Technique newspaper printing on nails: ideas with photos

Technique newspaper printing on nails: ideas with photosTell us about the newspaper printing technique on nails. All the girls are trying to look after her appearance, regularly visit beauty salons, carried out various procedures to improve their appearance. In specialty stores, you can find a lot of special funds for the care of female appearance.

Sometimes you can spend a lot of money on something,it is quite possible to make their own. Of course, well, the women who abandon professional manicure or other cosmetic services. But when you do not have enough strength and free time to visit the beauty salon, manicure becomes actual creation at home.

What materials do not only use the wizardmanicure, make the most original types of manicure! Typical crystals, sparkles and special stickers for manicure is no surprise nowadays. But letters from newspaper clippings to create the most unusual manicure started using recently. Today we tell about how you can make yourself a manicure with the help of the newspaper.

The history of this manicure knowprobably almost everything about a French works, which worked beautician, wrote in the local newspaper, which is rarely read. This fact was left Frenchwoman, that's why one day she decided to do her manicure to clients by means of the newspapers, in which it published his latest article about his work. Thus, the beautician has become popular not only in the newspaper, but also in life.

Accept the fact that a manicureusing paper looks very attractive and unusual, moreover, that each of your nails will be done to a different pattern, since the pieces of text in newspapers is never repeated. Of course, you can take a few copies of a newspaper and using nozhnichek cut are the same pieces with the same letters. But the easiest way to use only one newspaper. Yes, and choose to create such a manicure from what will, because of small headings and different fonts in each print edition, you will find a great deal.

Technique newspaper printing on nails: ideas with photosTime out to create a manicure atnewspapers, it will take not much. The most important thing in this case - wait for the paper to dry completely cut, after which it must be secured by any clearcoat. Details will tell you how to do a manicure with the help of the newspaper.

Today, there are several techniques perform a new type of manicure. In any case to create it, you will need a white and transparent varnish, a piece of paper, nail file and acetone.

The first way to create nail art using newspaper printing on nails

Before you make yourself a manicure, withthe surface of his nails, remove the old paint and using a nail file to give them the desired shape. This manicure will look equally good on the nails of various shapes. When your nails are completely ready, you can begin to build such a manicure.

From any magazine or newspaper should be cut 10pieces of paper with the letters. Each section of the paper should be large enough that it could cover the entire nail plate, so that in the end you can easily remove it with a fingernail.

Now you can start to work with theirnails. One cover any nail varnish colorless, it is not necessary to wait until it is completely dry. In the segment of the newspaper or magazine you need to drop a small amount of nail polish remover. A piece of paper attach to your nail and press down with your fingers.

Try not to move the paper to paint on itnot smeared. You just need to pin down the paper well to the nail plate, and wait for some time until it dries. On it you can take from 20 seconds to 1 minute, it all depends on the thickness of the paper. A piece of paper with his clear nail. If left on the nail a bit of paper, do not worry about this, cover the nails with varnish and wait for a while until it dries. Now you can proceed to other nails.

The second way to create a manicure with the help of newspaper

News manicure you can do yourself in other ways. In this case it is necessary to use Technique newspaper printing on nails: ideas with photosmatt lacquer white, cream, beige or pale gray color, transparent lacquer, the newspaper segment and alcohol. You can also use other alcohol-based tools, such as men's cologne.

On the need to previously prepared nailsapply a layer of basecoat and let it dry. It will be just fine if you wait twenty-four hours, in which case the alcohol will not damage the surface of the applied varnish. Most importantly, a layer of lacquer on the nails dry.

From any newspaper should be cut to 10 piecestext, which in the future you will be using for the manicure. Put a small amount of alcohol on the surface of a segment of the newspaper and gently apply it to the nail or you can dip your nails in alcohol for a few seconds. While all of the alcohol is completely dry, apply a piece of paper about 20 seconds. Push the paper with your fingers, but do not move to the paint does not spread. After that, remove the paper from the nail. Wait until the paint is completely dry, then you need to apply any clearcoat. Your newspaper manicure is ready.

Now you have the opportunity to surprise their close friends the most unusual manicure. After all, in fact, make such a manicure is very easy!