Beautiful manicure on short nails at home

Beautiful manicure on short nails at homeDo you prefer diversity and strive to bemost original in almost everything? In this case, be sure to pay attention to how to execute your manicure, if you have short nails do not worry about it. After all, there are many different versions of the most stylish manicure on short nails, and we invite you to verify this.

To make your nails short the most beautiful does not have to be a true professional.

For short nails should be just rightcare that includes strengthening and nutrition of the nail plate. You also need all the time to adjust the length of the nails, and look not to spoil their shape. Before you learn how to do a manicure on such nails, let's look at the topic proper care of the nail plate.

Beautiful manicure on short nails at homeThe cuticle plays a very important role when itproper elimination you can visually lengthen your nail plate. Nail file and a special pad for polishing the nail plate will make them perfectly smooth and shiny. To file your nails nail file, it is desirable with a special coating, which will make the shape of your nails is just perfect. The final touch in creating a manicure - it is applying to the surface of transparent nail fortifier.

Certain tips for girls on the formNails can not be given. In this case, it depends on the fingers, rather their shapes and lengths. it is desirable to choose a square shape for long and thin fingers, but a little puffy and thick fingers of this form is not suitable.

To As for the choice of a suitable colorrange to create a stylish and beautiful nail polish on short nails, a dark or bright coating will give the impression of an elongated nail plate. If the nail plate itself is wide enough, in this case it is better to stop the choice on the other tactics. Make the nails on their drawings, assembled from a variety of fine lines.

French manicure for short nails

If you prefer a variety of styles andcostumes, French manicure is so versatile, it is suitable for almost everything. In addition, it is perfect for those ladies who frequent social events. To perform a manicure is not necessary to visit a beauty salon, it is quite possible to cope on their own - do yourself a jacket at home without assistance.

Beautiful manicure on short nails at home

Some professionals claim that you can not make a perfect line of white color without a manicure. But as you know, nothing is possible.

It is a thin strip of white color is thethe main feature of this nail polish in the form of a rounded oval, which is located on the edge of the nail plate. Many girls do yourself a French manicure is not only a white stripe, but also with a color (red, blue, gold, purple).

You can also choose the color thatmost of all you like, and make yourself a French manicure right at home. To facilitate the implementation of this nail polish in stores you can buy special nail polishes and thin stickers to have turned over a neat manicure.

Beautiful manicure on short nails at homeYou can afford to do a permanent Frenchmanicure, to do this, you need to use a special acrylic materials. In form it is necessary to impose a jacket, and then the rest of the space you need to fill in a transparent mass. This weight should cover white striped French manicure. On the nails short length French manicure can be done using special tips, which you need to stick with special glue. This type of manicure is most suitable for those girls who do not have time to do their own nails.

If a French manicure looks very boring to you, it can add some fun, if you decorate her nails original moldings.

The most common manicure - a carefully groomednails are coated with a transparent varnish. Perform a manicure is not difficult. To create it you only need to closely monitor the overall state of the cuticle and the right time to cultivate. In addition you should always keep an eye on the length of your nails regularly podpilivaya nail edge.

Beautiful manicure on short nails at home

Another option of the simple manicureIt is to create a manicure with nail monochromatic. First beautifully file off your nails and give them the correct form, then you can begin to spray lacquer are solid. You can use the most interesting and daring color nail polish, as this season will be very fashionable red, red, plum and turquoise nail polish color.

Summing up what has been said in this article can beconfidence that even the most beautiful and magical manicure can be done on your nails short length. In addition, you do not need special financial expenses. All you need - it's your imagination, a great desire, a little bit of effort, patience, and you certainly will succeed!