makeup Secrets

makeup Secrets

How to apply foundation makeup?

Base makeup (also known as a base under make-up,tone correctors) were just a decade ago. Visagistes advised to use them when needed more effective masking of any defects of the skin, and may not provide the usual tone means.

After cleansing the face, apply a suitable cream(Best moisturizer, but if the skin is very dry, it is bold). Blot with a paper towel cream. According to the thin layer of cream concealer evenly distributed and lasts longer. Now you can apply the foundation.

This should be done in very small portions. It is best to put a little foundation on the back of the hand and take him out with your fingertips, spreading over the face (except compact funds, which are not applied with your fingers and a sponge).

For high-quality results more efficiently apply several thin coats than one thick.

After applying foundation with your fingertips over hercarefully spread on the face with a sponge. The sponge is gently pressed against the skin, making light rotational movement. Especially triturated transitions to the neck and the base of the hair.

Having a healthy beautiful skin, you can not tonedthe whole face, but the area of ​​the eyes is better slightly tint. Professional makeup artists brush cover the area around the eye that allows you to more finely distribute the cream on the eyelids. Brush is captured at one time a very small portion and ground strokes in the direction of the center of the face towards the temples.

Eye cream layer should be wet, so henot scored in wrinkles with facial movements. If you need to adjust the shape of the face, it is better to use the basis of two colors: light - for the center, the darker - for those parts that you are interested to hide.

The neck can not be tinted, if the color beneath the foundationsMakeup exactly matches the color of the skin under the chin. The contours of the face (the transition to the hair, ears and the chin to the neck) after applying foundation get wet moist and well wrung out sponge and triturated to tone boundaries are invisible.

Neck and décolleté, if it is open, lightly powdered. In other cases, toned all exposed skin.

How to use powder?

The unmistakable color option is clear (colorless) powder, it can be used in all cases.

If you use tinted powder, its color should be as close to the color of the base.

Before powder face makeup with a fully completed or simply covered with a cream, be sure to remove shine, face soaked paper towel.

To lay powder evenly, it is taken small portions, slightly shaking down jacket, or blowing brush. Particular care should be to powder the T-zone - forehead, nose and chin.

As powder with inflamed skin?

There are special powder additives with anti-inflammatory for sensitive, easily inflamed, prone to skin rashes.

Better in this case to use no powder puff or brush, and disposable cotton swab.

What & laquo; pitfalls & raquo; powder should be afraid?

It is better not to experiment with colored powders(Unless, of course, you're not going to the carnival). Purple, green, hot pink and yellow-orange hues used by professional makeup artists to create special effects and require special skills to use.

Caution should be treated with the powder,containing gold and silver sequins, it is impossible to apply it to the middle of the face. Gloss may be appropriate at the temples, cheeks, décolleté and hands, and only in the evening light.

Special care is necessary to show and when using dark powder. We do not recommend it to powder eye area, where there may be "crow's feet".

Today, in order to create a make-up corresponding to the fashion trends, it is impossible to do without a good foundation, especially in autumn and winter season.

But not enough to just choose the right tool, you must still learn how to apply.

Makeup artists insist cosmetic "camouflage" skin should appear perfectly flat and absolutely clean - so it does not look even the most perfect young skin.

However, if your face does not suffer from such "trouble" as a dull color, peeling or redness, it is still worth to please yourself
some of the tonal innovations.

"Unreal smoothness" and "unearthly glow" of the skin - this is what today seek cosmetics manufacturers.

flecks of sunlight

A few years ago, experts strongly advise: in order to avoid abrupt transitions do not use creams, foundations, whose shades darker than natural skin color.

Today it is no longer relevant due to light, non-greasy texture tinting cosmetics.

But if you're still a little afraid of the dark to applythe tone for the whole face, you can just make a few strokes: on the cheeks, in the middle of the forehead, at the tip of the nose and the chin - where the sun "comes over" skin in the first place.

indirect light

Having bought the foundation, presented to youthe seller as an excellent means of masking, do not be surprised if you find in a jar almost transparent emulsion with a light coral or beige shade.

Introducing the cream reflective particles (microscopic "linzochki»), which scatter light rays, the producers manage to solve several problems.

They removed the dark circles around the eyes and giveskin soft glow, why it seems to be more healthy and youthful; create an optical illusion - the skin surface irregularities, fine lines and enlarged pores become less noticeable. And because of the scattered across the surface of the face of tiny light beams is smoothed difference between the natural skin color and tint tone tools.

And one more important detail: these creams make it possible to spend less time on the tone shading, but you can be sure that no one would guess about its presence on your face.

The creators of cosmetics having fun experimenting with different additives, scatter light.

Photochromic pigments, proteins, silk, nylon "pearls" or microprism - the presence of such ingredients in the cream recipe is evidence in his favor.

Previously, when using the tonal resourceswomen are often faced with the problem of tone that day in the street looked immaculate, artificial light or neon light turned out to be terribly unnatural. Now, thanks all the same "linzochki", it is possible not to worry!