Massage Asahi

In recent years, more and more women are interested inmassage Asahi. This simple and accessible to all the method has gained its popularity due to the high effect: facial skin gets elasticity and firmness, leaving swelling and bags under the eyes, changed the face oval, a second chin is removed.

How does massage Asahi

Asahi Massage is unique in that its impactIt occurs not only in the face, but also on the bones, muscles, connective tissue - a so-called osteopathic method. Surprisingly, in this massage the skull acquire the correct forms and any age this is not a hindrance. This is due to the flow of oxygen to the facial muscles - they acquire firmness and elasticity, increases the tone. Such exposures are the same skin and connective tissues.

Thanks to what's going on this stunning effect? The secret is that the Japanese masseurs use a manual exposure, while the European experts in favor of delicate massage.

This method includes two types of massage:

  1. Lymphatic massage due to its mild effect on the lymph nodes helps to remove toxins from the body, improves the nutrition of tissues, helps to drain excess fluid.
  2. Deep massage (manual) helps to relax the facial muscles, improves blood circulation and skin nutrition.

As you know, all the experts insistthat the skin of the face in any case impossible to stretch during the massage, so as not to cause injury. But Japanese experts believe that the Y-method allows it. The main thing is not to overdo it and do not hurt - it is the most important principle of massage Asahi.

Contraindications to massage

Like any other massage, Asahi has its contraindications:

  1. Any disease of the lymphatic system.
  2. ENT diseases.
  3. Skin diseases.
  4. Oncological diseases.
  5. The general malaise, fever, headache or fatigue.
  6. Critical days.

Problems that may arise

If after the massage on your face eruption appeared, it is necessary to determine what was the cause of them. In such cases it is necessary:

  1. Immediately stop the self-massage until identifying and removing the causes.
  2. Try to change the basis of massage. It is possible that the one that you used, is not suitable for your skin.
  3. Be sure to clean the skin from the base residues, so that it does not absorb the toxins released in the course of the massage.

Massage technique Asahi

Asahi massage complex consists of the following exercises:

  1. The first thing to consider whenmassage - is the area of ​​the forehead. It is necessary to squeeze three fingers: the average, index and ring to the skin of the forehead. Not much pressing, move from the middle of the forehead to the temples, sinking to his ears, and do Finishing move: from the ears are held by the neck to the collarbone. This movement is necessary to complete almost every exercise. No need to press your fingers much, let them glide over the skin.
  2. Then treat the area around the eyes. Bet middle fingers around the outer corners of the eyes. And gently, gently move towards the inner corners. It is easy to spend on the upper eyelid, stop for a moment in the area of ​​the temples and perform on the lower eyelid, go to the temples, and then to his ear.
  3. Go to the mouth and chin. Place the middle and ring fingers on his chin, fingers in a circular motion, connect to the nasolabial fold. Now try to lift the septum of the nose and a sharp circular motion back in the opposite direction to the chin.
  4. Nasolabial folds. Move your fingers to the nose wings. With the pressure to make movements, drawing eight. After the move without pressure index and middle fingers to the top of the bridge. Make 2-3 motion from the center to the edge of the back pressure and without pressure. Follow terminating traffic.
  5. Exercise for the cheeks. Put your fingers in the hole and draw the chin lips fingers, stopping near the nasal passages. Push your fingers into the upper jaw bone, then go up to the eyes. Stay for 3 seconds, then move forcefully to the temples. From the temples without pressure to the ear lobes, and terminating traffic.
  6. Exercise "zigzag" on the cheeks. Uprites palm in the lower jaw of one cheek, and on the other to move the pressure from the start of the masseter muscle on the diagonal to the eyes. Linger around the eyes for 3 seconds, and ease the pressure, move to the ear lobes and spend terminating traffic.
  7. Eliminating labial folds and the strengthening of the cheeks. Place three fingers on the cheek bones, squeeze the nostrils, take your fingers to the ears tragus and terminating traffic.
  8. Exercise can replace facelift. Connect the front of the palm and open them at 90 ° C with respect to the forearm. Place the chin on the open palms. Push hand on chin and count to 3. Then move the palm of your hand over his face so that the thumbs touched the ears. Stay zygomatic bones. Firmly move his hands to his temples, from them to the tragus and terminating traffic.
  9. Correction of facial contours. Place the chin on the basis of one of the palm. Fingers with the need to look in the direction of the ear. Move the hand with an effort to the tragus. End the exercise and repeat it with the other hand.
  10. We remove the second chin. Connect the palms in front of him. Thumbs move aside the neck at 90 ° C. Open palm, forming a diamond. Pointing fingers push-to-face, and the chin is on the big toes, nose, between your palms. Massage the chin with circular movements of the thumbs. Now lock the thumbs and other fingers with force, spread to the temples. Complete the exercise.
  11. Place the forearm parallel to the floor, elbowsdilute, zigzag movements spend smoothing the skin of the forehead movement with one hand, then both hands to do the smoothing movement as in Exercise №1. Complete the exercise.
  12. At the end do not forget to clean the face of the toxins that stood out on the skin during the massage.

Asahi Massage at home

During the massage you need to consider some of the features and nuances:

  1. Before starting the massage, it is necessary to examine the location of the human lymphatic system.
  2. The massage takes place Asahi lymph outflow fromlymph nodes, so it is very important to clean the face just before the session. To do this, there are various natural cosmetics: milk or a special foaming makeup remover.
  3. Of great importance is the position of the body duringof massage Asahi. Tanaka manual says that during a session, you sit straight, keep your posture, you can not put his head back. It is important not to relax your neck and keep your head exactly. European massage therapists made their adjustments in the course of the massage. They believe that in the supine position facial muscles are more relaxed and more amenable to influence.
  4. Before the massage must be applied on the skinmassage base to hand easily slid and stretched skin. As a basis you can use any cream, lotion, gel makeup remover, flax or olive oil.
  5. In the forehead massage involves three fingers -index, middle and ring. The massage in the eye enough exposure to single finger. Massage in the cheeks is carried out with the help of the thumb and the palm of the whole.
  6. All massage movements, which are conducted with the use of force should not cause pain and discomforts.
  7. When exposed to the lymph node location area, pressing force weaken and make light strokes.
  8. All exercises are necessary to complete the movement of the parotid glands in the neck to the clavicle.
  9. Women with a thin face and sunken cheeks recommend massage done very carefully, using a special technology.
  10. Each session should last no more than 10 minutes daily.

The complex of exercises recommended MipSovetovrepeat at least 3 times. Already after the first session you will be able to observe the positive effects. Women who have undergone a course of massage Asahi claim that feel rejuvenated for at least 7-10 years. If the massage is done regularly, the age can do without the plastic face-lift.