Makeup for a night club

Makeup for a night club

In a nightclub, a bar, a disco alwaysI want to stand out from the crowd, be bright and attractive, impress everyone, but especially his, his unearthly beauty. However, the distinction between bright and vulgar make-up too thin. In any case, your makeup should be an extension of your personality, emphasize the strengths and hide weaknesses.

Much depends on the health of your skin, so before applying make-up, good clean face, apply the mask, nourishing cream.

As with any make-up, the main thing here - the foundation. It is desirable that she was firm, like the rest of the makeup. For the "club" of makeup, prepare a light cream foundation, concealer, powder, blush, eye shadow (can pearlescent shades), eyeliner contour (black or colored with glitter), lip liner, lipstick, lip gloss, wide brush powder, blush brush, lip brushes and shadows. With colors you can experiment with makeup.

So, prepare the skin for makeup. Apply make-up is always to thoroughly cleansed skin, wipe it with lotion and tonic and apply a moisturizer according to your skin type. Wait a moment, let the cream soak foundation imposed on dry skin will have a heterogeneous texture. Tone Cream is used at night, it should be a tone lighter than your skin. Circles under the eyes and mask minor defects corrector. Thoroughly blend all, powder the.

Go to the make-up of eyes. What would make your eyes brighter eyeliner draw a line on the upper eyelid in the form of black lines instead of eyeliner can be used sharpened black pencil. Shadows choose deeper, bright colors. Do not be afraid to experiment, neon light will hide any small errors (sins and also larger). Do not forget the eyebrows, with the help of a thin brush, apply a dark brown shade and blend between the hairs. Eyebrows painted in this way, look more natural and expressive. Do not look pale blush will help you, make sure that they are well feathered, otherwise it will be like a doll.

And now the host of the lips. For the "club" make-up, be sure to supplement lipstick (preferably sustainable) colorless pearlescent it will give extra volume. Before applying lipstick gives your lips a desired shape with a pencil.

In conclusion, let me remind the main rule make-up, to break which can never be: to create a bright make-up condition of your skin should be flawless!