Mantras for weight loss

On a beautiful dream of many exquisite figure. Excess weight reduces the human self-esteem, provoking health problems and interfere with personal life. In the pursuit of harmony, people pace yourself diets and physical activity, but are often frustrated and gaining more kilos than it was at the beginning. Mantras for weight loss come to the aid of those who have seriously decided to engage in the improvement of the body.

What is a Mantra?

This article has tried to understand MirSovetovin this matter. So, the mantra - are special phrases to say to be at a certain pace and sound, and best of all a singsong. They help a person develop the right mental attitude in order to effectively get rid of excess weight, avoid disruptions and train willpower. It has long been proven that obesity is associated not only with pathologies of the endocrine system, digestive disorders and a wrong way of life, but also with psychological problems.

Mantra - is a kind of prayer, eachwhich pronounced a separate deity. These phrases are used to attract money, health, success and prosperity. During the recitation of human mind gradually sinking into a kind of trance state, and words create certain vibrations that reach every cell in the body. In addition, The orderly repetition of the same phrase from the consciousness displaces all other thoughts, causing the brain to think of a particular purpose.

The operating principle of mantra for weight loss

The basis of the principle of mantras is settinghuman energy in the right way. There is a perception that our outer shell is a reflection of the inner self. Simply put, the state of mind directly affects our physical appearance.

Mantras for weight loss - it is not just a phrase. They have specific vibrations, the body adjusts to the weight reduction, improved metabolism, proper functioning of all body systems. Read the mantra should be similar to meditation. Hands clasped his hands together at the height of his chest and his eyes closed, dedicate to this task at least 15 minutes of your daily time.

Speak the phrase should not be an afterthought, andcarefully listening to them, merging consciousness with every sound, imbued with the harmony that they bear. No matter if at the beginning of practice, you do not fully believe in a positive outcome. Regular and proper reading of these phrases in any case, will bear fruit. Belief in miracles is also not necessary to write off. A strong and sincere desire to achieve the goal only to accelerate the process of achieving it.

Before you begin pronouncing mantras, and specify clearly realize his dream. Do not forget about the frequency and regularity of practice - the only way it will make sense.

Action similar words purports toto strengthen the will of man, to help him to abandon harmful to food shapes: too greasy, salted, smoked, sweet. Mantra is effective in combination with the correct lifestyle and a balanced diet. Only requisitions daily temptations, you can gradually lose kilogram for kilogram, improve metabolism and reduce the volume of the figure. A well-composed diet, taking into account all the individual characteristics, living conditions and the preferences of a particular person should be a daily practice, and mantras help unswervingly adhere to the given direction. effort will result in a slim body, good health, self-esteem and a positive attitude.

Tibetan mantra for weight loss

In various sources you can find the most popular mantra for weight loss, it looks as follows:


In order to achieve the desired result, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules in the reading of this phrase:

  1. According to the letter you need to say clearly and quickly, while vowels give away a little longer than usual.
  2. All syllables ending in "M" or "N" are read through the nasal sound with tightening their pronunciation.
  3. The number of repetitions of words have to be divisible by three.
  4. Text mantra blurts exactly 108 times.
  5. This phrase is not necessary to say at sunrise, you can choose any time of day.
  6. The ideal time to start practice considered during the waning moon.
  7. To always maintain the same rhythm of the mantra and read correctly count the number of repetitions of words, use the rosary.
  8. Foreign people watching the process, you can prevent your curiosity or lack of understanding. Try to practice alone, in peace and tranquility.
  9. Very well pronounce the mantra of the water. Set a full glass, say the phrase 9-12 times, then takes a sip of the contents. Thus, the result can be achieved already after 7 days.

Alternative slimming mantras

In order to reduce weight and body shaping is notbe sure to use a Tibetan mantra. Sometimes, a good option may be text, personally created for a specific person. Multiple repetition of phrases affects the subconscious slimming, directing all his desires, motivations and motives to achieve this goal. The creation of such a mantra is engaged a psychologist who works with a particular patient. Based on the peculiarities of the individual data, its weaknesses and preferences, outlook and lifestyle doctor writes the text to help fight overweight.

Mantra - is a kind of command thatshould not only be kept on paper, but in human memory. Until then, until the right words do not remember reading, will help him written option. Each time, when the body wants to be tempted to eat something harmful to the figures, it should be necessary to utter the phrase. Approximately they can be represented in the form:

  1. I'll stick to the diet assigned to me, notviolate regulations, otherwise all the efforts above efforts will be wasted. Your time, money and nerves should not be the gift of a precipice. Patience helps me to get used to a new lifestyle.
  2. If I will manifest weakness and eat what I want, I do notI feel happy. Succumbing to temptation, and satisfy his hunger, I feel guilty for what he did, for broken health and shape, it will not add to my self-respect.
  3. If I will manifest the will power and refrain fromtemptation, my body will become slimmer, more beautiful, more desirable. I will be more healthy, happy, energetic and joyful person. I will respect myself, my self-esteem will grow.
  4. I can follow all the doctor's instructions,follow his advice, to implement the recommendations. Diet - not a test, and the component of the right lifestyle, which is not the meaning of food. In a world of many other pleasures and love of one's own body - is one of them.
  5. Proper nutrition is important for me, it is beneficial to my health and figure, makes me the winner of their own weaknesses. Adhering to a diet, I'm getting more and more respect for yourself.

Daily reading of such mantras to help fight the temptation to eat junk food, fills life with new meaning, making you slimmer and more beautiful.