The design of short nails 2016: latest news

The design of short nails 2016: latest newsToday, she is obliged to look your best,so that it can be seen attractive men, and become the object of admiration at any party, but this does not happen, if a woman does not learn every day to bring their nails in order. If the nails are poorly cut, dirty, ragged layer or a varnish, it certainly struck by any other party.

So you should take care of the beauty of their nails so they were always perfect. Today, the most urgent is trendy manicure short nails (with photos), design 2016,which compares favorably with last year's trend, but still the girls can see interesting innovations of recent seasons, and choose for themselves the most stunning manicure.

The most stylish trends in the current year manicure

It is worth mentioning it to start the styleswho simply can not go out of fashion, a manicure on short nails - 2016 Design and photos are presented in a variety of fashion magazines. For example, such a style as pastel or transparent coating simply can not go out of fashion. It is necessary to talk more in detail about all relevant and interesting ideas to create casual and natural nail.

Pastel - this option is simple and universal,it is suitable for both long and short nails. No matter what kind of image of the girl will choose today as manicure in "Pastel" style certainly fits to any image. Yet, for such a manicure should look at the girls, who love to be more romantic things, and do not make too catchy. For such a manicure, it is desirable to use a simpler shape of the nail, it should be similar to the natural.

The design of short nails 2016: latest news

clear lacquer coating - a manicure onshort nails (with photos), 2016 Spring design is very relevant, as it does not disturb the natural woman. Often it is this kind of nail polish used by designers at shows in the spring. But if a girl decides to make it a manicure, it would have to work hard over the better does the state of their natural nails, to start doing hygiene procedures (creation of forms, filing, cleaning, removal of cuticles, the use of oil and the removal of burrs), only in this case manicure with transparent coating will look beautiful.

The design of short nails 2016: latest news

Using one varnish - Today a lot of girls still usethis method of decorating their nails. The coating may have a glossy or a matte texture, but all the nails to be painted in a single color lacquer. One of the most popular colors today are rich shades of red, burgundy, brown, plum or burgundy, that they should be used to create an evening manicure. Another option could be to use a French manicure type, because it simply can not ever go out of fashion, it is used and how everyday option, and as a wedding decoration nails, and as a holiday manicure.

Floral ornament

The trend today is precisely floral manicure,designed for short nails (with photos), design 2016 gel lacquer as a gel lacquer coating helps to maintain a longer time. Such paint allows to fix pattern on the claw. Can be used for decoration nail stencils or stickers, but today there are also special printers to create drawings on the nails, it is very convenient.

Actual types of French manicure 2016

The design of short nails 2016: latest newsThere is a fairly wide variety ofmanicure in this style, but it is extremely popular among young girls, so designers try to bring him a bit of originality. That is exactly what appeared various kinds of manicure in a jacket, if the most popular and is traditionally considered the edge of claw free coating of white paint, but today was invented many other options such manicure. It should be noted that to create a manicure on short nails (with photos), design 2016 (video) can be completely different, but still stylists have decided to offer the ladies a few tips that will make them more relevant manicure in the current year.

To begin with, it is not recommended to use whitecolor to create a manicure, it will be better to take a delicate pink hue that is very similar in color to the nail plate. If you decide to take the bright varnish, then it is advisable to paint the same color all the nails, as it is such a manicure will be alive in the summer season this year.

The design of short nails 2016: latest news

Today especially popular mixed manicure on short nails - Moon and French. In this case, the line of nails applied at the base of the nail plate, it will be a moon manicure, and the same shade of nail polish painted free edge of the claw. If the "smile" and the free edge is used gloss varnish, the nail itself should be covered with only a matte varnish is not flashy colors.

What is the length of the nail in fashion?

If she prefers EXTENSIONSnails, but this year it will be upset, because long nails is not a trend. But here are beautiful and well maintained, not too long nails perfectly fit into the next season. It can be used to build up not too long nails model, for example, manicure should not be longer than half a centimeter, but in this case it will look beautiful and true.

Make manicure on short nails (with photo anddesigned in 2016) is not so difficult, it is enough to use a little imagination in the home. For example, you can paint the nail plate in a delicate shade of pink (the color should be as similar to the natural color of the nail plate). And after that she will be able to decorate one of the beautiful marigold rhinestones small size, it is best to place them on the free edge of the claw. For decoration you can also use glitter or "shiny sand".

The design of short nails 2016: latest news

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manicure will look also interesting,made matt varnish pastel shades, in which one of the nails isolated bright and eye-catching shade of nail polish. You can select a ring finger a conventional foil. If, however, be something more grand, you should use the option lacy manicure, but do not get involved in unnecessary brightness and contrast, is to make the appearance of your nails is not very attractive.

What form of nails will be relevant?

The design of short nails 2016: latest newsIf you want to find the right formcreate a manicure on short nails (with photos and design in 2016), should heed the advice of professionals. Square and unnatural form of nails are not relevant in this season, not to mention the cat or almond-shaped. If she prefers square notey, it's worth a little rounded at the tips of the nails, so that they can look a little more natural.

But it is not recommended to trust only the opiniondesigners, as she is obliged to ensure that, as far as it will correspond to the selected manicure pick up the image. To get a perfect manicure with shellac on short nails (with photos and design in 2016), it is necessary to evaluate all his natural gifts, and only then use the selected manicure. For example, if a girl round the nail plate, but it has a very small size, it is not recommended to use long nails, it is best to leave about 1 mm and undermine nails under the terms of using the nail file. Then you can begin the manicure.

The design of short nails 2016: latest news

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For owners of the nails with a wide platebetter not to file down the nails too short, and to make them longer. Sami nails do a little bit rounded or square, and then covered with a bright varnish. It is possible to file the nails on the sides to make the plate a little longer, but if you prefer it rounded nails, it is best to let the master do his job more professionally than you do at home.

Trendy wedding manicure

To create a wedding manicure on shortnails (with photos and design in 2016), a dark shade of nail polish can hardly be called a good choice only if it is not complemented by other colors and matching accessories.

Of course, it is worth remembering the girls again abouta beautiful French manicure, which simply can not get out of the trend, especially in the wedding celebration. This type of manicure is light, tenderness and purity. It is preferable to use natural colors to create it, but you can make more interesting experiments with the use of volume figures, in this case, will have to turn to a professional master.

The design of short nails 2016: latest news

Also, in this manicure Spring-Summer appropriate to use the ring decorationclaw using sequins, rhinestones or lace, they can be beige or pink. Sequins selected white or silver-colored, well, rhinestones, of course, clear.

You can pay attention to the very themewedding, for example, if in the banquet hall there is a lot of purple or bright pink, the bride can use a nail shade to create your manicure. But it will be appropriate only if the girl does not have long nails.

This article was reviewed by the setmanicure options, which will be relevant in the current year, but still worth it to start to pay attention to their own tastes, and only then seek the help of the fashionable areas.