facial Mesotherapy

I want to become more beautiful With the arrival of spring and weyounger. In beauty salons now offer a new efficient procedure that has gained popularity and has won the hearts of many of the fair sex. Mesotherapy is recommended to all who need to refresh the complexion, get rid of dry skin and remove small defects.

No matter how we tried to take care of the skin,buy expensive creams and serums newfangled, they will never be able to return our skin to its former elasticity and freshness, since it is not able to penetrate into the deeper layers. Out of this situation there - beauticians recommend to patients an effective method of rejuvenation - mesotherapy face.

Often referred to as mesotherapy injections beauty. Lies procedure is as follows: under the skin with a fine needle is introduced cocktail of specially selected products that are delivered into the deeper layers - the dermis. Depending on the selected medicines (vitamins, minerals, amino acids) can restore the physiological process in the problem area, and make clear the body rejuvenating effect. For best results, a qualified person to administer the drug in small portions to avoid the development of an allergic reaction and not to injure the delicate skin of the face.

A little history

Actually mesotherapy as a method oftreatment has long been known. In Europe, the method is used for over 50 years. And there was the first time this procedure is about 150 years ago, when the famous doctor entered his patient under the skin of an anesthetic drug. Surprisingly, the patient will not only relieve pain, but also on deafness. A little later, in 1987, mesotherapy was officially recognized in France.

This method of facial rejuvenation is considered one of the most effective in our days. MirSovetov invites readers to explore more the advantages and disadvantages of mesotherapy face.

On the merits, shortcomings and errors

It is believed that mesotherapy - is one of theacupuncture techniques. This is misleading, because the short thin needles that are used for the administration of drugs, do not apply to "acupuncture" category. Although many experts in this field, as well as homeopaths use this method in their practice. But not always mesotherapy can be successful. Wrong diagnosis, carrying out the procedure without prior examination, the excess sessions and the number of injections can lead to tragic consequences.

What are the benefits of mesotherapy:

  • small needle;
  • small doses (a total of 1.2 ml of the first session and the following couple of drops);
  • administered drugs are well tolerated, detoxify the body and improve skin condition;
  • no age limit - the procedure can be done at any age, even in 70 years;
  • convenient - walking every day in strictly designated time in the clinic for injections is not necessary, the patient will be celebrated 1 course of mesotherapy, and the next time you need will come after 5-7 days;
  • small list of contraindications. This procedure is allowed even for people with diabetes, by the way - implants and dentures are not a contraindication for mesotherapy.
  • Among the shortcomings noted the following:
  • It has a shot a shot, even if the needle is very thin and small, it's still very scary, especially for those who are afraid of injections since childhood;
  • after the procedure at the puncture site may occur redness and bruising;
  • the risk of complications is still present, but moreextent, it depends on the qualifications of the doctor, selected components. Not excluded such things as tissue necrosis, infection, allergic reaction, dilated blood vessels and redness, even in the case where the procedure performed by an experienced physician.

Who can and can not do this procedure

Indications for anti-aging treatments are:

  • deep and fine wrinkles;
  • loose skin with clearly visible signs of fatigue;
  • bags and dark circles under the eyes;
  • the skin of the smoker;
  • rash (non-acute period);
  • oily, shiny skin;
  • too dry, dehydrated skin;
  • scars, including acne scars after large;
  • pigmentation;
  • vascular "stars";
  • the presence of double chin;
  • rosacea.

Whatever the reason, it is forbidden to doprocedure for people taking drugs that affect blood clotting (blood-thinning drugs, etc.), as well as during menstruation and during active exercise.

Contraindications bit, but they certainly need to know:

  1. Do not perform mesotherapy people with epilepsy and seizure at high readiness. It is not known how the body can react to the irritation of the skin with a fine needle.
  2. The bad blood clotting, or taking medication,which can affect this process. Even if the procedure is scheduled and chosen very thin needles in the puncture site, the formation of a hematoma.
  3. Receiving drugs that increase the skin's sensitivity to ultraviolet rays. On sunny days (early spring, summer) at the puncture point can remain pigmentation.
  4. Fever, cough, runny nose.
  5. Chronic diseases.
  6. Fear of needles. When fear is so strong that it can go into a state of phobia. Psychological trauma for the person may be much stronger than the effect of the procedure.
  7. Pregnancy - in this period, the intervention in a woman's body is not allowed.
  8. Breastfeeding - only in extreme cases where the procedure is prescribed for cosmetic indications, which is rare.

How is the procedure

It is impossible, walking around the city, all of a sudden takethe decision to make yourself an injection of beauty. You must first make an appointment with a specialist, who will determine the problem, prompt corrective action as well as make sure there are no contraindications. The patient will need to notify about the available professional diseases including chronic medications and allergic reactions of the organism. You hold on allergy tests administered drugs to prevent allergic reactions. After consultation procedure, the date will be assigned.

How does this happen:

  1. The skin should be pre-cleaned antiseptic.
  2. The doctor treats the skin anesthetic cream (by request of the patient).
  3. face rejuvenation procedure is always performedmanually, so the physician does several injections with a syringe (injector is not used). Number of punctures, as well as the cultivated area will depend on the purpose of the procedure.
  4. Duration mesotherapy person ranges from 15 to 20 minutes. In some cases - for half an hour.
  5. After the treatment the skin is re-treated with antiseptic and then applied soothing mask or cream.

The procedure is well tolerated by patients. Since the needle is very fine, the pain is not felt. To achieve a lasting effect, it is necessary to do some courses. For example, to say goodbye to the wrinkles around the eyes, is enough to pass 4 of the procedure, and for the lifting of the skin - not less than 8.

What can not be done before the procedure:

  1. On the appointed day, you can not do cleaning of the face, masks and other treatments.
  2. One day before the session do not need to apply to the skin cosmetics (powder, blush, eye shadow, foundation, concealer).
  3. After a session within 3 days you can not use the sauna, steam room, massage and eliminate active sports.

Since mesotherapy is perfectly combined withother beauty injections, it can be combined with the introduction of a course of injections of Botox (range 2 weeks), chemical peeling, contour. Regardless of the procedure, a specialist consultation is required.

After reviewing the details of such procedure as the mesotherapy face, you can always make the right decision. Be healthy and beautiful!