact that the needle unit thickness of about 0.5 mm can be used without any anesthetic - a procedure that causes absolutely no pain or discomfort.
    7. The drug may be employed in the ears, nose, eyes and mouth.


    However, despite all the apparent advantages of thismiracle device healingandbodywork would also like to draw attention to deficiencies in its application. However, they are small, mainly the occurrence of allergic reactions, allergy occurs but not mezoroller and cosmetic preparations along with its use. Before use, it is better to consult a specialist.

    But, as with any cosmetic procedure, there are a number of contraindications for use mezorollera. These include:

    • During pregnancy and breastfeeding;
    • Any dermatitis, eczema and other inflammatory skin diseases;
    • problems with blood clotting;
    • a large number of moles and warts;
    • diabetes;
    • cancer.

    Application mezorollera will help you get rid of skin aging, as well as remove scars and scars! And your real age known only to you!