Nails Design 2016: news from the photo!

Nails Design 2016: news from the photo!Recently, a very exciting issueNail design is especially for those who carefully watches a fashion and always wants to have beautiful and well-groomed handles. The fashion for such things quite fleeting, because each time the master invent different and interesting designs that simply can not tear from their eyes, so you should deal with the question of what are the best designs in the new 2016.
Current designs with French manicure

Before considering novelty designs nail, it should be said and that is always in fashion manicure, which is made carefully. Even if it is not a novelty of the season, even if it is not the trendy manicure 2016But done beautifully - means your pen will always be feast for the eyes, so do not forget about the simplicity, because sometimes the beauty is hidden in it.

For example, setting request of such a networknature - Nail Design 2016 photo french news, you can get a very beautiful and original version of the design of nails, because the jacket never goes out of fashion. It just periodically fades into the background, but with him hands are delicate and beautiful design.

Nails Design 2016: news from the photo!

Therefore, sometimes not worth the bother and think too fanciful design that you noticed.

As for the jewelry to the French manicure,then you can come up with a lot of unique and beautiful, such as inlaid rhinestones and Swarovski stones - it will give a manicure conviviality and brightness, because the nails will shine with all the possible colors of the rainbow. Also, you can easily come up with a simple drawing of colors, which decorate only a few fingers, because how much overload jacket design is not necessary - all should be in moderation.

Also, a new fashion trend in the beauty industryIt was the reverse French manicure. It is well established as far back as 2015, but currently remains popular. You can come up with lots of new and creative ideas that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Nails Design 2016: news from the photo!

Beautiful and unusual design looks with Frenchmanicure when the smile line is a non-standard form, such as a triangle or wavy. This will help you stand out from the crowd and become quite extravagant personality.

As for the colors, the contrast betweencolors should not be too contrast, especially in the cold season, but during the summer season, you can add colors and try something more bold and bright. Beautiful manicure on short nails It will look just as advantageous!

Nails Design 2016: news from the photo!

Lunar Design in 2016

In general, make sure that any nail design 2016(Photos news) popular - it is complex enough, because the taste and color are different. Everyone has their own concept of beauty - someone loves humble, not to isolate and others Bring bright and saturated colors. But it is worth noting that it is now in vogue natural, namely, short nails, where the length of the free edge of no more than 3 millimeters. Also worth a try to follow the tone and nail design, if you want to meet the high requirements of fashion. Suffice it remains fashionable and beautiful moon design, where there is only focus on the nail hole. But if you decide to create such a creature, then it is important to make lune neat and not too rough to nails look elegant and more naturally.

Nails Design 2016: news from the photo!

In terms of the color palette is to say thatalready designated above - sweet and dull tone in vogue, it pulls on all dressed, but here again, again it all depends on the client's preferences. Therefore it is necessary to agree with him, so you do not have to redo it.

At the same time we should not forget that the moondesign can be complemented with different patterns, which will be very helpful, but it is worth to draw beautiful and already represent the finished work in the head, not to be mistaken. You can also combine this with other kinds of manicure designs - sliders, rhinestones, stamping - everything will look good, if only to pick the right combination.

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Nails Design 2016: news from the photo!

Such a design can be combined withFrench, this option can be found among the search Nail Design 2016 (photos news) wedding. Because this option is a very gentle and emphasizes the natural beauty of the hands. Interestingly enough, he will look painted and crystals but this is often possible to meet the volumetric image, but not modeling, she is no longer in vogue, especially on natural nails.

This manicure technique is often used with negative space, because it is also beautiful and unusual looks, this design nail gel polish (photos news 2016), appeared in the last year.

Nails Design 2016: news from the photo!

Designed by Scotch tape

This option can add your marigolds festive and unusual appearance, because they believe that this nail design 2016 (photos news) on short nails sufficiently relevant.

Among the color palette is the most winning color, which is to try to combine:
- Black with gold or silver;
- Bright and rich colors with the classic black and white;
- Three different colors, but preferably two of them are bright enough, and the third should be neutral;
- Marine shades quite relevant today;
- Design with a patriotic symbolism of countries.

When you create the next fashion design should not forget that the nails should not be a lot of design, because you run the risk of simply reboot.

Nails Design 2016: news from the photo!

Slider Design

Of course, talking about how trendy nail designs in 2016 (photo news manicure you give), not to mention the sliders,because they are quite diverse, and every day new and unusual patterns added. But the distinctive feature of this design is that it is easy to do, even on their own, because nothing complicated about it. But it is important to observe the technology of drawing a slider, so that he could delight your nails are not only a few days, and up to the next coating.

There are several types of sliders:
- Dense - it can be used on any base;
- Without additional coating - just put on top of the base and fix topom;
- Substrates for light - ideally, it is white and light colors.

When using this technique is to remember that you should always leave a bit of space from the cuticle, about 0.5 mm in order to be able to fix this on the nail plate design.

Nails Design 2016: news from the photo!

Designed by nail gel

Despite the fact that there are many otherinteresting designs that you can decorate your nails, trendy nail designs in 2016 (photos news) shellac remains relevant today. Because with the help of gel polish, you can create interesting and unusual compositions that do not catch up even with the steep slider. Of course, it should be noted that this technique requires time and effort, because their potential is to try and draw in order to achieve perfection in the ideal and create unique masterpieces that will become your calling card.

For drawings gel varnish were added monogram - abeautiful hands and gives tenderness, they can be done in any color, the main requirement - it is a combination of colors and accuracy to drawing a clear and beautiful.

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Nails Design 2016: news from the photo!

Basic design requirements

Manicure nails should always decorate any woman, which is why the master nail service trying to come up with a lot of beautiful and original ideas that will please the customer.

But do not forget that there are certain rules:
- For short nails should choose concise and not too huge design that nails were neat and beautiful;
- Is right thing to do accents and choose the color of the coating;
- Select only high-quality materials that will not be quickly flake or harm nails clients;
- Gently to coat and create their own little masterpieces;
- Listen to the customer's wishes regarding the design manicure, because it was he wearing it for two to three weeks.

Nails Design 2016: news from the photo!

By following the simple, but important rules you can always achieve excellent results, because as the nails should be an ornament of women.

If you are faced with the problem of nail design,then do not be upset, because the network has a lot of ideas that are sure you might like, and as a result you can easily translate the selected option in life. Each design - a small masterpiece, which is able to please the customer, so it is nice to offer options to please not only themselves but also others.