Makeup for Halloween 2016 photo

Makeup for Halloween 2016 photoFashion makeup on Halloween 2016 on our website! The most awful and terrible, but then, at the same time the most popular and well-liked Halloween just around the corner. All residents of our country, and especially the young people are waiting for this holiday to look great, but, in spite of the foreignness of this holiday, this day each of us there is an appropriate opportunity to relax, have fun and a bit naughty.

And it is good to mention Halloween you need to prepare it carefully.

First of all, you should carefully consider yourimage and acquire a suitable costume. On this night, you can transform into a vampire, fairy Witch, Witch, Dracula's bride, Angela wild or sexy devil. But without the appropriate hairstyle and make-up your new will not be fully completed.

Makeup for Halloween 2016 photoWith whom would you choose not to transform, all yourthe image should look really terrifying. Therefore, you can not achieve the desired result without correctly applying makeup. Your make-up lips and eyes should be very bright, but at the same time, saturated or vice versa is very dark. The color of your face should be quite bright, but at the same time do not need to create a pallid appearance, but still need to pick up concealer two shades lighter. But with the use of blush should be very careful, because it is very bright blush can completely spoil the effect is very pale and lifeless face. Even more horror effect can give colored contact lens with a bright pupil and a small iris.

Makeup vampire for Halloween 2016

First of all, you need to apply foundation on your face. Pick it one shade lighter than your face it is necessary to lighten the skin around the eyes using a special equalizer. Loose powder light color need to "consolidate" the tone of your face. Make sure that the foundation, powder and concealer were carefully shade. His eyebrows emphasize using black pencil. If you have light-colored eyebrows, in which case you can use a pencil or shadow of Browns.

Makeup for Halloween 2016 photo

On the surface of his eyelids, apply a cherry shadeor burgundy shade, leave intact only the outer corners of the eyes. The external corners of the lower eyelid is necessary to emphasize the shades of burgundy. Then the shadows of a dark brown color it is necessary to select an area of ​​bending your upper eyelids, so you will be able to give more depth to the look.

Soft black pencil gentlyCircle the contour of your eyes. Do not worry much if the traced outline turned you is not very smooth as you can shade it with a soft brush. And that path was more saturated, the top can be applied to black shade, with special attention must be paid to the outer corners of your eyes.

Now you need only to tint their eyelashes andmake your eyes completely ready! Gently apply a layer of blush on the cheekbones muted pink color. Emphasize lipstick cherry color. To result in a contour on the lips to get a clearer need to use the lip pencil on the darker tone than the lipstick you chose.

Makeup for Halloween 2016 skull

Makeup for Halloween 2016 photoThe living dead - a true immortala classic that is very relevant not less than the vampire theme. This kind of makeup for Halloween 2016 is rather complicated in design and therefore can even require outside help. If your friends are able to draw beautifully, maybe they want to implement this interesting idea.

This kind of makeup requires ornamentedan area which is around the eyes, false eyelashes, clear contours of white teeth, and the use of sequins, rhinestones and everything else on that only your imagination will suffice. pink and blue, to red and even blue: Different colors can be used to wash off a wig or dye your hair, you can use.

Makeup Witch Halloween 2016 photo

This embodiment differs from the first make-up typemake-up that is necessary to allocate the eye dark hues. Contour pencil should be carefully cut around the black line should be traced rather wide. If desired, instead of a pencil, you can use a cream shade. To look your eyes become more mysterious and sexy, eye shape, emphasize using black eyeliner. Apply on top of a dark gray or black shadow to give effect to its smoky makeup on Halloween 2016. The creation of this type of makeup you can not use blush, but if you decide to allocate your cheeks, then apply a little blush.

Makeup for Halloween 2016 photo

Witch Makeup for Halloween 2016

On the upper eyelids need to deal with gray shadowsmall flicker effect. Then using a black eyeliner gently Draw arrows. The arrows in the lower eyelids need a little "drop" and to extend the line to the very nose, upper arrow gently "lift" to their temples. On the other hand it is necessary to connect the lower arrow, as a result of your eyes become more elongated and winding shape.

Near the corner of the eye itself you willspace, which was formed after the arrow connection. You can paint over silver or white pencil. Emphasise your eyebrows shadows or black pencil, tint eyelashes mascara. Ideally your new image can complement lipstick bright colors with pearl and false eyelashes.

Makeup for Halloween 2016 photo

Makeup Hellcats 2016

If the black color is very boring for you, thencase you can feel free to play with bright colors. Make your eyes in purple, blue and purple colors will look no less advantageous than all of the above options.

On the upper and lower eyelids must be appliedpearlescent shade of purple or silver shades. Pay attention to the fact that the shadows should be applied to the entire area located around your eyes and eyebrows. Bags or dark circles under your eyes, you want to hide using the equalizer. Inner corners of your eyes Clear up using the brightest shadows and outside need to darken the contrary. Purple or red lips and your makeup Hellcats is ready!

Do not be afraid to try to experiment withnew images always look very bright and attractive. Pick the right outfit for Halloween, to transform into mysterious characters, and make-up for Halloween 2016 will help you with that!