Manicure Autumn 2016: fashion trends, photos

Manicure Autumn 2016: fashion trends, photosThis season will be relevant all the colors of autumnand a combination of different textures. Manicure Fall 2016: Fashion trends in fotosochetaet not only bright accents, but also rich colors, complement and contrast. To understand exactly what suits you for the fashion autumn image, note the following hues and vivid combinations.

The most fashionable colors of autumn and the new items

Shades of autumn can be traced in different brandsand updates to the season. First of all attention is drawn to bright, rich and warm colors. At the same time innovations in the textures of different brands can be traced glossy texture, matte shades fade into the background. That is what colors can be traced in the modern updates of decorative cosmetics and manicure:

1. Cool pink beige. Beautiful and very calm shade of fashionnew products, which is in fashion collections. The combination of low-key and quiet purple pink beige subtone gives a beautiful and versatile shade to create a strict business manicure. Other color name - dusty rose. It goes well with light shades of matte lipsticks and advantageous to look, if you do monotonous and calm manicure. Stylists are advised to pay attention to the satin and chiffon with a beautiful texture, luster dim. They allow you to make a fashion manicure monochrome or supplement it with a matt lacquer. This is one of the most popular colors of autumn 2016, which can be used as a basis or independent monophonic manicure.

Manicure Autumn 2016: fashion trends, photos2. Caramel. One of the most popular nail polish colors. Autumn Collection Chanel uses it as a quiet and trendy manicure, perfectly combined with warm shades of lipstick. This shade can also be used as an independent (it visually lengthens short nails), and the background for pictures. In autumn fashion glossy light caramel shades, which make any manicure fashionable, stylish and neat. Shade can be the basis of the lunar or French manicure.

3. A warm peach shade. It can be seen in limited collectionsNavel and Chanel, as well as it can be found in the number of new products from other brands. Warm and bright, it will make modern nail polish for fall with a beautiful glossy effect. In autumn Navel limited collection it is presented with a trendy mirror effect, and Maybelline collection also included this in the shade of the youth line of products. Peach tone blends well with the warm and slightly somewhat dark complexion. Black hair and dark brown-haired is to use it for a natural everyday manicure. Owners of cold skin tones can use a fashionable peach shade as the background for a manicure or additions. Modern autumn palette of paints varies from warm apricot to deep tangerine. Stylists are advised to choose bright and saturated colors with a glossy texture.

Manicure Autumn 2016: fashion trends, photos

4. Raspberry and peony. Bright colors have also become relevant in the autumn. They will get a nice independent monophonic manicure and arrange fashionable accents on the nails. The limited fall collection Pupa they are presented with a smooth texture and shine. Just pay attention to the bright crimson color with purple or blue midtone shine - they will add an image with bright autumn lipsticks. For the fall 2016 season is characterized by a combination of matte lipstick saturated noble wine or dark red tones with glossy varnishes for nails. The same hue, but with less saturation is represented in the collection autumn paints Maybelline. The same shade is in the various, including the limited collections of autumn.

5. Red opaque colors with a glossy and matte texture. Considered the most relevant and vibrant in the season. Any shades from classic red to dark cherry will provide a fashionable and modern manicure, supplementing any way. The only limitation - you should not combine the shades of red with cold pink and lilac, relevant for the summer. But the rich shades of red, purple, violet and even modern lipstick tone stands Marsala. It is not necessary that the color of lipstick and nail polish was identical. Valid wildest options and combinations.

Manicure Autumn 2016: fashion trends, photos6. wine Shades. Cherry, cherry, plum - become relevant inautumn collections for manicure 2016, from the most expensive to the budget and mass. Brand Chanel emphasized the plum shade, the Italian brand Pupa released lacquer mirror effect. Such lacquers look beautiful, both long and short nails. This shade striped manicure visually lengthens the nail. A use is as fashionable shades of plum and cherry, sweet cherry, or almost black nail manicure autumn.

7. Chocolate. Any dull shades of brown tones, coffee and milk to dark chocolate are relevant in today's manicure. They can be used for both the base coat and as a supplement.

8. Bright candy-pink color. It is the autumn collection of Yves Saint varnishesLaurent. It will create a vivid image of a modern girl who chooses denim style or fashion Disney prints. But it can be used in any combination.

9. Malachite green, peacock feather effect. Another current trend is the fall. Fashionable becomes lacquer tints reminiscent of peacock feathers and brocade texture of brilliant green. These coatings are well combined with gold or silver additions.

Manicure Autumn 2016: fashion trends, photos10. Velvet night. The collection Lancome Givenchy and modernautumn varnish became dark blue shade with a velvety texture, reminiscent of the night autumn sky. It can be used as an independent coating, as well as to make him beautiful pictures.

11. Fashion texture. Gloss is the actual trend of the autumnseason, regardless of the color you choose. But nail texture can be quite different. For this season, characterized by the use of dense texture with a glossy or even mirror effect, as well as almost transparent, glossy, water-color paints. These paints have become fashionable collection of candy Maybelline. 4 autumn hue represented as varnishes with jelly (candy) texture. They can be used as a basis, and application independent. If you choose a dark or bright shades of varnishes, note the dense texture effect varnish. This season, they will be the most relevant, especially for the evening image.

And the color combination will create a modern and bright image, from strict to romantic. This one shade will dominate, others are used in addition to and in detail.

1. Cold beige and white. This time base of the nail is whitethe emphasis is put on top and beige color lacquer. As actual moon manicure, built on a combination of beige and white matte gloss nail polish. These options like admirers of the French manicure. But lovers of the more daring combinations, stylists advise to make a clear line of burgundy shades, combining a matte texture of dark varnish and gloss beige. To warm shades of beige color is to use a cherry, burgundy, wine shades and marsala most intense close to the brown tone. Cold shade of beige is best combined with bright pink and purple tones.

Manicure Autumn 2016: fashion trends, photos2. Fashion tangerine and peach shades better complement restrained purple orlilac tones. The classic autumn a combination of tangerine and plum perfectly emphasizes the nature of autumn manicure. Just combine perfectly bright hues of tangerine color with warm pink and beige tones, but stylists advise to choose a manicure different textures. The richer and denser texture tangerine, the lighter should be purple varnish. Just goes well a clear shift in 3 colors: orange, caramel and chocolate. By the way, chocolate can be replaced by a fashionable shade of Marsala wine or a midtone brown.

3. Red shades with rich texture is in this seasoncombined with the warm tones of candy. This can vary from shades of apricot to mauve. The richer and more transparent red tone, the lighter the texture should be clear varnish. Very good to combine clearcoat one tonality with darker tone. For example, raspberry jelly texture with deep lacquered cherry shade. Purple and plum tones look good with a fashionable shade of a blackberry with a transparent texture.

Manicure Autumn 2016: fashion trends, photos

4. Transparent and matte texture, rich. Choosing transparent shades of nail polish, youYou can do on their drawings with white paint. Transparency allows you to make different combinations of the nails. At the beginning of the basecoat to make nails white lacquer or very light beige. Then, the top layer is applied to a small transparent jelly or nail polish with glitter clear tone. After that, white lacquer make a pea on the nail, causing stickers or trafaretki. The effect is stunning. Just using clear varnish can make a nice gradient on the plain and bright nails. It is better to choose light-colored base lacquer with opaque texture, matte effect. On the other tips are applied varnish, and it turns out trendy effect that will appeal to others.

These are the main trends of the autumn manicure. You can choose bright colors or, conversely, lighter and transparent. Brightness fashionable shades fill your warm autumn image, making it a modern and relevant.

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