Hardware pedicure: all there is to know about this type of pedicure

Hardware pedicure: all there is to know about this type of pedicureToday let's talk about the pedicure ... LegsThey are the most important part of every human body, since they are exposed daily to very heavy loads. And especially with respect to the stop, as each person's feet bear the weight of our whole body.

Inconvenient and very tight shoes, fungal infections, and other factors can lead to the appearance of corns and calluses on the feet, as well as small areas of skin on the feet.

To prevent this, regularlytake care of your feet and maintain a procedure pedicure. So, let's learn what a pedicure and what exactly it differs from the usual pedicure?

Features of hardware pedicure

During the procedure to softenSkin master feet using a special spray or softening oil, which for some time applied to the feet. This tool works only on dead and horny skin, while it does not hurt the living areas of the skin on the feet. A regular water quite the contrary to soften all skin layers, which further increases the risk of skin injury.

Leather processing is carried out on his feeta special device with a variety of grinding nozzles. Dead skin is not cut off the blades as during normal manicure. Also, do not cut off the thin skin around the nail and cuticle. Grinding nozzle can have different diameters from the smallest to the nozzles and the largest, are processed by means of the foot and the heel.

Equipment for hardware pedicure

Hardware pedicure: all there is to know about this type of pedicureApparatus for carrying out this procedure is shown in the form of a special machine with a long handle by means of which the procedure is performed and.

In this handle attaches special masterpacking, which exists in abundance. Right foot handled the toughest grinding cup, and after the removal of dead skin master change nozzles on the nozzle more forgiving. There are certain tips for cuticle treatment, nail and skin okolonogtevoy. Also, there are special nozzles in beauty salons to remove calluses and polishing of fine cracks that occur on the heels.

Apparatus for carrying out works like a pedicureconventional drill and with the same capacity. With such a device has the right to work by a qualified technician who has been trained, as well as it should necessarily have special medical education. The configuration of this machine, there are also special vacuum cleaners to remove dust and special nozzles, as well as built-drying varnish.

Hardware pedicure: all there is to know about this type of pedicure

The main stages of the procedure of hardware pedicure

Now let's look at how it is done pedicure. The special technology of the procedure typically involves the following stages:

Hardware pedicure: all there is to know about this type of pedicure

- Carrying out disinfection of all attachments and special tools

- Disinfection of hands and feet of the master client with special disinfectants

- Skin gel brake applied softener, and about nail for 20 minutes, depending on what state the leg skin

- Removal of keratinized and dead skin cells by using grinding cups

- Removal of calluses and corns using cutters

- Careful nail care: skin sanding and filing cuticle around the nail polish and giving them a specific shape, surface polishing nails

- Smoothing and skin resurfacing

- Drawing on foot softening cream

- A thorough foot massage

- The application of the colored varnish nails

Hardware pedicure - it's probably the onlyway to help cure chronic corns and calluses, ingrown nails, cracked heels, small cracks on the heels, and thickening of the nail plate. Furthermore, the only way to care for the feet of the people who suffer from diabetes.

Author: Appakova Luda.