Makeup for green eyes

Makeup for green eyes

The right makeup for green eyes is able to turn a woman into the extraordinary, possessing hypnotic these ladies.

Makeup for green eyes - Science is not easy, butalso very fertile. Qualitative green eye makeup sovreshenno able to transform a woman, make her extremely attractive. Even in ancient times it was believed that green eyes have a hypnotic effect. Emerald, gray-green, turquoise, olive - so many, shades of green! In addition, this particular eye color is considered to be present for the make-up artists. Their enigmatic, exquisite beauty is easy to emphasize with make-up with various shades of shadows. It can be any shades of turquoise, green, yellow, emerald, moss color, and so on. D.

Makeup for green eyes - shadows

Choosing the shade of green eye makeup, tryDifferent shades of brown (especially chocolate tones), dark green with gold or copper tint. As a basis for eye makeup, you can use gray-brown or peach shade, which is very impressive look in tandem with the darker, more saturated shades of shadows.

For evening makeup, use green-eyedcream, metal or dark purple color. They are ideally emphasize the charm green eyes everything. To make your appearance & laquo; glamor & raquo ;, give preference in make-up with golden or copper tones.

In order to learn all the basics of an idealmake-up, not enough to know the rules, you need to be aware of color taboo. Green-eyed girls should not use shades of blue and blue makeup. These colors submit your eyes in a bad light, so their use should reject.

It is very difficult to judge the color pink because itconsidered one of the & laquo; whimsical & raquo ;. Green eyes should look & laquo; a & raquo; pink hue home, using trial and error. Stylists say that everything depends on the shade of skin color and hair. Not worth the risk and the use of make-up green eyes options for silver, leave his blue-eyed divas.

Makeup for green eyes - helpful tips

Do not use black eyeliner or pencil. Replace it with a pencil chocolate or black and gray. You want to make a visual eye more? Use golden or white pencil.

When choosing colors for the makeup of your green eyes,give preference flowed warm and avoid cold. Of course, you can depart from these rules, but listening to the opinion of specialists, you multiply the beauty and appeal of green eyes.
Equipment applying makeup for green eyes

Choosing makeup technique depends on the effect you want to achieve, and on the solemnity of the event to which you are willing to go.

If you want to make an easy and natural day make-up for green eyes, then use this option:

• Apply a light or pearly foundation on all eyelid, starting from the bottom crease and ending podbrovnogo bone.

• Gray-brown or peach shade worn on top of the base and carefully feathered by.

For an evening gala makeup for green eyes Apply still and dark shadows (dark green, chocolate, copper), using a technique Below:

• Draw the shade from lash line and in the middlecentury to the crease, then carefully make feathered border. The transition from one color to another should be inconspicuous. Now we emphasize the lower eyelid, using the same tone.

• Apply the dark shadow of the shadow of a thin line (gradually making it wider) from the inner corner of the eye to the outside. Carefully shade.

• The final point in any make-up is to apply mascara. This season, particularly popular with thickly painted lashes, curved and feathery eyelashes.

Makeup for green eyes

Makeup for green eyes