Manicure on Feng Shui

Feng Shui has become firmly established in our lives, and even those whoHe says he does not believe in him, from time to time still puts the money in the right direction, and on the table holding a frog looking due east. Not spared this fashion trend and manicures.

Determination of the elements

Before you begin to manicure on Feng Shui, it is necessary to define its elements. It's very easy, the last digit of your year of birth and speaks to any element you belong.

That is, if you were born in 1985, then the digit 5, your element - Wood.

  • 0 - metal;
  • 1 - metal;
  • 2 - water;
  • 3 - water;
  • 4 - tree;
  • 5 - tree;
  • 6 - fire;
  • 7 - fire;
  • 8 - the earth;
  • 9 - land.

The second option is the definition of the elements is as follows: for women - to take the last two digits of the year of birth and taken away from them 4. A divided by 9, the remainder compared in the table. For males: it is necessary to subtract one hundred last two digits of the year of birth, the answer is divided into 9, look at the rest of the table.

  • 0 - fire;
  • 1 - water;
  • 2 - land;
  • 3 - wood;
  • 4 - tree;
  • 5 - the earth;
  • 6 - a metal;
  • 7 - metal;
  • 8 - the earth;
  • 9 - fire.

Advice on color

Learning inherent element of you from birth, are nowyou can begin to determine the color that suits you. So, those whose element of fire, it is recommended to paint the nails in red and all its variants, those who consider themselves to tree favorable colors - green, blue and black. In people with the element of water marigold can be dyed in any color, from black to light blue. Metals are characterized by variants of white, silver, yellow and brown. And women whose element of earth - it is recommended to do a manicure yellow, pink, beige and brown.

Each color is not just an ornament of womenhands, but also carries a meaning. For example, all the warm colors such as apricot, set up on the goodwill of others, they are a good influence on the emotional state. If you wish to be temporarily invisible to people, then paint your nails in gray and white color - they do not cause emotions.

A symbol of refinement, elegance and tendernessIt considered a turquoise color. But this is not its only feature. This color is still considered to be curative, it calms and strengthens the immune system, thus, is the prevention of many diseases.

If you need to concentrate on important matters,choose for manicure blue, and if the soul is drawn to peace, then yellow. Yellow, by the way, helps people recover more violations in the endocrine system. Separately, experts in Feng Shui is isolated gold color, because it gives strength to man, both physical and mental. But it's much more difficult with a brown color. healingandbodywork recommends applying only light shades that give its owner the tranquility and warmth. But dark shades are fraught with negative and generously transferred it to the man.

Owners of red manicure always fullenergy around them seething activity. However, an overabundance of this color can cause high blood pressure. A beneficial effect on the lymphatic system of the lemon color also it increases the blood flow, and in communication gives people easy and smooth out the rough edges. And those who are mired in depression, experts recommend to paint your nails in the orange color, it will improve the mood, so it is so fond of the optimists.

Pink - gentleness. It helps to calm the outbreaks of aggression. A blue speaks of moral purity, this color helps to tune in to a wave of creativity. They also say that it is able to relieve the pain.

Despite the fact that many purpleis discouraged, in the world of Feng Shui - is the main color. It creates harmony in the world, and the owners of manicure will help you find the right answer on a subconscious level.

How to paint your nails

Having defined the nail color, it was the turnlearn how to paint your nails like tells the teaching of Feng Shui. First of all, you need to delete the old varnish and treat the nail plate of lemon juice and brush to remove dirt. Now you need to shape your nails nail file.

If you have a rectangular-shaped nails, then youhow they can grow and leave short, they are equally good looking. You can not say about the round shape nails, these nails are not recommended to grow. Also not recommended to grow long nails for those who by nature broad hands. If the nails have a square shape, they simply cut exactly.

, You need to take care Before painting varnish onthe skin around the nails. To do this, at the base of the nail and cuticles need to rub special cream that softens the skin. If there is no in your purse, you can successfully replace it with lip balm. After the cream is absorbed, you need a wooden stick to push the cuticles. Do not forget about the skin of hands, it also needs a good nourishing cream, you can pamper yourself with a massage, and begin to spray lacquer.

Long nails paint easier. But the main thing that they were neatly manicured and rasped. The very painting procedure is as follows: first to the nail plate is applied to the foundation under the nail, it will make sure that the nails become smooth, so you can save on the varnish, and stay on the nails it will last longer than without the basics. Then brush dipped in paint, it wiped the excess on the edge of the bottle, and carefully painted nail. If the nails are short, it should be applied only to the liquid varnish. If you think that the nail thickens, you can dilute it a bit, dropping the solvent. Until the cuticle is better not dokrashivat short nail, because then it will be difficult to remove the excess. Luck must first be applied to the big toe, and then on the little finger, and then the other fingers. It is better to apply two layers at the same time it is worth remembering that the first coat of varnish dries for 20 minutes, and the second more than an hour. After that, the color will be bright and saturated.

If you do not use foundation under the nail, then you definitely need to apply after painting fixer. Wait until the paint dries and remove anything that will stain out of the nail plate.

Manicure Ideas on Feng Shui

Each finger at us is responsible for hisenergy. For example, a large, responsible for mental work, the index - gives strength and power, average - gives confidence in the future, but sometimes provokes quarrels, ring - gives vitality, pinky - increases the creative force. It is characteristic for the fingers of the right hand because she is the philosophy giving.

Focusing on specific fingers canprogram yourself for certain events. Most often paint the middle finger and ring in the appropriate feng shui color, and the rest you can decorate your nails under your outfit or mood. If you want to see all the nails were the same color, it is possible to allocate fingers in some patterns. For example, the hieroglyph which carries a strong meaning. They can attract into your life what it is you now need to: friendship, love, luck or wealth. You can just stick rhinestones or make a drawing. By the way, no wonder brides on manicure pattern can often be seen on the ring finger, so it programs itself on a long family happiness.

Thus, simply by making the right manicure, adhering to the rules of ancient philosophy, it is possible to change their own lives for the better.