Make a Chanel show - look around

& Laquo; wide eyes framed by thick lashes dyed - make-up in the spirit of the 1960's are still in fashion & raquo ;, - said Andrei Shilka, a leading makeup artist Chanel in Russia.

Make a Chanel show - look around


& Laquo; Pro Lumière tone apply with your fingers. Warmed by the warm hands, he goes smoother. Start with the center of the forehead, head to the cheeks, the chin, the remnants of funds put on the nose and eyelids. Corrector Eclat Lumière work through the shaded areas of the face: nose wings, the area above the lip, chin hollow. Do not rub the skin, to drive corrector fingertips. Then, using a large brush Pinceau Poudre Plat 3, fix makeup transparent loose powder Poudre Cristalline. Now my favorite trick: purple powder Poudre Douce, 40 Lilas put on the center of the forehead, the back of the nose, the upper part of the cheeks, the chin and the tip of the lips. The person will be three-dimensional, and the skin radiant & raquo ;.


& Laquo; Application of pearls and black and whitesequins on the lower eyelid - a unique embroidery House Lesage. To create each part took 45 minutes of manual labor! To simulate this technique in everyday make-up is not possible. The very same age makeup simple. Finger type white shadow Ombre Essentielle, 70 and make a highlight in the middle of the century. Move the eyes black eyeliner powdery La Ligne de Chanel, 10. Blend line applicator. White pencil Le Crayon Khol, 65 Draw the inner eyelid. The eyes will look bigger. For eyelashes - Mascara Exceptionnel de Chanel. Now the eyebrows. For them, we have a set of Le Sourcil de Chanel - with three shades (see above.). Pre-product can be sprayed on the spray Beauté Initiale. Then the effect obtained from nature. Beige highlight eyebrows middle, where they do not have enough volume. Brown put at the beginning and at the tips. Blend with a brush. Dark gray line will make them brighter & raquo ;.

Lips and cheeks

& Laquo; Blush should be combined with the color of the lips. I recommend beige lipstick Rouge Allure, 69 Mythic and pinkish blush Joues Contraste, 58 Fresque. Behind the scenes of the show, I shaded them with cotton discs: eight from the center of the cheeks to the temples. I get a natural glow & raquo ;.

Make a Chanel show - look around