hand Massage

Hands - this is the part of the human body, whichIt requires constant care no matter what you do and whom to work. They are constantly exposed to various tests with different intensity.

The most common factors that havethe greatest impact on the skin, are temperature fluctuations, contact with aggressive cleaning agents, mechanical damage. Therefore, Hand care should be taken regularly, both men - not to lose muscle tone and women - to fight wrinkles and cellulite (yes, that's right - hand too prone to the disease).

The preservation of youth and beauty of hands can helpproper nutrition and regular exercise. However, there is another very productive method. Get rid of fatigue, raise skin tone hands and simply improve its elasticity can be with a conventional massage. This is a great way to care for your hands, which also can have a therapeutic effect.

Indications and contraindications

Massage for hands effectively affects allvessels, joints, bones, muscles and in general for the skin condition, in particular. Such a procedure, massage hands, prevents salt deposits in the joints and prevents the development of diseases such as arthritis. In addition, it improves blood circulation and the growth of the nails, as well as the improvement of not only arms, but also the whole body, as a lot of impact on the palms of the points focused (as well as on the soles of the feet).

There are many types of massageupper extremities, which are different techniques and performing signs, which directed the impact of this procedure. These symptoms include:

  • Systematic joint pain;
  • frequent hand fatigue;
  • decrease in muscle activity;
  • the decline of skin tone;
  • mechanical monotonous work hands;
  • loss of skin elasticity;
  • excessive load on the upper limbs;
  • paresthesia of hands.

There are a number of symptoms, at which forrestoration of motor hand massage system must be performed without fail. This accumulation of salts in the joints, fractures, sprains, paralysis or stroke, as well as the prevention and relief of osteoarthritis or arthritis.

As a result of such preventive therapy or mandatory substantial improvements are observed, namely:

  • reduces the overall fatigue;
  • increases joint mobility;
  • prevents pain in the joints;
  • improves the elasticity of the ligaments;
  • reduces swelling of the upper limbs;
  • increased tone of muscles in the arms;
  • renewed circulation;
  • restores skin elasticity;
  • improving the appearance and shape of the hand.

In addition, hand massage has obscherasslablyayuschee impact, reduces the symptoms of overload and stress, and accelerates the healing of soft tissue and nail growth.

However, there is a small list of contraindications when it is not necessary to resort to such a procedure as a hand massage. These include:

  • abrasions or cracks in the surface of the skin of hands;
  • fungal infections or atopic dermatitis;
  • tumors and infectious diseases;
  • various acute inflammatory processes;
  • fever;
  • various infectious diseases;
  • Sepsis in the soft tissues;
  • fractures;
  • osteomyelitis.

The use of hand massage

On the beneficial properties of massage hands can speakhours. The human body and its internal organs are very tightly linked to each other. Certain points that are located along the entire length of the upper limbs - from the shoulder and ending with his fingertips, can be stimulated not only the pressing area, but also the relevant authorities to these points: for example, the stomach or heart.

And it can be done even on their own -for stimulation of a particular organ is sufficient for 3-5 minutes massaging certain reflex zones. In particular, in this way you can stimulate or activate the body's defense system to fight off colds, to reduce inflammation in the frontal and paranasal sinuses.

With the help of massage hands can be dealt with headpain. Before taking any medication, try to stretch your thumb pad and the tips of each finger of both hands. Stretching in a circular motion of the thumb holes between the knuckles, which are responsible for the heart area, it is possible to enhance or normalize blood flow. Integrated massaging shoulders and forearms relieve stress as well as fatigue and stress after a hard day and will have a relaxing effect on different muscle groups. By stimulating the upper part of the brush, you can help the stomach to cope with oily and heavy food, and massaged the hand girth area, you can get rid of heartburn and nausea.

Types of massage hands

There are many types of massage hands, aimed at achieving a specific health effect. We look at the most common ones.

The most popular and commonly used can becall manicure massage hands and fingers. This type of massage is applied to the nails were strong and grew rapidly. It is performed with various ointments and creams.

Acupressure hands will give strength, removes fatigue, activates the activity of all organs and systems, and improve brain function.

To relieve symptoms of nervous exhaustion andpain in the wrists, as well as to stimulate the reflex zones, to support muscle activity, improve performance and endurance, use massage hands.

Many interesting and hand massage for weight loss - it isresulting in skin tone hands and improves its elasticity, it helps to normalize blood flow, reduces and eliminates the fat deposition, eliminates numbness, and most importantly - it can be used to significantly reduce the feeling of hunger.

Children hand massage is mainly designed to develop fine motor skills, but is often used, even in speech therapy practice - for the development of speech.

Anti-cellulite massage of hands for the most part aimed at combating the formation of "orange peel" on the inside and the outside of the shoulders - it improves blood circulation and activates the lymphatic inflow.

The main point to which you should payattention to the massage of hands, is a step, alternating effect on the wrists, forearms and shoulders. By following the correct technique of massage of hands, as well as the frequency of treatments, you can achieve the maximum result of complex therapeutic effects on the body.

Thus, as we see, an integrated hand massagebeneficial effect on the skin, the muscles, the cardiovascular system, the joints on motor function, as well as gland secretion. Upper limbs have a large accumulation of acupuncture points on the bottom, and their stimulation promotes proper operation of the internal organs of the human body. Common hand massage is also a cosmetically advantageous properties which are expressed in the successful fight against skin dryness and pigment pale skin, fat deposition, brittle and slow growing nails. Therefore, we can safely say that the hand massage gives the type is generall therapeutic effect.