French nails to 2016: Fashion trends

French nails to 2016: Fashion trendsThe only modern ladies do not decorate theirNails: intricate patterns, sequins, sparkles, or all at once. In this article we will focus on contemporary ideas for nail design, how you compose nail design (photo 2016 modern ideas) and a jacket with a pattern.

French manicure recently enjoyedvery popular. It looks like a white stripe applied to the edge of the nail - a constant component and the base and cover the entire nail plate, you can choose according to your taste. The secret to the popularity of such trendy manicure in its elegance. It is suitable for all occasions. And, despite the title of Attach, french broke into the fashion world, has been gaining popularity and love thanks to one American.

Company Owner fund sales careNail invented this type of manicure at the request of his friend director. And there was a french manicure style. The main attraction of this manicure is that it is suitable for almost all outfits.

French nails to 2016: Fashion trends

French manicure can do it yourselfat home. In addition, you can experiment with different colors and textures varnish. The idea of ​​a white border around the edge of the nail and the base, painted in delicate shades not intrusive light lacquer saved. That is why the French can choose any you selected onions. With regard to the length of the nail to create such a manicure, it will fit almost any. This year will be very popular to use the French manicure with a pattern.

All kinds of pictures or other decorations refreshthe usual version of the French manicure. Edge fringe on nails can be white, and other colors, and considering past trends strips on each finger can be executed in the new color. Most importantly, this 2016 Nail design suited to your image.

French nails to 2016: Fashion trends

One can make an ordinary jacket, and on top of the white line on one of the fingers apply patterns or colors black lacquer, but only at the top of the nail plate.

French manicure is perfectly combined withrhinestones. The most popular this year are white lines that resemble geometric shapes. Angles of geometric shapes can be decorated with rhinestones.

French nails to 2016: Fashion trends

Also in the modern ideas nail design in the style of French manicure with pictures (photo 2016) and includes the colorful palette. The game shall take all shades of coral and turquoise.

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Good figures will look at only one or two fingers of the hand. Deep drawing is better not to duplicate all the fingers, so that no overload overall appearance.

French nails to 2016: Fashion trends

Tip for true fashionistas and ladies watchingthe latest trends. On the four fingers of one hand do a French manicure, nail and paint the rest of the color of your handbag or shoes. They will overlap, and it will look very original. Actually, in this case there are no rules except one - it should be harmonious.

How to choose the color of nail polish?

As it is known to all white blends. It is not necessary to leave a line along the edge of the nail white. Try fashionable in the season of spring-summer 2016 red. The trend from the fashion catwalks - all shades of red. Use this color as for patterns in the form of thin, very thin large frills on top.

French nails to 2016: Fashion trends

Play around with the strip on one nail. You can decorate one nail colored stripe, and lines can have different widths.

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Bright pink or a saturated shadeRose will be in trend of the season autumn-winter 2016-2017. For the basics, use the color tone saturation, and can be applied on top of the white line. This manicure will look very stylish, a bit touching, as in spring.

French nails to 2016: Fashion trends

Cold blue tint also came to us fromautumn-winter 2016-2017. Sky blue is so interesting is described in the movie "The Devil Wears Prada." This color is surprisingly fresh and stylish look with a French manicure. Perhaps you would prefer to wait for all the winter season, such as the modern idea of ​​combining colors for nail design in the style of jacket (pictured) in 2016 - 2017 will be particularly relevant with the figure for the new year.

Hollywood jacket - stylish modern answerthe classic French manicure. Particularly impressive looks black and silver version of the manicure. In this version you can add a little glitter. But try not to overdo it with glitter and arrange for its nails 2016 bright feast of bad taste. Let sequins thin line. For this tunic is better to use soft colors, pastel shades of nail polish.

French nails to 2016: Fashion trends

Lunar jacket - the trend gained popularity in2015 and quietly moved to the 2016. It is better to forget about bored burgundy, purple and brown shades of nail polish. Use shades: wisteria, lemon, popular in the last season and Prussian blue, sky blue, tangerine, pear and so on..

All kinds of modern trends and nail design ideas we expect in the new year, so this article is about the French manicure because manicure Spring-Summer 2016, It contains a simple and elegant, and the pattern will add originality.

French nails to 2016: Fashion trends

So modern nail design ideas in the style jacket with a pattern for the new year with an application photo collections in 2016.

Directly to the New Year, andgeneral winter of days, you can make a kind of French manicure, entitled "Millennium". To do this, use the glitter of light tones that mimic the sparkle of snow. This brilliantly replace the white line.