Aquarium Nail design: how to make such a manicure?

Aquarium Nail design: how to make such a manicure?Aquarium design manicure - this is one of the mostthe best and original versions nail decor, in which the beauty of the manicure is presented as if through a glass aquarium. The main mass of the decor located on the front surface of the nails, not weighing the surface of the nail plate.

The main feature of the aquarium manicureIt is that such a manicure, you can create only artificial nails. For drawing a picture or drawing can be used any technique: glass-premixes, acrylic finish, foil, rhinestones, yarn, glitter, piercing and even dried flowers. Despite the complexity of the implementation of such a nail design has many advantages.

Aquarium Nail design: how to make such a manicure?

The main feature of this decor isthat all decoration fairly tightly secured inside each nail. It can be removed from the surface of the nail plate, so you can deal with any household chores and at the same time is not afraid to ruin your manicure.

- Convenience - at aquarium design nail surface remains smooth without causing you any convenience in everyday life.

- Three-dimensional - you can create a "live" three-dimensional images using certain techniques aquarium design.

Aquarium Nail design: how to make such a manicure?

- Variety - such an original decor allows you to apply different techniques manicure and as a result to create the most unique masterpieces.

- Persistence - the image and the surface of the nail does notIt varies over a fairly long period, more than one week. At the same your nails can be painted any color varnish, then remove it with acetone, and the figure on the nails does not hurt. It is impossible to damage the decoration fragment or damage the attached drawing. With this design, you no longer need to paint nails with varnish every week.

Technology for creating aquarium design in manicure

Creating such a master of nail design must have certain skills, as well as the presence ofAquarium Nail design: how to make such a manicure? professional materials for the work, it istherefore, such a procedure is preferably carried out in a special cabin by a professional manicurist. Directly in the home you have something only remotely resembling such a design. Undoubtedly, the aquarium design is not cheap, but considering all the advantages of such a manicure, which has a decor, fully justifies its high cost.

Aquarium nail design can be carried out both onshort and long on the nail plates. To achieve the most amazing results - is to increase his nails. In the accrued nails can be applied easily. In this case, it is very important to understand the longer your nails, the more there is space for decoration aquarium design. Most experts recommend doing a nail design on long nails, as all abstract drawing will be more clearly defined.

Painting on the nails should be chosen so thatthey could comply with the overall style. The pale figure on the nails will not have the desired effect, and quite the opposite picture is too bright you get bored quickly. But, then, the same time you have to remember that if you want you can paint another picture varnish.

Aquarium Nail design: how to make such a manicure?

To create the most attractive aquariumDesign you can select different drawing styles. The simplest versions - from unusual patterns to conventional monochrome patterned lacquer. On artificial nails, you can use different decorative elements: gold and silver threads, colored beads, dried flowers, rhinestones, etc..

Aquarium Nail design: how to make such a manicure?Very unusual and elegant looksdrawing on the nails with an imitation of natural stone. Typically, these drawings are made using moonstone, amber, tiger eye or marble. And to complement the vivid paintings, you can use the piercing. Some artists even use the gems, others are applied to the surface of the nail plate known logos, flags of any State, or copies of different pictures. You can create a volume image by applying several layers of a certain pattern. The surface of the nail still be perfectly smooth, as aquarium design requires the application of the surface layer of gel nails or acrylic for the final fixing. Due to the large selection of such a nail design can be quite varied, in this case, welcome different ideas, the most important thing is to show their imagination and choose for a good master.

So, how does a manicure performed aquarium?

Manicurist preparing all the nails, it degreases the nail surface and handles them with a special adhesive and then apply a special layer of acrylic or gel.

On the surface of the base layer appliedspecial drawings, crystals, filaments, foil, glitter, acrylic powder, grains or pieces of dried flowers. Then drawing himself and laid on top of the top pieces are covered with a protective layer modeling tool that creates the illusion of a transparent glass surface. To create a multi-layer image master imposes on the nail surface several layers of special funds at the end of the nails are covered by a layer of acrylic or gel.