Natural Makeover

What is the natural makeup?

There are different fashion trends and stylesmake-up, but along with them there will always be natural, classic. It applies to both natural natural hair color and natural makeup. This type of make-up can be replaced by any other type of make-up - from the business up to the wedding. But mostly it is used in the filming of advertising of cosmetic products for skin care, for going out of town for a picnic trips, sports. Also, natural makeup is gaining popularity among young mothers and youth.

Natural Makeover

Most women believe that a natural make-up - it's make-up in bright colors (. According to personal social survey), but few people know that there are rules for the application of the makeup.

The tone is chosen to maximize natural skin tone, worked flaws (spots, pimples, dark circles under the eyes) correctors and masking agents.

Glare or lightening is made with white shadesno pearl or white powder, you can create with the help lighten lightening corrector. (Creating the effect of a light spot, we visually closer deepening wrinkles, texture align persons); circuit (visually alienate convexity) is carried out using serokorichnevyh bronzata or shadows (dark golden brown powder). We model the shape of the face, cheeks, nose shape. With natural makeup technique of "light and shadow" will help create a perfectly - smooth smooth skin with a "backlight".

Blush should be close to the natural color blush, put on cheekbones (natural blush zone).

Powder is applied by brush or wet sponge method "getting."

Eyebrows should be the most natural. Gently draws the kink and tail serokorichnevym pencil or shadow special brush.

Draws the eye contour along the lash line on the upper eyelid, the lower 1/3 of the outer corner of the eye serokorichnevym or black pencil, carefully blending it.

Shadows essentially no pearl. Blonde on mobile eyelid to the inner corner of the eye under the brow - white, from the folds of the century and up to the expansion of the outer corner of the eye - serokorichnevye.

If after the application of eye shadows circuit noticeable gloss over it over shadows serokorichnevymi dry brush or powder shadows.

Eyelash paint the almost dry brush (carefully wipe it on a napkin), black or brown mascara carefully separating them dry brush.

Initial draws the contour of the lipspencil, approximate in color to the natural color of the lips, carefully rastushivaem cotton swab. The colors of lipstick as close as possible to the color of the lips. Stained lips brush and blotted with a napkin.

At the end carefully checked invisibility tools makeup on her face.