Menu sport diet

The theme of sports and nutrition for men andwomen their approaches. First achieve harmony using active training, and the second - a rigid diet. However, to achieve maximum results for the benefit of the body can only reasonably combining a healthy diet and exercise.

The essence of a sports diet

Each has its own athlete diet, depending onthe purpose of his training, age and sex characteristics. The term sports diet correct to consider the five-time menu human involved in fitness during weight loss after a certain period of "drying". This power system is ideal as office workers, for whom physical activity is considered to be a brisk walk.

In the diet, we limit ourselves in meal orWe reject certain types of products. Such a "victim" usually quickly give results in the form of discarded kilograms, since the lack of calories the body begins to burn fat reserves in order to continue to operate. As a result, the weight is reduced, but at the slightest failure of the lost kilos back again. Over time, your metabolism gets used to this schedule, the body whenever possible start stocking fat and losing weight becomes even more difficult.

sports diet menu is designed with the four-time meal, without fanatical counting calories, but with clever use of every calorie for maximum benefit.

During such a diet can be extended up to 3 kg in muscle mass and lose up to 10 kg of fat, and the most enjoyable and tangible effect will be a real change in your body.

Sport diet for girls

For girls this diet is good because it allows you toeat varied, while respecting the system of fractional meals. The most effective diet that will be for those who exercise regularly. Against the background of exercise, split meals, rich in protein and vitamins contribute to the restoration of muscle tissue.

sports nutrition Secret - improving metabolism and the body switches to fat mass loss regimen.

The basic rules to be followed during a sports diet:

  • rejection of the use of semi-finished products, simple carbohydrates, mayonnaise, ketchup, fatty, fried and smoked products. The ban also applies to sausages;
  • to limit the consumption of alcohol and sweets;
  • products are steamed, baked or cooking;
  • salads of vegetables is recommended to fill with olive or vegetable oil;
  • to feel a measure of food. You do not need to overeat;
  • eat small, frequent meals;
  • the amount of fluids you drink should be at least 2 liters of water a day.

Features sports diet

The principle of a balanced diet is to limit fat intake and inclusion in the diet of foods high in fiber.

As people involved in furthersports, need a lot of strength and energy for training, their menu is made so that the body receives the optimum amount of calories and nutrients, but at the same time, the weight did not increase.

  1. The number of calories needed for each individual totally depends on the age, gender, characteristics of the organism and the intensity of training.
  2. Also individually ratio of fats, proteins andcarbohydrates. It is considered the most suitable option ratio: 30% protein, 20% fat and 50% carbohydrate. This formula is ideal for those who are actively engaged in sports and in large quantities.
  3. In order to lose weight and gain muscle mass, athletes should select the hyper-diet with a minimal amount of carbohydrates.
  4. Sport diet involves not eating just before bedtime and drinking regime.
  5. We recommend the use of dietary supplements, vitamins or special sports nutrition (if necessary).
  6. The source of the protein must be products of plant and animal origin.

Benefits of diet menu sporty:

  • sports diet cancels hunger and struggle with appetite;
  • the habit of eating large amounts of food, but in small portions;
  • it is a balanced diet, moreover, rich in vitamins and minerals. This diet does not lead to depletion of the body;
  • sports diet gives good results and is most safe for health.


  • It requires significant financial costs to ensure high-protein menu. All products must be fresh, natural and quality;
  • this diet is suitable only for those for whom sport and regular exercise have become an integral part of life.

The seven-day diet menu of sports

Generally, a detox program is calculated for a week, with one every day should be a discharge. This day you can spend on yogurt, mineral water or vegetables without oil.

Sport diet for men should include additional protein dish that should be consumed before each workout.

Sample diet menu is the following schedule:


  • yogurt or fruit with a small amount of saccharides;
  • or chicken proteins, or a plate of porridge on the water.

Additional breakfast:

  • 500 g of milk or yogurt;
  • or vegetable salad with boiled chicken breast (100 g), protein from two eggs, a slice of rye bread and green tea;
  • or buckwheat porridge with fish for a couple.


  • salad of fresh vegetables, black bread to vegetable soup, fruit juice.


  • any sweet-sour fruits.


  • salad and oatmeal;
  • or lean meat (baked, boiled) with vegetables.

It is important to also consider that sport diet for women who want to lose weight, should be developed taking into account the age and intensity of daily exercise.

The menu promotes muscle gain

To grow muscle, sports diet recommends healingandbodywork be subject to the following rules:

  1. Frequent meals - up to 6 times a day. Such a schedule will promote muscle growth.
  2. Do not overload the digestive system. For good digestion, more than 50% of the products have to be high-calorie. Number of fat - not more than 30%, since more is poorly assimilated.
  3. It is important to limit consumption of fatty meat, fat and semi-finished products. Calories from these foods are bound to go to fat.
  4. Complex carbohydrates and energy needed for muscle growth.
  5. Sweets to use as possible, as after intense exercise the muscles will process glucose faster.
  6. The effectiveness of a sports diet for fat loss will be higher if more than half of the food will be eaten up to 16 hours.
  7. Half an hour before exercise is best to eat complex carbohydrates and proteins, an hour after - nourishing food, and before going to bed - protein products.
  8. For weight gain calorie sports diet gradually increase, as long as the increase does not reach 800

Valuable food components that must be present in the sports diet menu:

  • proteins;
  • monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats;
  • cellulose;
  • calcium.

The main dish is the energy milkshakes. Oatmeal and fruit combined with yogurt, yogurt or milk. The combination of these components is a very satisfying and rewarding.

To achieve the best results, a training program should be carried out regularly. Three times a week for 20 minutes should be given to the elaboration of all the muscles of the body.

The results of the sports diet with the right of itscompliance, able to surprise and amaze. For the first 10 days of the program usually takes more than 5 kilograms of fat. Weight can be maintained for a long time, if not to stop the diet and exercise.

Sport diet must become a way of life, which should be observed at all times.