Massage belly slimming

If you think that massage is onlyfor fun, you are wrong, you can use it to improve their health, and even lose weight. Therefore, if you are going the extra "fat" in the place where the waist should be, contact the beauty salon or take a course of self-massage.

massage effect

Lose weight with the help of massage can be really,but only if your weight does not surpasses all reasonable numbers. But even in the presence of a large number of extra kilos, massage can help improve digestion and thereby facilitate weight loss. Many people think that when the massage broken lumps of fat under the skin, but in fact, the effect of the procedure is that the action flowing hand movements in the abdomen increases the movement of lymph and blood, and thus fats are burned faster.

Masseur begins the procedure with lightstroking and patting the skin to warmed up, then continues to act more intensively rubbing the skin with his fist or hand, takes the folds of skin and smoothes them with your fingers, pass through the fat edge of his hand, and then comes the turn of light stroking and tingling.

But if you do not have the opportunity to go for a massage to a specialist, you can learn the craft yourself and do yourself a self-massage at home.

Belly Massage yourself

Starting position for self-massage of the abdomen - standing. It should be the maximum strain the abdominal muscles to massage only the body fat, and not to disturb the internal organs.

  1. It starts with stroking massage with both hands, for it put a brush in the other, and move clockwise.
  2. Grab your fingers under the breast crease, slightly pull it, remember the fingers. Let go and move on to other folds in the stomach. After the procedure, stroke the belly.
  3. Squeeze a fist and knuckles along the belly rub, starting from the top and moving down vertically.
  4. Open palm and pat his stomach.

These are the basic steps for a massage. Since they need to start any massage, and then move on to other species, where there is a large number.

Varieties abdominal self-massage

There are several types of abdominal massage, which helps to lose weight:

  1. Plucked - this massage will result in skin tone,kneaded muscles. You can also use it to get rid of the hated stretch marks. First, treat the skin with a cream or oil, lie on your back. Try to relax. Grab the skin with your fingers and gently pull, pinch the skin in a clockwise direction. After going one lap, increase the impact, the movement should be vigorous. At the end of your skin is a little blush procedures. Now take the bath towel and knead the abdomen in a clockwise direction.
  2. Water - every time you take a shower,do this procedure yourself, and then you smooth out the skin, making it slimmer figure. Take the hand shower hose and direct the stream to the stomach start guide arm clockwise. After going round a bit to move away his hand, then come near again, the contrast in the power of the pressure a positive impact on your appearance. You can change and water temperature.
  3. Jar. The most reliable to lose weight is considered to be this kind of massage, in a short time, he will remove the excess fat on the abdomen and flanks. To his conduct, you must first buy a special jar of silicone, which are sold in every pharmacy. Before you begin to massage, rub the skin with alcohol, and then put on it oil or cream. Secure a jar on your stomach to the inside she had a 1.5 cm skin. Now banks need to move either clockwise or zigzag and spiral. These movements should last about five minutes, then remove jars and quickly wrapped in a blanket and a little lie down. If you notice bruising after the procedure, do not worry, as it should be, after the skin gets used, hematomas no longer arise.
  4. Honey - healingandbodywork recommendsto carry out this massage only in the summer, because you will need a freshly picked, and this liquid honey for him. It you will need two teaspoons, in which you need to add 10 drops of any essential oil. And then begin to massage. Apply honey on palms and make them a slap on the stomach. Over time, the honey will become thicker, and the hands will stick to the skin, creating a vacuum effect. If you notice on the skin of a white, do not worry, the experts say so out toxins. Now you need to wash your hands and palms massage continue for another 10 minutes. After the procedure, take a warm shower. These manipulations should be done in a day. The course of treatment - 1 month. After that, you will see that the stomach is smaller, the skin more elastic, and the appearance of cellulite is not as strong. And a huge plus that honey massage removes toxins.

Anti-cellulite massage of the abdomen

Anti-cellulite massage provides muscle relaxation, they relax. And the skin on the contrary, it becomes elastic, the pores open up and begin to "breathe."

Before the massage is better not to use, or loadsnack, but it is better to stay hungry. No need to wait for the result at once, you need to complete a minimum of 10 procedures to make the changes visible to the naked eye.

Before the procedure, a good rub your skin with a towel that is moistened with warm water. Next, apply on the skin massage oil or cream.

All movements to be performed without interruption, otherwise there will be a result.

  1. Start with easy massage movements to warm the skin.
  2. Pinched his stomach, taking the skin with your fingers.
  3. First, tingling, going clockwise, and then - against.
  4. Find problem areas and make her movements as if you knead the dough.
  5. Now squeeze the hand into a fist and continue to "kneaddough "have only their fists. Imagine that you are fat and knead it melts under your fingers. Just do not overdo it and do not hurt yourself. All movement should be vigorous, but the pain should not cause.
  6. Again stroking the skin, as if comforting her after the massage.

This massage should take you about 10 minutes. You can then take a contrast shower to soothe the skin.

Useful advice about massage

  1. It is impossible to carry out a massage on a full stomach, it is recommended to do or one hour before meals or two hours after, so as not to disturb the digestion.
  2. Stick to the golden mean in the massage, do not get too zealous, to prevent damage to internal organs themselves.
  3. If you start a massage, so go through the entire course until the end, laziness - no help in the fight against excess weight.
  4. To obtain a more visible, it is necessary to adhere to proper nutrition and exercise.
  5. Do not do self-massage, if you have diseases of the female organs and the abdominal cavity.
  6. Not recommended for massage, if there are problems with the skin, first cure it, and then you can start a session.

Belly This massage is particularly usefulslender people who have bulging tummy. But in any case it would not be odd for anybody, because they will drive your metabolism, and this is what is necessary, first of all, to people suffering from overweight.