Makeup school 14 years

Makeup school 14 yearsTell you some makeup to school 14 years can bedo. In his youth, every school student has the opportunity to experiment with makeup. At this age, many teenage girls either do not use makeup, or simply do not know how to do it right. Using makeup, teenage girls want to appear more grown her age, or simply wish to look beautiful against the backdrop of their classmates. To achieve this, you need to regularly take care of themselves and apply light make-up for school.

Makeup school 14 years: the right facial skin care in adolescence

Many mothers are absolutely wrong is whenprohibit their girls painted the school, considering that they are only decorative cosmetics to spoil your face. But they should know that the foundation of an attractive and healthy skin starts to be laid at school age. Regular contamination of exposed pores of the skin not only girls and women, but adolescent girls.

Makeup school 14 years

If you do not cleanse your skin with specialcosmetics, the result may be a variety of skin diseases or on the face just begin to appear small pimples. Therefore, before applying make-up to school 14 years should be thoroughly clean your skin. To cleanse young skin is better to use, it is necessary to protect the skin of the girl from the negative impact of environmental factors. At the end you need to lubricate your face light nourishing cream. It is necessary to apply a nourishing cream is very thin, so it will not be visible on the face.

All tonics, creams and other cosmeticsmust fully comply with the age of a teenage girl. Do not use cosmetics for mature skin to prevent future skin problems among adolescents.

Choosing the right makeup for school in 14 years

Makeup school 14 yearsTo not look attending school, toovulgar preference should be given no bright colors and pastel shades of color cosmetics. makeup to school to pick up 14 years is quite easy if you follow our advice. Of course the girls schoolgirls very difficult to resist the acquisition of saturated shades of blue or bright shades of purple, pink lipstick and colorful sequins, but using such gaudy cosmetics makeup, girls risk being branded as among their classmates too stupid and tasteless special. Therefore, to avoid this, use makeup pastel shades.

When applying makeup, it is desirable to give the schoolpreference eyeshadow light shades. Depending on what color of eyes is a girl, you can prefer light shades of brown, cream, light blue, green. But what shade you choose to create a make-up is not worth too much abuse of their application to the eyelids. Shadow recognized in order to accentuate the color of the eyes, and not overshadow them. When applying the shadow of pearlescent shades can make girls look more charm.

If we talk about the lipstick, it is better to givepreference for its analogue - translucent lip gloss. Since the lip gloss is visually enhances the lips, giving a more attractive appearance. Makeup school 14 years will look on it only better. It is necessary to give preference to natural shades. For example, it may be peach, light beige or completely transparent.

Mascara is a special accessorywhich must be present in each purse schoolgirl. Teenage girl with rare and long eyelashes is most suitable mascara gives volume, but the girls with short eyelashes, it is desirable to give preference to the extension mascara. But whatever the lashes you have not, do not get too bold to paint them.

Proper application of make-up to school

Usually I am waking up in the morning before school attendance inGirls do not have much time to applying makeup. But at the same time, do not get too rush to applying make-up to school 14 years to a result of improper applying makeup on you not laughing classmates. If you do not have so much time, you can just make up your lips a translucent sheen to put on your lashes one layer of mascara. So you make your look more expressive.

If you have a lot more time inThen you can more thorough approach to the application of make-up school. Applying make-up should start with a face powder or tone means, and if the girls skin perfectly smooth without rashes and redness, then apply foundation does not need.

Makeup school 14 years

Selected eye shadow should be applied frominner eye corners to the outer corners. In the brow and in the middle of the century just above the lashes you can apply a little white shadows. At the end you should apply mascara. Dyeing eyelashes should not be more than two times, you will need to see to it that was not on the eyelashes lumps.

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At the end you need to put make-up on lipssemi-gloss peach or pale brown. If your skin is too pale, then apply a little blush on cheeks. Apply blush very carefully in order to avoid the effect of too much red cheeks. Our advice will help create a makeup school for girls 14 years old and be in the spotlight.