The arrows in the eyes of a different color

The arrows in the eyes of a different color

If you draw an arrow in the color of the eyes, the eyes become more expressive and deep, but if you use the arrow keys to pearlescent shade, even luminous.

For example, if your eyes are gray or bluish-gray color, it will look just great boom dark gray color (make-up artists have called this color anthracite).
If eye makeup in shades of gray, you can make up the Inland century pencil in eye color (it should match exactly) - eyes shine, the color becomes brighter.

If you are the owner of the gray-green orhazel green eyes, your eyes will become velvety when you use eyeliner khaki (dirty-green color). If light brown eyes with yellow patches, that emphasize their eyeliner hazel or dark bronze.

If your eyes are hazel, I recommenduse eyeliner arrows brown hazel and dark chocolate (if nutty color - warm, then dark chocolate - the darker the color and the cold).

And if in your eyes lurks the greens, the boom will look impressively khaki or olive.
For a festive make-up is well suited golden and silver color eyeliner, white pearl (although you need to be careful with white, sometimes it does not fit, so to speak, on the individual features).
By the way, white or bluish pencil can be applied to the inner eyelid - it is optically increases, opens his eyes.

It looks nice when the eyelid natural color shadows and eyeliner (in some cases - and ink) match the tone of the garment or garment trim - you can feel the integrity of the image.