Makeup for a round face with photos and video

Makeup for a round face with photos and videoHow to make a beautiful makeup for round faces? Owners round face at different ages relate to this fact on - differently, or not performing masking makeup. As a young man, when one wants to look older and more solid, this baby face shape is, of course, the subject of serious experiences.

But after a certain number of years youwill be glad that you have a round face shape, allowing, even in advanced age, seem much younger than his years, and a special charm delights. But in any case, you need to learn to do the right makeup for round faces, that it did not seem overly puppet in his youth, and flat in the years mature.

Makeup for a round face with photos and videoNote that not only owners of suchtype of person, there are certain rules for applying make-up, in any form of the person competent to do makeup. The subtlety of this process is that the rules applying makeup should relate to the general fashion trends of the coming season 2015 only if your make-up will be really compelling.

It should be noted that all recommendations and rulesWe must serve you in the performance of make-up, only a guide. To what extent they are suitable for you specifically need to determine empirically in trial make-up that you have to spend in advance of your exit.

Features makeup for round faces

The main task in the implementation of this makeup is the allocation of relief and correct accents to visually "pull" your face and neutralize his "puppet".

Fundamental rules:
- A visual "pull" of a person;
- Allocation of the cheeks, chin, nose;
- Focus on the eyebrows and eyes.

Exactly how to perform these rules, we will look at in detail.

Makeup for a round face with photos and video

Makeup for a round face and preparing skin

As usual, we start with makeup and moisturize the skineliminate the existing problem areas. To any makeup looked fashionable and stylish, with particular attention to skin care, as in the upcoming season is the main requirement for any make-up. The fact that a round face should not be too bright make-up and actively use blush bright colors, can be very useful to fit the modern fashion trends. After all, ladies, intently watching the fashion trends, are well aware that the most natural makeup is the absolute trend of the season 2015.

So, after humidification and "glossing over" tonecream available redness and pimples, proceed to the uniform application of foundation two shades. If we use conventional makeup creams one shade, the make-up for the round face is always carried out with two shades. Chance and the option of using one shade of foundation suitable for your skin, as well as a second tone, the use of flesh-colored blush.

Makeup for a round face with photos and video

The important point here is the contrasttones for everyday makeup is enough contrast in the two tones. Please pick up the tone cream suitable for tsvetotipa your face, and the second tone of foundation or blush corporal should be a tone or a maximum of two tones darker than the main.

To face seemed stretched ondiagonal, dark tone cream should be applied on the side of the contour, starting at the temples, frontal zone face handle lighter tone cream. Important here is the careful shading boundaries used cream shades this can be done with a special sponge or just your fingers.

A round face can be made more textured, if you select reliefs, so we put a light tone cream on cheeks, chin and the front part of the nose and wings of the nose cover dark tone.

Makeup for a round face with photos and video

The main part of the implementation of makeup

Particular attention in the implementation of makeup forround face paying more intense eye make-up and proper eyebrow shaping. Eyebrows should not be thin, which again corresponds to the fashion trends of the coming season.

Another important aspect in the design of eyebrowsis their mandatory break, semicircular eyebrows for round faces are simply unacceptable, they give the face an excessive, in this case, the softness. Eyebrow line should not extend beyond the edge of the eye, not to increase the width of the face.

The variant design of eyebrows, when closer toeyebrows nose wider, about the break, and then more sophisticated, be sure to try this line to your brow makeup. Tone coloring eyebrows choose matches your hair, but one - two shades darker.

Eye makeup done very intense,choose shade of dark saturated colors that will make your eyes more expressive and profound. Especially make your eyes expressive and correct accents eye makeup, made in the technique of "Aes Smokey" with metallic dark shades. This eye make-up will allow you to give a round face and expressive appeal. To avoid making the doll look, ink cover only the upper lashes, twisting them, also, is not desirable.

As for the lip makeup is not a round faceshould choose too bright shades of lipstick, natural range of colors will be most welcome, and ideal for the modern fashion trends. Preferably, one, is the use of neutral lip gloss without pre-liner, which for this type of make-up is also not desirable.

Makeup for a round face with photos and video

Make-up for the evening round face

Features evening make-up are moreintensive use of cosmetics, foundation allowed contrast to three colors, while make-up option for routine used in two-tone contrast. For evening makeup, you can actively use eye liner, making it more thick line, arrow, if you need, should be short and curved upwards.