Remove Naroscheny gel nails at home

Remove Naroscheny gel nails at homeFashion on the shape and length of women's nail changesjust as changing fashion hairstyles. Now again, long nails are at the peak of its popularity, but not every woman gets these nails grow independently. In such a situation comes to the rescue gel capacity, but the question is - is it possible to remove these nails yourself at home?

As a rule, gel nail lady alwaysHe spends in the saloon and calls for it to a professional. But the fact to remove these nails do not always want to spend time, energy and finances. Many are thinking about how to remove the nails yourself. In this article we consider whether there are ways of how to remove Naroscheny gel nails at home and why it should be done carefully.

Important! Depending on what kind of technology has been used for nail, Home methods for their removal may vary. Consider now the most fashionable ways and give appropriate recommendations.

Acrylic nails

When acrylic nails have worn out and correctionswill not help them, manicures began to look messy, it's time to remove the varnish. For this purpose it is necessary to have at hand a special tool for removal, nail clippers, pieces of foil for each nail. You will also need nail file for acrylic nails, polishing tool, a means for removing varnish and oil for cuticles.

Remove Naroscheny gel nails at home

Agree that the training tools will take a long time, but when they are ready, then you can get down to business.

How to remove gel nails Naroscheny at home (removal of acrylic):

  1. Clear nail which uses ordinary nail polish remover.

  2. The free edge of the nail better crop, but it does not injure the cuticle.

  3. Next, ten pieces of cotton wool dampen with a special liquid to remove the acrylic. Apply cotton wool for each finger and roll up tightly with foil - the entire nail plate should be covered with varnish.

  4. Now wait a quarter of an hour to acrylichas acquired the consistency of jelly under the influence on it of special tools. The fingers have to be warm, the lady will feel it, and it is a sure sign that the reaction process is running.

  5. Next, remove the foil with your finger and a shovel to remove loosened material. Of course, it should be done quickly and accurately for each finger in turn.

  6. If still something left in the marigolds, you should use a special grinding and nail file.

  7. Then polish the nails in addition, apply oil to the cuticle and the nail plate.

Nail Gel

Why gel nails are now enjoys apopularity - because of the strength of the material. Therefore, the process of removing it, especially at home, quite complex and lengthy. How to remove gel nails Naroscheny at home? Here you can soak your nails, then drank themselves artificial material. Each method is considered separately. Look Photo Fashion Nails this year.

Remove Naroscheny gel nails at home

The first option - it is soaking nails, somethingsimilar to the removal of acrylic. Only need to be a little warm acetone, and it is there to moisten the fleece. Do whatever you need to with extreme care. The second method - the mechanical removal of this gel. It will be necessary to cut the coarse grained nail file with nail gel surface. Try to keep the movement was smooth and ready for the fact that it will take a lot of time.

To remove the gel from the nails on the third method does notWe need additional materials - this is a big plus. The gel itself begins goes somewhere 3-4 weeks, will need just a little help. Help is to pry the edge of the gel and carefully remove it, grabbing the free edge.

An unusual method for the removal of the nail - isthe use of sugar. You will need a cup of sugar to melt, then cool the mass to be able to put her fingers. Hold hands in a pot of melted sugar in ten minutes, and then remove the gel, using a spatula.

On the rules of removing the gel polish at home:

  1. Take nail polish remover, but be sure it has to be acetone;

  2. Take ten pieces of small foil for each finger;

  3. It will take the blade manicure, nail polishing tool;

  4. You also need to have a fine-grained nail file and a special oil for cuticles.

As for the method of removal, feel freesee diagram, which is described in detail in the removal of acrylic nail polish. Cotton swab dampen in liquid tightly attached to the nail and wrap with foil. So make every finger, and half an hour to leave the foil on hand. Then remove the softened paint using special tools. Read about how to strengthen the nails home.

Remove Naroscheny gel nails at home

Just need to prepare for that process,Removal of extension like gel nails at home, long and complex. Moreover, even if you follow the instructions do not always turn out to achieve a good result - it all depends on the quality of the gel, by its duration of stay on the nails.