Making beautiful eyebrows

Making beautiful eyebrows

Eyebrows - the main focus on your face, so you need to watch them carefully. Nevyschipannye sloppy eyebrows ruin any makeup, and just the whole look.

What you need to know in the care of the eyebrows?

* Plucking

Eyebrows best to pull out after a shower, when the skin is steaming. So there will be less pain. Plucking hairs along their growth, it is desirable, one by one, capturing as close to the root.

Pliers plucking choose witty, with flat ends.

Shape eyebrows in size and contour must be in the right proportion with the shape of the lips. Thick eyebrows will look strange if you have thin lips.

Do not try to chase trends, plucking eyebrows in their natural contour.

Making beautiful eyebrows

* Combing

Every day combing his eyebrows. In order to keep their shape and were smooth, wettable brush in olive or castor oil. It will also strengthen the eyebrows.

* Massage

In order to strengthen eye health is recommendedto massage the eyebrows every morning. It consists of massage tweaks point pressure and vibrations, which are performed on the eyebrows, from the middle of the nose to the temples.

* Food

For daily care of the eyebrows will be enough to put on the eyebrows the night nourishing oils which improve hair quality and increase their growth.

Also can make a compress from plant oil: they soaked cotton swab on the eyebrows Hold for 10-15 minutes. The compress of almond oil will contribute to the growth of hairs.

How to choose a form?

* Square face - long, highly arched eyebrows raised up.
* Round face - raised up in the last third of the length and slightly rounded at the ends of the eyebrows.
* Oval face - arched, but not too rounded eyebrows.
* Treugolnoe person (narrowed down) - slightly elevated uniformly curved eyebrows. Direct eyebrows are not recommended.
* Narrow elongated face - direct remote from the nose eyebrows.
* Pear-shaped face - eyebrows lowered toward the bridge of his nose and raised to the temples.