Make-up at the overhanging centuries: how to make

Make-up at the overhanging centuries: how to makeYou think how to do make-up with eyelids drooping? Every woman - a real decoration of our world. Each of us is beautiful in its own way, unique, special, and always try to emphasize and highlight its natural beauty. Specially for this, there are many different ways that are so loved by many women - of course, it's make-up. But there may occur a small but very significant detail: the make-up should be done to indicate the most unique features of a woman's face, making them more attractive.

Make-up at the overhanging centuries: how to makeWoman's face - this is the main indicatorinternal relationship of its owner to itself, which is simply impossible to hide. If the make-up heavy, which completely changes the characteristics of a woman's face, because this woman may be unhappy with their appearance and tries to hide the lack of make-up.

Many women in adulthood canface the problem of drooping eyelids. But there are cases in which young girls are facing this problem. Even the most cheerful, happy and beloved young girl with a "heavy" eyelids will look very tired, preoccupied and sad. To fully fix this flaw will only surgery, but it is not always necessary to make such a drastic decision, since such a minor flaw, you can adjust. So when overhanging eyelids makeup can disguise your poser.

Make-up at the overhanging eyelids: drawing

That eyes are the most expressive partface. That is why when applying make-up, they need to be sure to pay special attention. Most women face the problem of "heavy eyelids". But all this, do not cease to be a big problem if you can pick the right makeup for eyes with overhanging eyelids.

Eyebrows with drooping eyelids

To allow you to visually "facilitate" their eyelidsyou need to give your eyebrows the right shape. Your eyebrows should be a natural extension of age and be a painting, so do not make them stand out and too bright. Eyebrows should be visible on the face, but not too intrusive - just they can be a little touch up pencil.

Most importantly, when you do make-up atdrooping eyelids, to create the right shape their eyebrows. The narrow part of the eyebrows and the tip should be slightly raised, slightly directed upwards, creating a soaring arc. So you will be able to raise a little and visually lighten their eyelids.

Make-up at the overhanging centuries: how to make

Make-up: the shadows

Since the impending need to visually make the eyelidless, then it is better to use a shade darker shade. It is not advisable to use light shades of shadows across the surface of the century, as they will increase the eyelids, further emphasizing their severity, at the same time as the shadows are darker shades conceal his heavy eyelids, sees reducing them.

But this does not mean that the dark and light colorsShadows can not be combined. At outline eyelashes and eyelid moving is necessary to put a dark shadow. Bright shades of shadows can be little cause for ever from the eyelashes and eyebrows up. So you can create the desired effect, which will make your eyelids visually smaller.

Required makeup with drooping eyelidsDraw a neat crease, which is located between the stationary and mobile age. To do this, use the shade of shadow on one tone lower than the color of your skin. It must be carefully shaded from the outside corner of the eye and on the crease century. Taking into account all the features of all shapes your eyelids caused shadows will quickly roll, which is why it is desirable to use an ad hoc basis for the shadows, so you can save much longer appearance applying makeup.

Makeup artists recommend using matte shadowsshades, but in any case not brilliant. Shadows brilliantly emphasize facial wrinkles, will create glare and flicker, which is not desirable if you want to visually hide the severe form of his age, and a large number of shades will make your makeup is very vulgar.

Eyelashes with drooping eyelids

The main emphasis in the application of make-up, which creates expressive eyes and eyeMake-up at the overhanging centuries: how to make the attention of others, it is, of course, the eyelashes. First of all, you need to make a neat eyeliner along the line of growth of your eyelashes, a little shade it from the outer corners of your eyes, after which the eyelashes can be applied to the carcass, which creates a larger volume. It is not advisable to use a liquid eyeliner - as the line that has been created it can bleed all over the century, and as a result will ruin your makeup with drooping eyelids.

To create an evening make-up, you can make your eyeliner lower lid and just a little touch up your mascara to lower lashes themselves corners.

If the girl's eyes shine, the irregular shapeCentury completely loses its meaning. Makeup for drooping eyelids - a way that helps change the shape of the eye and will be beneficial to emphasize the girl's ability to create something beautiful in any situation in life. But the real beauty can only create its internal state, that is a good mood, which in which it can be the main focus of attention, a woman with a natural shine beautiful eyes.

Helpful tips in creating makeup for the heavy eyelids

Make-up at the overhanging centuries: how to makeLower eyelids do not need to be applied to the shadowsdark colors or special pencil. When you pick out eyelids, gently pry the bottom corner. You certainly will not regret it, if you decide to focus on their eyelashes.

During the application of dark shadows on the folds of age youWe should remember that they need to be carefully shade. Most often, when you do make-up with eyelids drooping, only need to use matte shades of shadows.

You should always remember that your primarygoal is to visually lift the upper eyelids of eyes, open them and how to push. If you are also concerned about the problem of heavy eyelids, you should know that the make-up should start with the eyebrows correction. It is necessary that the top edge is raised up.

Your eyebrows should be a little bit surprised,Try to avoid excessive thickness, making them more graceful and gentle. If eyebrows are properly adjusted, they can visually open your eyes. Carefully selected shape of the eyebrows in some cases may have a rejuvenating effect.

Makeup should be applied to your eyes onlywhen they are in the clear. Since Blink applied makeup will look more even and smooth transition will seem the most perfect.

If you decide to make up your eyes closedthe form, the beauty of all created you so carefully created, will close drooping eyelids. Performing heavy makeup for eyelids is a very common mistake. Once you have managed to create the perfect makeup on their eyes open, you can close them and gently draw the eyelids inside out.

You have brown eyes? Then these tips will help to make Makeup on every day for brown eyes correctly.

Just do not underestimate the need forcurling their eyelashes, since this method can favorably mask eyelids. But with the help of false eyelashes, you will not be able to achieve this result, as they will close almost all applying makeup with drooping eyelids. And the more volume will be your eyelashes, the better, so it is advisable to use for makeup special effect ink volume that will visually make your lashes more volume and will hide this problem as drooping eyelids.