Mascara thickens: what will be diluted

Mascara thickens: what will be dilutedIf a tube of your favorite mascara quickly dried up, do notupset and then spend the finances to buy a new copy. This article will reveal the basic tricks that work than at home, you can dilute the ink, if it thickens.

Some of the techniques presented in this material,make ink suitable for use in the make-up even for a long time. Here, of course, you need to choose what is more suitable for a particular product, by trial and error. Before lead speech about it to dilute mascara, if it thickens, briefly analyze the question of why it happened at all.

Why mascara has dried up?

There are various reasons why this couldoccur. Most often, the mascara dries due to improper use. That is, women are often improperly stored vehicle - left in the sun, not completely spin. All this leads to the fact that moisture evaporates quickly. Fashionable types of makeup this year.

Also, look carefully, not expired Doproduct shelf life. Often, shortly before that time ink is dry. If this occurs with age, so it is best cosmetic is not trying to bring back to life.

Experts note that the ink may dry upbecause of poor neck. In particular, if the tube is too narrow for the brush, then touch it takes less time to dry out. At this point, you can still pay attention when buying a particular product. About rules applying foundation on face.

The dilute mascara, if it thickens: reviews and recommendations

Just add water

This method of recovery is a carcassby effective, but not disposable. Before make-up you need to type in a glass of water and dip to 30 seconds vial. Then dial the right amount of money. This carcass recovery method must be repeated each time before you apply makeup.

Mascara thickens: what will be diluted

Important! In no case do not boil ink or do not place it in boiling water, because it will lead to deformation of the vessel and the final damage of cosmetic products.

Eye drops

This method is safe and can be more accuratelyconfident that the tool does not hurt the eyes. Although some advise to test the product first, and then apply it directly to the eyelashes. It is necessary to buy the drops that artificially moistened eyes and a few drops of funds to enter directly into the tube. Mascara leave at night and in the morning to enjoy it, as if she had not withered.

Strong tea

At various discussion forums can oftenfound this advice than dilute mascara, if it thickens. You will need to prepare a strong black tea, add sugar to it and stir it all well. The tea to dip a brush, dry it, and in the very mascara to add a few drops of tea. The bottle is now shut, and let stand for several hours to remedy had its effect. If you add a sufficient amount of tea, then this method will definitely a positive result.

Mascara thickens: what will be diluted


An excellent tool that quickly dissolvedried tesh considered non alcoholic perfume or eau de toilette. You just inside the bottle with mascara pshiknut little spirits. Composition on the lashes and then apply carefully, so that it is not exactly hit the eye mucosa.

Castor, burdock

Such oils are effective means forbreeding mascara, and even they will take care of themselves cilia, to strengthen them. You will need to pour a little oil into a bottle of ink, close it and put it for a while. Prior to applying mascara on the eyelashes brush pre-washed in warm running water.

Makeup remover

If the tool is able to dissolve makeup,hence, it is a beneficial affect us and to dilute the ink. Allergic reactions are excluded, when you use the usual means. You just need to fluff the neck with a thin layer means, and then turn the brush and try to remedy a thin layer fell into the tube. Read about how to use make-up visually enlarge the eyes.

Mascara thickens: what will be diluted

What in any case should not be diluted ink, if it dried up:

  1. Saliva is often used by women when you hover the beauty and wonder. Because it contains a lot of bacteria and germs that may get into your eyes, cause infection.
  2. Hydrogen peroxide should not be used in any case, so as not to damage the eyes, and not to remain without eyelashes.
  3. Vegetable, including olive oil. The oil never dries up, and exactly the same action will have mascara, if diluted with oil. She soon will flow and ruin all efforts to restore beauty.
  4. Medications that contain alcohol. They diluted ink well, but it is extremely dangerous to the eyes and eyelashes.

These are the basic tips and recommendations thathelp in a situation where looks option than dilute mascara, if it thickens. We hope that some of these methods necessarily right for you.