Oriental makeover

Arabic or Oriental makeup mostsuit owners of brown and green eyes, and the brown-haired and brunettes. Arabic makeup is perfect for festive evening, a romantic night together ... or evening on vacation somewhere in Egypt or Turkey.

Oriental makeover

In the Arab makeup emphasis oneyes. In the east, there is a tradition to sum internally eyelid antimony, completely black painting over the entire inner mucosa of the eye, creating a visual contrast with the white of the eye. It is hence the term & laquo; black eyes & raquo ;. The very same color of oriental women eye is different from tea-brown to almost black, and from light blue to a watery green.

1. Pick up the color east

Arabic make-up can be carried out by two technicians - matte or pearl shades.

Preference is still given to brilliant performance, because real Arab passion - it's rhinestones and sequins, they are used not only to make up, but in clothes and hairstyle.

To emphasize the natural eye color, proceed as follows:
If your eyes are the color of the tea-brown to almost black, you will approach the bright blue, dark blue, red (from the fire to fuchsia), brown, yellow, green color.
For eye color from light blue to green, watery spectacular shades: sand-beige, gray, lilac, purple, pink

Do not forget about the fact that these colors can be used either solo or in combination with each other, but always in combination with black.

2. evens the complexion

Without this procedure does not do any make-up. I'm sure you already know what and how, therefore, stop at this point, I will not.

As for blush, in Arabic make-up are not generally used bright colors, so better to choose a blush color tan.

3. Adjust the eyebrows

Along with vivid and graphic quality eye make-up, carefully drawn eyebrows thin or not, but there is always the line of eyebrows and plastic is very clear, because it affects the the effect of the eyes themselves.
The line of the eyebrows can be slightly lengthened - as the temples and to the nose.

4. Drawing Arab eyes, the shadows in the Eastern

With the help of a broad brush to apply shadows densely shadows on all upper eyelid (up to the eyebrows!) And under the lower lash line.

Shadows are applied depending on the make-up, but usually it is - a combination of colors which gives the luxury makeup.

5. Summing eyes

Upper and lower eyelid at the lash line thick circle of black liquid eyeliner, giving eyes almond-shaped.
Then the dark shadows circle my eyes again.

In Arabic eye makeup can not do withoutexperiments with arrows. They may be a natural continuation of the line of the eye or strongly appears and create a new, separate from the eye a smooth line. Moreover, not only along the upper edge of the ciliary but also lower.

The final touch - mascara. The upper eyelashes paint thickly, in several layers, the lower lashes one layer of paint.

6. lipstick Oriental

Emphasis Arab makeup - eye, so the lips, use a soft, gentle tone. Perfect color, a little brighter than your natural lip color - glossy or matte finish.

And now about the rest of the image of oriental beauty

The magic of eastern beauties - is not only expressive dark eyes.
Everything else is thoroughly well maintained - long thick hair, impeccable manicure, hand decorated with patterns of henna, and even lip necessarily dyed.
Required - sweet and sometimes sickly heady perfume. All this is an attractive way oriental beauty, with a unique charm and national color.

Oriental makeover

Oriental makeover