Spa manicure: how to conduct

Spa manicure: how to conductRecently, a spa manicure is verypopular among women. And this is not surprising, because experts believe this type of manicure is better than normal. How often do you pay attention to your feet and hands, thinking that they would be much more attractive than they really are?

Do you have a real chance to make them moreattractive, visiting a beauty salon to make yourself the best quality pedicure and manicure! This special cosmetic procedures that are used by professionals in the beauty salon for legs, hands and nails, for further purification, and make look more healthy and attractive.

This popular salon treatment is notlimited only by treating the cuticles, and is a comprehensive care, not only for nails, but also for your hands, and it is considered one of the most pleasant procedure. Thanks to this procedure, you can get rid of some problems with the skin of the hands, but also to fully restore your peace of mind, as held a special session of aromatherapy.

The main objective of the spa manicure - is not only beautifulnail decoration, and reducing medical care. The most important step in the implementation of the nail is the use of additional trays and nourishing masks, massages and body wraps. In the beauty salon before you start manicurist carefully examine the client's hands: the skin on the elbows, skin brushes, nail plate and to subsequently find the right maintenance program. In general, the performance of this manicure process is divided into two main stages - a hand care, as well as work with the cuticle and the nail plate.

Spa manicure: Lead Technology

Spa manicure: how to conductThis procedure begins with washing hands withusing a special antibacterial soap, after which the female pen processed antiseptic. The wizard then holds hands with the client such acts on the skin of the hand to apply scrub, tidy massage movements fingers removed all the dead skin particles and prepare masks for hands. For best results, it is desirable to leave the scrub on the hands for one minute, then rinse with plain water, the area under the nails and cuticles gently scrubbed special brush. Spa manicure requires a phased implementation of the action.

At the end can be very useful procedure willapply a special mask, mud from the Dead Sea, or clay. Hands covered with nutritious mask, leave for about five minutes, then rinse with water and dry. On the surface of your nails, you can drop a little aroma oils, the desired citrus (lemongrass, bergamot) or antiseptic (geranium, tea tree, rosemary, eucalyptus, rosewood). Master massages the hands. After the massage, wait a few minutes, until the butter or cream is well absorbed into the skin. And now it's time to start the second procedure of the manicure.

Remove old nail polish at the surfaceAssistance fruit liquid vitamins, try not to use nail polish remover with acetone, as this may damage the surface of your nails. With the shape the nail file your nails, you can use both dry and wet sawing. Pick up a form for the nail according to the length of your fingers, your appearance and taste.

If you choose a round nails before thespa manicure, they should not be too long, or as a result they will not look well proportioned. Fan-shaped nails need to carefully sawed in form of an oval. Nails rectangular shape may be short or long. In addition, you can make such nails "square" shape. square-shaped nails do not need to do too long, cut them, just slightly rounded ends. Try not to file down too deep corners of the nails, as then the inflammatory process may occur.

Spa manicure: how to conduct

Fill a special manicure bath water,adding sea salt to it. With the help of a wooden stick gently separate the cuticle from the nail plate. After a few minutes in a circular motion using a pumice stone to remove the cuticle. At the end of the massage your nails half a lemon, which has an effective bleaching and softening properties.

On the surface of your nails need to apply a smallthe amount of the polishing composition. Buff your nails special polisher, then apply a top tonic, which contains keratin, a protein, and calcium. To strengthen weak nails it must necessarily be applied every day for the full course of treatment, after which the tool can be used as a base.

Apply nail polish on your nails in two layers and atime, wait until it dries. For registration of the design, you can use ready-made labels - you just need to choose the most appropriate type and try them on your nails. With the help of a wooden stick ready to separate the design from the very basics and carefully glue on your nails. To perform a spa manicure, you need only 5 minutes. This is an elite procedure and specially selected complex, which includes a softening and moisturizing hands.