To not sloilis nails and not break: ways to strengthen domestic

To not sloilis nails and not break: ways to strengthen domesticTo the nails were beautiful and healthy, it is necessary for thecared for properly. It is not necessary for it to buy expensive cosmetics. Everything you need for proper nail care, so they do not sloilis and did not break, can be found at home: directly in the refrigerator or medicine cabinet.

In this article, let's talk about the simple ways of howstrengthen nails, not to sloilis and did not break at home. This will help to simple recipes of traditional medicine, which are suitable for strengthening the nails on the hands or feet. In addition to strengthening, many ingredients in masks and other means of accelerating the growth of the nail plate, eliminates the problem of nail layers, make them healthy and beautiful.

To marigolds pleased, it is necessary for eachspecific situation to choose a separate medical complex. This may be a bath, mask, other activities. The best complex for a beginner home treatment is considered to hold the nail and then a regular repetition of procedures for strengthening and rehabilitation. What manicure now in vogue.

Important! If you follow all the instructions and recommendations,According to this material, the first result may be seen as early as 1-2 weeks. Marigolds will become more beautiful, healthy. But stopping is not necessary to always have healthy nails, you should take care of them regularly.

Recipes reinforcing baths

With iodine

If your nails are weak and constantly break down, thenbetter way than baths with iodine for the treatment, you will not find. Formulations such baths will vary, depending on other ingredients. Among the most popular compositions for strengthening include:

  • In 200 ml of warm water to dissolve a large spoonsea ​​salt. Add five drops of iodine there. Lower your fingers in the tub for a quarter hour. Wrap a napkin and then wait until the skin is completely dry itself. Baths do twice a week.
  • It is also possible to take 100 mL of warm water in it anddissolve a large spoonful of natural sea salt. Then add half a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice, add a few drops of iodine in solution. Dip your fingers for ten minutes, then gently rub your hands and smear nourishing moisturizer. And, to rub the cream is not only skin, but also in the nail plate.

Note! Yes, iodine is very useful to strengthen the nailplates, but only in diluted form. In no case can not be applied to the nails pure iodine, because it penetrates deep into the tissue and cause negative processes: drying of the nail plate, skin burns and much more. Restore nails, then it will be very difficult.

To not sloilis nails and not break: ways to strengthen domestic

With wine

Another popular ways to strengthen your nails tosloilis not and did not break at home, include wine. Again, only make baths based on natural wine. One option is to heat 200 ml of wine, it dissolved salts in a spoon and a half hour this solution was put on her fingers. Fashion Nails Spring-Summer 2016.

Alternatively, you can use warm white wine. It is diluted half tablespoon of honey, add a large spoonful of melted butter. Again, to make a tray for half an hour. Repeat both options do not need baths more often than three times a week. These methods will strengthen the nail plate, get rid of brittleness, delamination. After the procedure is required to be applied to the skin and rub in the nail plate, moisturizer.

With herbs

Recipes of traditional medicine almost alwaysThey include the use of different kinds of herbs. To prepare the broth, you can safely take burdock root, St. John's wort, chamomile and other herbs that nourish and strengthen. Alternatively, these herbs are taken in equal proportions, then it will need to fill them with boiling water, let stand for around 20 minutes. After this warm decoction for thirty minutes to lower fingers. Making the procedure can be no more than three times a week. It is this collection is perfect for strengthening nails that are weak.

Tip! This decoction can also be safely used to strengthen the hair.

To not sloilis nails and not break: ways to strengthen domestic

Recipes home masks for people's growth and strengthening of nails:

  1. Iodine, as already mentioned, the bestingredient for strengthening nails. No wonder that the most effective mask will be the one to which it belongs. It will be necessary in olive oil add three drops of iodine and the same amount of natural lemon juice drops. All mix and rub gently on each nail plate.
  2. It can be used to strengthen the slurry made from any natural sour grapes. Just be pick up and start to rub berry puree without additives in the nails.
  3. To nail plate has become strong, you cantake beeswax. It melted in a water bath, then add the cooked yolk is not until the end. All mix, apply to the nail plate on the quarter hour. When the wax hardens, remove the mask with nails will be easy.

Unlike the baths, which can not be donemore than three times a week, the mask can be made to nail at least every day. Only need to choose a recipe and repeat the same procedure on a regular basis. Experts recommend such baths do at night. You can apply makeup, wear gloves on his hands, and in the morning remove the gloves and just wash your hands with warm water without soap, grease or nourishing moisturizer.

On the right care for problem nails

To less raised the question as to strengthen nails,not to sloilis and did not break at home, you should provide them with proper care. Catching cleaning in the house, it is necessary to wear rubber gloves on his hands. In particular, if the cleaning is carried out using a variety of chemical agents. What manicure on every day in fashion this season.

To not sloilis nails and not break: ways to strengthen domestic

During manicure need to give up completecuticle cutting. The maximum that may make the master - that push back the cuticle to the base of the nail. Then this part of the nail plate can perform its function of protecting the nail from the negative external effects. If in the process of nail care everything is done correctly, but no still exfoliate and break, you should undergo a full examination of the body. Perhaps this is an external signal that there have been some failures in the internal systems.