Manicure on short nails

To the question "What more beautiful nails?"Most women will say," Of course, long! ". And with bitterness sigh, because luxury, long nails require a lot of time and money. And we have to "settle for" short nogotochkami, not realizing that manicure on them is able to look no worse than a long. Today we reveal the secrets of the perfect execution manicure on short nails.

Ease short nails

"After all, you can just build up and forget about allproblems "- you say and will in part right. Graft nails look beautiful, rich, sometimes a little bit vulgar, but it's a matter of taste. Unfortunately, this type they retain just a few weeks. And pretty soon they again look pathetic and require a hike to a specialist at correcting. What can we say about the harm to the nail plate.

But ordinary nails, in fact the natural length,able to look not only accurately, but also charmingly. And the ladies who seek for the ideal of feminine beauty, it should be remembered that the men still attracts the simplicity and naturalness in all. And in what way we do this - it is "behind the scenes".

Short nails not only take less timefor care, they are very practical in everyday life. And along with the modern pace of life is very important! After all, today a woman - not only the keeper of the hearth, she is also successful on the job, drives a car, and all of these aspects of life require versatility.

There is only one important rule: if you have short nails, they should always be in order. Manicure on them will not require a large investment effort, but it should be mandatory. MirSovetov offers to get acquainted with the basic rules of care for short nails.

Secrets on for short nail care

Many of the rules may seem quite unsophisticated, and so it is. The most important thing to observe them, and then you do not have to shamefully hide their fingers.

  1. Decide on the shape of the nail plate. Very fashionable nails are square, but if your fingers are not long enough and thin, it is best to choose a classic oval shape. When doing a manicure, make sure that each nogotochek was the same shape - is very important.
  2. The absence of cuticle on nails always looked neat and aesthetically pleasing. But remember, all too often it can not be removed, do it once every 2 weeks.
  3. Decide on the length of the nail. Ideally, if the plate is slightly cover the pad of your finger. Always make sure that the nails were the same length.
  4. Keep an eye on the external view of nails. Today, it is believed that one broken nail - is not a reason for cutting the rest, but still worth a look, if it spoils the overall picture? If yes, then it is best to bring all the nails in the same form.

Covering short nails

Misconception that the only option cover short nail - nail svetlenky. With proper care and a beautiful appearance, it is possible to do with them all the same as long, that is:

  • cover one color with different shades from light to dark;
  • cover with different colors;
  • to apply the so-called French manicure;
  • make drawings.

However, short-covering nail requires adherence to certain rules:

  • French manicure is considered to be an ideal option for short nails, and for a reception, as well as for everyday life;
  • if you want to cover your nails in different paints, it is important to focus on two, a maximum of three colors, otherwise nails may look ridiculous;
  • it happens that the nail plate is too wide andIt does not look very nice. This can be corrected with the help of visual polish or drawing: figure should be vertical, and the varnish may be applied over a thin strip, without affecting the width of the edge;
  • any horizontal pattern emphasize that short nails, it is better not to apply at all;
  • best if the pattern on the nail will hold any part if the entire nail to take a picture, it can visually spoil its appearance;
  • if your goal - to narrow the short nail, put on his image as a "track";
  • it is better not to get involved in any bulky drawings and decorations on short nails they will look ridiculous;
  • If your nails oval, the most advantageousdrawing will be flowers, hearts and all the romantic stuff and polish all bright colors. Square nails "like" dark colors and various patterns graphically.

How quickly do a manicure

In principle, short fingernails mean that time spent on a manicure, will be minimal. But the main thing - do it right and step by step, then the nails will look well-groomed and neat.

  1. The first thing you need to give your nails the desired shape using a nail file. Remember that the experts do not recommend to use metal nail files for this.
  2. Dip your hands in warm vodichku to properly soften cuticles.
  3. Carefully and gently remove the cuticle. To do this, use manicure tools: tweezers, scissors, orange stick.
  4. Once the nails are dry, apply a base for paint. So you'll be sure that the color coating will last them a long time, and the nail plate itself will be protected.
  5. When the base is dry, proceed with the application of varnish. This should be done a few strokes, the center and the edges.
  6. If you did not cover your nails a basis, then you need to complete a fixer, so the coating will last longer, and the nail will not lose its shape.

How to keep your nails healthy?

Short nails are also in need of a certaincare, though not in such careful how long. Perhaps your nails never grow longer than 0.5 cm, but you can always boast of their health and beauty.

  1. When nail varnish coating color, do not forgetthem to rest for at least 2 weeks a couple of times a year. At this time you can do a variety of therapeutic baths and masochki, use creams and nail in every way to help them recover.
  2. Nourishing Hand Cream nourishes not only the skin but also nails. Be sure to use it daily.
  3. Nail polish remover should not contain acetone, at varnishes also better not skimp: the more expensive it is, the better.
  4. Rubber gloves - universal remedy. They will protect your hands from exposure to household chemicals, keep their youth and, of course, will take care of that nail polish is not peeled prematurely and maintain the health of the nail plate.
  5. Warm gloves should be mandatorymeans the wardrobe as soon as the temperature drops below 10-15 degrees. Also, be sure they need to be worn in the rain, so you will protect her hands from the humidity drops.
  6. Say "No!" Too hot and too cold water, especially if it is seemingly an ordinary, at first sight, hand-washing. Use water at room temperature.
  7. Do you know why most pregnant nailsThey grow quickly and become strong? Because they get nutritious food (finally no diets!) And take extra vitamins. Thus, their diet is rich in vitamin D, calcium, zinc, acids omega-3 type.