Subtleties ideal drawing arrows

Subtleties ideal drawing arrows

* Arrows need to draw, always keeping oncentury foundation in the form of shadows, choose the color depending on the image: from matte vanilla (which is almost imperceptible) to dark brown or silvery-gray or any other color.

* Create a mysterious and deep look, you can use carefully shaded line on the lower eyelid, holding a pencil under the eye color.

* Optically increase eye white arrows, light gray and flesh color, carried on the upper eyelid.

* Tip any of the arrow should be pointed playfully

* Use every cosmeticdiversion means. For example, the outer kayalom arrow is not necessary to draw - because of its softness, they immediately "float." A solid stick is not suitable for the inner surface of the eyelids; they can injure the delicate mucous membrane of the eye or cause allergies.

* Owners of small deep-seteyes better to opt for a clean bright colors - blue, green, purple. And a black, brown and dark gray - to forget! These colors only accentuate flaws.

* For large convex eye black line soft feather - the perfect solution. But on a clear outline and bright colors would be good to refuse.

* When you have finished the arrow on the upper eyelid, it is not necessaryforget the bottom to make look finished. You can either draw a line on it with a pencil the same shade or underline beige-brown, only the outer corner of the eye.
The designers and makeup artists "haute couture" offer a huge number of options are absolutely incredible shooter, but most of these options are suitable except for the podium outputs.

Although his idea, the highlight is still to be found - albeit not in such grotesque forms, and more simple: classic or pin-up style.