Photo Fashion Nails Spring-Summer 2016 short nails

Photo Fashion Nails Spring-Summer 2016 short nailsManicure - this is the correct accurate processingshaped nail, cut cuticle, burrs, and manicure. About fashion trends in nail polish on short nails the spring and summer of 2016 will discuss in this article. In principle, manicure - this kind of design, so it is necessary to speak less and watch more pictures to inspire new ideas and stylish solutions.

Enthusiasm for long nails, which are beautifulraise, or even increasing, it leaves realize that on short nails manicure can also look beautiful and elegant for many possibilities. Plus, there are a number of occupations, and activities (for example, care for the baby or the house cleaning) when the long nails is simply not permissible. But that is no reason to deny yourself in a stylish designer manicure. Regardless of the length of the nail a true master of his craft has to offer stylish, fashionable, interesting and original solutions for manicure.

On the length of the nails

Furthermore, trendy manicure Spring 2016 shortnails in the photo shows that the last peak of the season is just natural. Therefore, stylists advise to opt out of the long nail in favor of medium or short length.

Past seasons have shown that the length of the nailonly increased, but in 2016 the trend naturalness. What could be more natural than manicured, the correct form short nails on the lovely and elegant women's pens? In any case, no matter what length you prefer, remember that high fashion this year, lifted all restrictions in this regard.

Photo Fashion Nails Spring-Summer 2016 short nails

About a trendy color in 2016

Fashionable manicure Spring 2016 short nails: Design photos show that everything starts inManicure with natural shades. At the peak of popularity, especially for short nails, are all natural, and skin tones. Moreover, they hold leading positions throughout the season.

Here it is necessary to remember such as the buzzword«Nude», it means a commitment to the natural tone that best reflects the tone of the nail plate. On the one hand, the nail varnish will be protected, will look stylish and modern, on the other hand, the manicure will not be bright, will not attract attention. Especially in situations where the attention to manicure is superfluous.

Photo Fashion Nails Spring-Summer 2016 short nails

The palette of natural shades is quite extensive, notto think that everything here is limited to beige color. Starting from the usual palette of clear lacquer and moves to beige and milky. Here you can add all the shades of pale pink color.

Board stylist! Lucky pastel shades for any length of nail add the image of femininity and lightness. They make a natural and neat manicure that looks warm, spring-like and simply attractive.

If natural manicure - this is not your story,you can choose yarku palette of colors and aggressive combination. For example, plum and dark gray, red, wine color and deep blue - all the rage this season.

Romantic nature can indulge indelicate shades of green or yellow, the colors of the spring sky at dusk or dawn. Manicure can be both calm and aggressive, rich and bright in the season of spring-summer 2016. The main thing is to choose the option that is most suitable for your particular style.

Photo Fashion Nails Spring-Summer 2016 short nails

Multi-colored marigolds

Fashion Nails Spring 2016 short nails: photos at home show that it is possible to do sophisticated and stylish manicure at a combination of different colors. Because the patterns are popular this season, stripes, fashion is a French manicure, country and sequins.

Board stylist! The trend in 2016 is a manicure, which consists of two colors. In this case, the color of lacquer connected to the nail plate and complex patterns cryptic lines.

Excellent will look at the moon nails stylemanicure. To colorless lines became brighter, they can add a few crystals. Such a bright accent image all around to be seen and evaluated precisely only with the best hand.

Photo Fashion Nails Spring-Summer 2016 short nails

Board stylist! Moon manicure is that the holenail is curved or concave arc (here it is necessary to focus on a particular form of nail plate). This manicure is all and can be an excellent alternative to classic French.

Classic jacket

As in any season in this year classic French manicure again it remains at the height of fashion. Strict white tips on the background of delicate pink nail polish - are the main attributes of the manicure. By the way, as the polls show, a manicure like most about the opposite sex on the long or short women marigolds.

Here is the fashion manicure on shortnails this spring. Speaking in general terms, the naturalness of fashion, pastel shades. However, that is no reason to deny yourself the bright accents on the nails, if the soul asks.