Wedding make-up

All say that the bride is good, simply becausethey are the bride. And at this very bright day in the life of every girl gives her a unique charm, making it a special, bright and happy. All wedding accessories and attire for the bride selected a long time, with elegance and care. The dress, a veil or a hat can transform a woman beyond recognition, and a skilled, professional make-up world and presents guests with a real Swan Princess, delicate, mysterious, magnificent.

Wedding make-up

Clumsily cash on make-up in a hurry can spoil the holiday: the tears flowed, erased lipstick, smudged mascara and so on.

What is the difference of the bride makeup of the holiday makeup?

Wedding make-up

The main feature of a wedding make-up - Creationa unique image of pure and romantic bride of the protagonist at the upcoming celebration. Cleverly imposed on the face makeup should emphasize the nature and youth, freshness and beauty of a woman, her expressiveness. Makeup should be restrained and light at the same time bright, because on that day the bride will have a lot of posing for photos.

Makeup is chosen depending on the naturedress style and a pair of newlyweds. Also taken into account in this age of the bride and the time of the celebration. Full-time wedding, a bright sunny day assume a natural, natural make-up. Evening celebration and gloomy day - a bright, full-bodied, bold make-up.

The most important requirement for the wedding make-up -its durability and resistance. On this solemn day of the manifestation of emotions will be strong - tears, laughter, kisses, plus weather surprises and stuffy room. Makeup must endure everything.

Wedding - is the most important holiday in the life of a woman,that's why to make up as many claims. From the usual festive make-up, he is distinguished by its diligence, as appropriate, durability and professional performance.

Types of wedding makeup

The bride - a special romantic imagelife state. Makeup should match the integrity of the image and become part of it. In addition, the bride becomes the wife in this exciting day, so its image must be combined with the image of the groom.

Wedding make-up