Massage Gouache

Gouache - one of the oldest massage techniquesChinese traditional medicine. Literally, the name means "to scrape all the bad things." Master techniques use a special plate with which certain areas are processed in the human body. And the effect of this reflex action on various points is to create a strong momentum.

Due to the created momentum byGouache massage restores microcirculation in the body - there is tissue regeneration and improvement of metabolic processes, increases immunity, reduces emotional stress.

But most importantly, according to Chinesehealers, massage Gouache able to break through the energy channels in the human body. This stagnation of energy causes the body's disease, and its complete stop may cause death.

Technique of massage is simple, so you can learn it, even at home. healingandbodywork help you master Gouache and enjoy all the features of this ancient Chinese healing method.

From time immemorial

Gouache came to China from ancient medicinechronicles. The stones were used for medicinal purposes since ancient times, as evidenced by numerous archaeological excavations. That is why massage Gouache is especially appreciated in the East, as the centuries passed the test of time.

In contemporary China, this massage techniqueIt is very popular, so it does not require great knowledge in medicine and special equipment. Massage can learn to make almost everyone, so it is considered a national method of getting rid of many ailments.

During the massage does not need to deal withsearch for specific sites on the body, as it is done during the sessions of acupuncture and other methods of acupuncture. It covers quite an extensive area, and master the technique, you can in a few sessions of massage with an experienced teacher. Fortunately, the Chinese doctors today do not hide the secrets of healing massage. Anyone can be trained and learn to massage yourself.

How is healing massage

During the procedure, using a scraper orplate. They are processed using certain parts of the human body. Tools may be different in shape and made of different materials. The plate can be stone, copper or even made of animal horns. The best is a bian stone, which is made of black buffalo horn and jade. The most important thing - this tool should not traumatize the skin. If you do not have a stone scraper can be used to massage the ordinary copper coin.

For lubricating the skin can take the cream, which is indicated for the treatment of various injuries of ligaments and bones. But oil is most often used - olive oil or sea buckthorn, and tea tree oil.

Before the massage, the body must be prepared - to carry out lymphatic drainage with the help of massage movements. Make it required several times so that the oil is completely absorbed into the skin.

Three types of massage Gouache allow you to select the appropriate option:

  1. Massage for the prevention of diseases. This type involves a short and rapid movement plate. This made a strong push tool on the human body.
  2. Cosmetic massage. Is slow, smooth motion plate. This pressure must be weak.
  3. Massotherapy. For the therapeutic massage technique gouache is: slow motion of the plate, the pressure is strong.

The duration of one session - about half an hour. Already after the first session on the human body there are redness and even bleeding. The Chinese call them "sha" spots and consider them "waste material" after the procedure. It is in these places contains the greatest amount of lactic acid.

Sometimes these marks on the skin cause fear in patients, so you should be forewarned that the hemorrhages and bruises are a couple of days. The very same procedure is virtually painless.

How to improve the effect of massage Gouache

  1. After the procedure, improves the metabolism and elimination of toxins. be sure to wipe and clean the skin when finished.
  2. Chinese massage is often combined with canned. Also, after a session, you consume the whole day warm liquid to bring the largest possible number of toxins.
  3. After the massage should not be washed for at least a day. After this time, water treatment is best done indoors, to avoid drafts.
  4. After the massage, it is desirable to have a good rest. Session Gouache equated to physical activity - running over a distance of twenty kilometers.

How much time to spend sessions

Doctors recommend to massage once or twicein Week. After the first session, you need to wait until all the bruises will go to the body, and only then resume the procedure. For the entire course will take about fifteen to twenty sessions. A need for a year undergo the procedure twice.

In some cases, useful healing massage

Among Chinese massage Gouache is very common andIt occupies an important place in traditional medicine. It is made as a preventive purposes and in various diseases. The result is obvious - the Chinese live a long and active into old age.

In some cases, it recommended massage Gouache:

  • healing massage is indispensable for people sufferingosteochondrosis. After the first year there is an improvement of blood circulation and lymph flow enhancement. Pass edema, and along with them and all the painful syndromes;
  • in diseases of the joints procedure will help reduce swelling and remove the pain. The full course will help improve the motility of joints;
  • Massage helps with acute respiratory infections and bronchitis. Action on certain areas of the lungs help relieve swelling and shortness of breath, get rid of the cough;
  • inflammatory processes in the pelvic area may disappear after a few sessions Gouache by improving the blood circulation under the action of the reflex zones;
  • massage has a beneficial effect on the skin. The massage takes place the excretion of large amounts of toxins. Then the skin is smoothed, fade acne on his face and dark spots;
  • the cardiovascular system is significantly improved with effective massages. There is a drop in blood pressure, cardiac activity is restored, it disappears shortness of breath;
  • Gouache after several procedures may disappear symptoms associated with gallbladder disease - nausea and pain;
  • massage has a positive effect on the nervoussystem. Enough to hold a course of massage, and you will feel better sleep and appetite. This is an increase of the overall tone of the body, a feeling of anxiety vanishes.

Who should not carry out massage

There are contraindications to carrying out this procedure:

  • Allergic reactions on the skin;
  • infectious diseases of the skin;
  • colic in the gut;
  • impairment of renal function;
  • appendicitis,
  • high blood pressure during the procedure;
  • various wounds on the skin;
  • bone fractures;
  • it is impossible for a massage in the abdomen and genitals during menstruation;
  • pregnancy.