Head massage

Head massage is able to benefit completelyany type of hair. But do not forget that a massage of the scalp leads to stimulation of the sebaceous glands, so if you are the owner of oily hair, it is best to use tools for massage and scalp treatment, rubbing with a cotton swab.

What is the use of head massage?

Head massage can improve blood circulation andcause the sebaceous glands to normal, moreover, it can be used to clean the skin of the horny scales, and among the methods of strengthening the hair massage in justice occupies the first place.

If the hair is ill, they may fall underthe slightest touch, but, despite this, the massage is very beneficial for the prevention of baldness, but if the balding process has begun, the massage in this case would be ineffective, even I would say that it is contraindicated, because the therapeutic effect of massage is not immediately and massaging due with mechanical action on the scalp.

Therapeutic and restorative effects of massageIt based on the fact that during the massaging stimulates blood circulation, scalp hair and supplied with oxygen and nutrients. With the massage vessels and capillaries are capable of expanding, blood cells becomes closer to the vessel walls, and it becomes easier to close gaps in them.

Massage leads to active job-skin human hair cover, especially healingandbodywork recommends massage to those who suffer from:

  • dryness of the hair and scalp;
  • dry dandruff;
  • who have abundant hair fall out, cause loss or depletion of a wrong diet.

Scalp massage can be done using decoctionsherbs and other nutritional compositions. In this case, the massage effect is enhanced by the massage improved absorption of biologically active substances contained in these formulations, it means massage brings much more benefit. Therefore, before the procedure, apply to the scalp of your choice means, depending on the needs of your hair.

But head massage, as well as any other medical cosmetic procedures, there are a number of contraindications. So, it is recommended to refrain from massage if:

on the scalp have pustular or fungal lesions;

  • you suffer from eczema;
  • have hypertension;
  • you are suffering from baldness. Head massage is one of those procedures that are based on mechanical stress on the hair and therefore the procedure will only accelerate the process of hair loss.

How to do head massage

The duration of the massage is 10-15 minutes,it is best to do it before shampooing or while it is possible to carry out the procedure and after shampooing, but in this case may increase sebum. Therefore, if your hair is prone to fat content, it is better to spend a massage before bath procedures, although the massage if it is carried out after washing the hair, is able to provide a more effective impact, because drugs that are part of the tools that you use, are digested better. By experimenting you will be able to determine what is best for you. Also note that more than a couple of times a week, massage is not worth doing.

Start with light stroking movements thatwill help to prepare the scalp to massage, it will warm. Then gradually increase the pressure force. At the end of the massage movements should also be easy and stroking.

Methods of the massage head


Massage should begin with stroking movements. Stroking the scalp, palms of hands, but do not need to press too hard, the movement should be effortless. Hands during stroking movements should not rub the skin, try to move it to a minimal degree. This is an extremely important stage of massage, because the light stroking without pressure relaxes the skin and muscles of the head, as well as a calming effect on the nervous system, it is by relaxing the muscles and the efficiency of the massage depends on the whole.

Follow the strokes in the direction of the forehead to theback of the head, and then from the parietal to the skin areas that are behind auricles. Stroking should be clasping superficial and deep, they need to produce both hands.

You can, of course, to carry out the procedure anddeep pressure, but in this case it is not necessary to rub the skin, just gently slide it. But with this technique, it is not necessary to start massage, because the skin needs to be prepared for it, and so should be a good warm up and mashed.

Each reception should be done 3-5 times.


The vibrations are light, slightly jerky movements that made the tips of the four fingers, starting from the top and to the bottom hairline.

Circular motion.

The basis of massage are circular movements: bend the palm, fingers slightly apart, and then put them on the surface of the skin. The thumb should be supported, and massage the scalp with your fingers need to rest. First, thoroughly massage into one place, and then gradually move to another.

Be careful: movement of your hands should not be moving, do not rub the scalp, first gently press it down to the skull, and then smooth movement without effort, slide it to the side. This massage can bring the most benefit.


This method should be carried out with both hands across his head with ease and gentleness, unpleasant sensations in this should not be.

There are many types of massage head, butI would like to tell you about the most simple, but difficult to carry out on their own, the use of it will definitely be, except that it will help strengthen the weakened hair, massage more help to cope with the headaches.

  1. Grab the skin in the area of ​​the tips of the eyebrowsthumb and forefinger of both hands. You should have folds, lightly squeeze them and repeat this movement for the entire length of the brow, but beware, once you slightly move the fingers, as you would put pressure on the eyeballs, and it can cause pain.
  2. Crush lightly stroking on eyebrows, heading for the front of the scalp. Movement is done with his four fingers.
  3. Before you begin this exercise,Comb your hair in different directions from the top of the head. Stroking his forehead from the brow to hairline edge, then proceed to massage the scalp.
  4. Hands should lie on the scalphead parallel to each other, the right hand should be based on the parietal region and the left at the back. Right hand knead the scalp and keep your head left. The movements must be circular, gradually move across the head.
  5. Slightly bend the four fingers of his hands and the tips of the skin parting slide forward and back, your fingers should not slide through his hair, pressed tightly them to the scalp.