Styles Eye Makeup

Styles Eye Makeup

Most modern women do every daythis. Some even two or even more times. I'm talking about the make-up of eyes. Have you ever thought about what style you paint your & laquo; the mirror of the soul & raquo ;? But in fact there is an entire classification, which can help to decide what to choose for a particular case. And perhaps this classification will push you to the transformation or to help determine what you want.

Start, perhaps, it should be with an eye shape, their color,skin color, your personality and, of course, the case. But today is not about that. After all the styles listed below, you can try adapt you. Those types of eye make-up, which we describe, you can significantly change, so that they are right for you.

Make-up in style Natyurel

This design is usually characterized byusing neutral shades of shadows. It is important to create the illusion that you have almost no makeup. Therefore, choosing a shade, stop for a shade that is as close to your natural skin color. A liner, if you want to use, select the color of the shadow or two shades darker. Mascara should be chosen as the basis of the color of eyelashes. This makeup looks equally good at home, on a walk, at work.

Styles Eye Makeup

Now, go back a little bit. And give an example of adaptation in Naturel makeup style for different women. If you have light skin and hair, then use the beige shade and brown mascara. For the dark-haired beauties can try darker shade such as brown, black eyeliner and black mascara.

By the way, this style is very relevant in the upcoming fall season.

Bright (evening) Eye Makeup

This makeup is suitable for publication,special events or if you want to draw attention to your eyes. It is often used dark colors, usually use makeup techniques or & laquo; smoky eye & raquo ;, or shiny or bright shade. Sometimes even the appropriate make-up in the style of & laquo; fantasy & raquo ;.

Styles Eye Makeup