Manicure at home

As you know, the age of the woman can be judged bythe skin of her arms and neck. Therefore, if you want to handle looked young and attractive, and without much money and time-consuming for them need to periodically look. The best part is that this can be done without problems in the home.
Each of us, ladies, of course, wants toalways be attractive and look decent. My mom always tells me, "No matter what happens in life, hands, head (face, hair style) and shoes of a woman should be okay!". Our pens are always in sight, almost as a person. Only the face from us for some reason and receives daily washing, and creams, scrub, tonic, mask, massage and even a beautician, but the arms somehow gets much less care. But your skin is aging much faster skin. Anyway, after 25 years in the female body gradually slows down the ability to regenerate. So start manicuring is necessary as soon as possible. It is then you will thank for youth and beauty
I am sure that each of you has ever doneManicure in a beauty salon. And so just as I will be able to easily identify several drawbacks. This is inconvenient and not always pick up time, and the inaccuracy of the wizard (as a result - cut fingers), and the money side of the issue. Since manicure, as we know, must be done once a week, the amount obtained considerable. And if you have a small child or working late, plus household chores, and other things, then carve out a couple of hours can be very problematic. Therefore I propose to learn how to make a decent and stylish manicure itself, if not permanently, then at least in between visits to the salon. It's free, and you can cope for half an hour. And yet do not forget that the health of our nails is completely dependent on a healthy diet, sufficient amount of vitamins in the body and regular care for your hands.

How to care for your hands

It is a system, not only in - Manicure todaynail care, but also for the skin of the hands, as well as therapeutic and restorative procedures. Our hands more than any other part of the body exposed to harmful environmental influences - ultraviolet, dirt, wind, cold, mechanical damage, etc. As you know, the age of the woman can be judged by the skin of her arms and neck. Therefore, if you want to handle looked young and attractive, and without much money and time costs, the need for them to look periodically. The best part is that this can be done without problems in the home.
So, let's see what we can do useful for their hands.
Permanent care involves washing, peeling,all sorts of masks for hands, simple exercises for the fingers and wrists, nutrition, hydration, and, of course, a manicure. At least once a week you can indulge your pen beneficial baths. For example, a bath with sea salt is very useful for nails (200 ml of water 1 tbsp. L. Salt), broth unsalted potato (drain the water from the potatoes into a bowl, cool and give up there and then rub nourishing cream). You can make a bath of warm water, olive (or vegetable) oil and lemon juice.
Tired handle rejoice warm bath withadding mint leaves. Tray from the leaves of linden and chamomile soothe and soften fine your skin. And still very useful to rinse your hands alternately in hot and cold water - like a douche. But frequently wash their hands with hot water healingandbodywork readers do not advise - it contributes to skin degreasing and appearance of cracks. But if it has already happened, it would be good hands spread nourishing cream. In the extreme case suitable sunflower oil or honey. They should be applied in small amounts, then rinse with warm water, honey, and oil residue just wet cloth.
Another is a popular word these days -peeling - involves chemical attack on the skin, resulting in roughness disappears, smoothed shramiki small, dark spots fade, the skin becomes soft and smooth. It is not cheap, with procedures to do 6-10. But professional peels may well be replaced by hook or by hand with a scrub once a week. In addition, if you are not at home scrub, then instead you can use ground coffee with a drop of liquid soap. Homemade scrub applied to the hands to massage and rinse thoroughly.
No wonder parents are taught from an early ageconstantly wash their hands with soap and water. After all, under the nails accumulate a huge amount of dirt and various bacteria. So be sure to must be cleaned separately and under the nail tip or a special scraper rounded nail files. But in any case, not scissors - their sharp tips may injure the skin under the nail, in addition to bring an infection. After that you should wash your hands. I think everyone knows that ordinary soap dries the skin, but now there is the benefit of other, more lenient means. After washing your hands, they should be wet with a soft towel. And do not go outside with wet or damp hands - so they are more prone to chapping.

The process of preparation to manicure

The process of manicure consists of several basic steps:

  • removing old paint residue;
  • filing;
  • cuticle removal;
  • food;
  • nail polish.

We need a set of tools:

  • scissors with rounded ends (or special tweezers cuticle);
  • nail file (to your taste);
  • a special stick to remove the cuticle.

In my opinion, manicure sets a lot of extra tools that are often not needed. Therefore, for high-quality manicure me is enough listed above.
I want to remind readers healingandbodywork, what should be done once a week for a well-groomed appearance hands manicure. But the paint to repaint - as many times as required.
To get started make sure to remove old nail polish with a cottonswab dipped in nail polish remover. Well, if this agent will not contain acetone, which destroys the nail. Luck is better to wash with a cotton swab in the direction from the base to the tip.
While dry nails, they need to give the desired shape- Rectangular, oval or a pointed. Do not forget that the classic is always in fashion nails oval suitable for any color varnish and by any event.

Manicure at home

  1. First of all you need to soften the hand orsteam. You can use a small bowl of warm water, dropping back a little bubble bath (liquid soap, lemon juice). This will be enough, that would be the skin around the nails become soft and pliable.
  2. Then gently move aside cuticle from the nailplates, then to remove it or scissors to cut a special wand. Many girls prefer the European manicure, as it moves away from a cuticle of the nail plate and is not removed.
  3. Now grease your hands with a cream, and do your nails and the skin around them - oil to slow the growth of the cuticle. We are waiting for a couple of minutes, so it is all absorbed - and that our nails are ready for varnishing.

Manicure at home
It is also useful on a daily basis to put on hand cream before bedtime and in the morning. Accordingly, nourishing, soothing and moisturizing - what needs skin.

Fashion trends in manicure

Now let's talk about fashion trends in nail polishthis season. First, we should always remember that clean, neat nails always better than long, but oblezshim paint, burrs or inaccurate cuticle.
So, this season is fashionable so-called "moonmanicure "- single-colored base and a contrast stripe at the tip and at the base of the nail. To the lines were clear, better to use a brush for nail art.
Manicure at home
The next trend of the season - all shades of gray, especially the so-called Greige (something between gray and brown), beige, as well as the color of "wet asphalt".
Guaranteed to draw attention to your manicure,If, following modern trends, all the nails of one hand color in different shades of one color (from light to more than the dark), the so-called "stretching". To this end, it is not necessary to buy 5 varnish, carefully selecting colors. Suffice it to only 2, which can be separately mixed in different proportions, and the first and last nails cover unmixed paints.
In addition to fashion all bright, bright colors, especially shades of orange - carrot, orange, peach.
Bright manicure
These colors can be combined at will, causing the strip to the edge of the nail - the brighter and more contrast, the better.
Berry and cocktail palette is always in fashion, well, trendy this season considered nails with varnish color metallic and gold. But rather, it is an extravagant version, more suited to the evening.
Of course, at home without goodtraining once beautiful nails do not make up, but in fact no wonder they say: "Patience and hard work - a little effort." By the way, the right to apply the varnish with three stripes. First, the widest, is applied in the middle of the nail, two more - at the edges. For saturated colors can cover the nail yet another layer of lacquer.

Three kinds of Manicure with their hands

The first option - the French manicure. It can do both the short nails, so long. It looks very elegant, so the French manicure is appropriate in any situation. Of course, like any manicure, french only applied on pretreated nails after removing the old varnish.
Thus, the need for a French manicure nail 2 colors: white and any natural shade.
Lucky for French manicure
First, a thin layer transparent basis. By the way, it is very convenient to have a base and hardener - means 2 to 1. We give it to dry. Then neatly on the edge of the nail strip paint with white paint - one layer, and then the second. Also give dry.
Carefully draw around the edge of the nail strip of white lacquered
Then cover the entire nail lacquer in natural color - the same two layers.
All nail cover the natural color varnish
Lacquer dries to put the fixer and the jacket is ready!
French manicure
The second-to-date version of today - berrycolors - deep red, pink, scarlet, crimson all shades. During warmer months, you'll look a winner with any of these shades. The main thing is that the varnish was delivered evenly and smoothly.
Manicure at home
And the third option - a bright manicure with contrasting stripes. French manicure is done similarly, except that instead of using white paint any bright color.

Finally I would like to say: do not forget that the life of every day presents us with surprises and do not know in what situation you find yourself tomorrow, but if your pen is always in order, and the chance to be the winner of a lot more! Good luck!